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Wrong Way Through the Valley of Mist
by Neodis

Journal entry, dated Kelir the 4th, Month of the Fool's Errand, 2432

Our leader told us of a grand adventure today. It didnít worry any of us at first; he always spoke grandly of our next forage. He claimed that we were going to venture into a valley of mystery, danger and confusion but most importantly, unclaimed treasure. We were all drunk at the time so confusion was at least comfortably familiar and gold was certainly in high demand. We were more or less drinking up the last of it as he spoke.

We were to start in Safe Haven he said, taking out a map that looked more like beer soaked wood chips. Traveling up the Tiber would be adventurous, but only because the Peacekeepers would be chasing us, we were going to have to steal supplies for the trip. Adventuring sure seemed a richer occupation when I was younger.

Journal entry, dated Ozymandiut the 6th, Month of the Fool's Errand, 2432

We should have left yesterday, we canít afford to stay here but then out esteemed leader decided that we needed a rest, it would be a big journey. Nothing was said about the hangovers we all sported. I donít know why but the last few gold coins seem to always bring about the worst hangovers. Iím sure it has nothing to do with the innkeeper constantly yelling at us to get out or pay up.

This afternoon was easier; our quiet little thief managed to acquire some gold that we used to get the innkeeper off our backs. With full packs we set off after dinner. Looking at everyone though was not an encouraging site. We should be looking forward to another adventure but instead we seem to be dreading another life threatening situation just to scrape a few gold coins together, enough to pay our way. Weíd be ruined if we had to pay for new weapons and armor.

Journal entry, dated Jawiliea the 10th, Month of the Fool's Errand, 2432

I know it has been a few days since my last entry but we have been busy. The trip up the Tiber was more difficult then we had anticipated. We lost half our equipment, including a couple of swords and my spare mace. All of the food was ruined and I think we finally got a price on our heads back in Safe Haven. Not finished just yet though, we have been living off Mother Nature, not exactly fine dinning but for some odd reason we have spices to help.

After the Tiber the forest seemed like paradise, at least until it turned into mountains. The Oort range is a tiring place to move through. Weíre all exhausted and are spending a few days camping at this quiet little spot, out of the wind. We have wood from a small thicket and someone butchered a wild goat.

Journal entry, dated Searynx the 11th, Month of the Fool's Errand, 2432

Last night something flew over the camp, we all heard it. Some swear to dragons some others to giant birds. Whatever it is we have decided to pack up and move on. Gordon said it was a mistake to come out here; he had his mouth shut with a verbal thrashing though.

We all heard it, it was big.

Journal entry, dated Marisae the 12th, Month of the Fool's Errand, 2432

I hate walking through mountains, always up or down rarely straight terrain, if Iím not careful Iím going to end up either fit or dead. We have not found the entrance to the Valley yet; itís around here somewhere, unless the map is a fake of course. Good old boss wonít let on who gave it to him. This would not be the first time heís messed everything up because someone scammed him whilst he was deep in his drink. If he wasnít 3 times larger then me Iíd tell him what forÖbut nicely.

Journal entry, dated Dreade the 13th, Month of the Fool's Errand, 2432

At last, we have entered the Valley of Mist. It was almost by mistake that we found the place. The damn Ogre literally fell into it. He turned around because someone said something about his mother, when his foot went over the edge. Down he fell, right into a thick fog.

This place is quiet. Itís freakier then the wings we heard in the Oort range. Everything is wet, I want a bath and I need something to keep this damn journal readable. I have asked the cleric if he had anything but he said something about not being a scribe, it was kind of hard to hear him, he whispered it so softly.

Well, we have to camp, we have been walking around this place for only the gods know how long. The only reason we know itís getting late is by the deepening of the fog around us. Still nothing stirs, nothing at all. Gordon had us all tied together by rope as if we were scaling a mountain, it was necessary because we had already lost someone. Every so often we stopped and did a head count, at one stop he was there, the next stop, nothing. No trace, he just didnít walk out of the fog.

Journal entry, dated Kelir the 14th, Month of the Fool's Errand, 2432

That which starts in hope ends in disaster. The night has taken two more. They are no more. The fog is greedy, it hungers for our flesh. We once were 12 are now 9, with no trace or sound.

Journal entry, dated Cearn the 17th, Month of the Fool's Errand, 2432

We now have no idea where we are, Boss started throwing coins on the ground but later we found out that the thief, at the back of the line, was picking them up. Thief was promptly cleaved in two by Boss. There are 7 of us now. The night takes us, we go to sleep, wake up and more are gone. Tracks lead everywhere but they are always our tracks. Despite our best efforts we circle, constantly taking a wrong turn without even knowing it. We are scared.

Journal entry, dated Ivyn the 19th, Month of the Fool's Errand, 2432

I donít normally write in someone elseís journal but this is the only paper I have. There is no one else everyone has been taken. Neil was taken two nights ago; heís the guy who normally writes in here. If someone finds this, then you are probably going to die as well.

I can hear it circling my position. Itís waiting for something, maybe for my fear to grow. It has not long to wait. I must write quickly, it is a cold thi.......

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