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Retired Demigod
Proprietor of the Sanitarium

Vorax isn't sure where he was born. He was found by some elves just inside a large stone door in the quiet elven settlement of Cillidellia. Something just wasn't right with him, a deformity of a sort, and the elven elders of Cillidellia decided it was best not to keep him there. They bundled him up in well protective clothing and sent him into the grey vortex. He was tossed and thrown about inside the vortex and carried around by the strong winds inside. The elven elders hadn't taken into account the strong winds of the vortex and for this reason, Vorax's protection began to fade. He suddenly became visible to many foul creatures dwelling inside the vortex. He was badly beaten and bleeding, nearly dead. Then, in a blinding flash, the vortex threw him clear. When he came out, he was in an ogre settlement by the name of Skull Top. Heavily beaten and bleeding to death he lie there gasping for air. Hearing the infant's cries, Okali came and found the infant. He beckoned for Orla. Orla came and gave the infant enough health to assure it would live. She took the infant and raised him herself. As he began to reach maturity, she realized she could not teach him her mystic shamanic skills.

Orla convinced Vorax to leave Skull Top and seek out someone better suited to teach him. He wandered around for a while until he happened upon a large stone door. He opened the door and peered inside and found something that seemed familiar, but didn't know why. He had once again found himself in Cillidellia. He was oddly welcomed in. While there he studied the healing ways of the cleric. He stayed in Cillidellia until his training was complete, reaching the highest possible level he could obtain. He then returned to his rightful home with the Ogres in Skull Top.

Living with the ogres of Skull Top for many years, they eventually talked Vorax in to training to become a warrior. Upon his 1000th hour of existence, he and his long time friend, Kandrell, left to seek out Jack. They found Jack wandering about in the Whitefrost Forest. Vorax paid Jack 25000gp and so began his warrior training.

He was a fast learner and quickly arose in rank. Soon, he was at the point where he could learn no more. The ogres played a cruel joke on Vorax. They made him a warrior and took his gentleness away. Vorax grew stronger and more powerful than he ever thought imaginable. The power overwhelmed Vorax's mind.

One day he wanted to show off his power by slaying the realms bankers, not by casting spells at them, but by swinging his weapon and striking them down. He quickly found Guido in his home town. He struck Guido with his whip. Guido fled for his life, but it was no use, Vorax followed and struck him again. Again, Guido fled, and again Vorax followed. The chase ended with Guido's death. Vorax, feeling very power, left to seek out Merrick. Vorax wandered for a bit and finally found Merrick in Aarakocran City. Merrick fled as Guido had done moments before, but like Guido, Merrick too fell dead at the end of Vorax's whip.

Vorax felt very powerful. He wanted something to show this. He thought for a moment and decided he'd like a bag of Merrick hide. Knowing Merrick would reappear in Midgaard soon, he set out to find Merrick again, but Merrick had other plans.

Vorax traveled to Midgaard and found Merrick... and also found Merrick's ghost. The ghost shimmered briefly. Vorax panicked. He tried to turn the ghost away, but his spell had no effect on the massive ghost. The ghost grew angry and savagely attacked Vorax. Vorax fled and sought out safety, but it was no use. The ghost followed and was slowly draining the life and magical essence from Vorax. A "friend" of Vorax's, a rather large shamanic warrior, was there with him, in the Temple of Mangar. He offered to help Vorax, but to do so Vorax had to summon him into the cleric's guild. Vorax agreed to this. Vorax's shaman friend gave Vorax enough mana to complete the summon. Soon, they were both in the cleric's guild. Merrick's ghost soon came after. A battle raged, but Vorax was in no condition to continue the fight. Vorax began bleeding freely and soon fell unconscious on the ground. Vorax had died.

With the help of his god, Okk, he raced back to Midgaard to attempt to salvage his corpse. But sadly, when he got there, he found no corpse. There was no corpse, no ghost... only two egg casings laying on the ground.

Vorax lost everything he owned. He felt weak and lonely. He grew angry. Hatred swelled within him. A great bitterness grew.

After a while, Vorax became calm again. He pondered his existence. He didn't know why he was the way he was. He began to hate himself.

Then, one night, he was talking to Orla about various ogre things when a swift bat flew in from above. Vorax swat at the bat but missed, lost his balance and slipped in the water. He fell down the bore and landed with a loud *THUD* that echoed throughout the Mycon caverns. He passed out at the feet of the Mycon Leader.

While he lay there, Lord Nash came to him. Lord Nash studied Vorax, one of many creatures of His creation. Lord Nash asked Vorax why he resembled an ogre. Vorax began to explain that he was an ogre but Lord Nash didn't bother to listen to his story. Lord Nash waved his hand over Vorax's body and uttered some arcane words. Vorax's body was surrounded with a bright light and his body was filled with a tingling sensation. When Vorax could see again, he felt different. He felt better than he had ever felt before.

Lord Nash said, 'Arise, Vorax, Dark Elf. No longer shall you call yourself an ogre.'
Lord Nash mumbled something that sounded like "Stop acting like a slobbering bafoon".
Then Lord Nash vanished.

Vorax became somewhat mean after this transformation. He though of him self as an avenger for his god, Okk, though he was far from being any kind of an avenger.

He came into the realm one day and was greeted by a few heathens. One of Vorax's fellow followers wanted to fight these heathens and wanted Vorax's help. The heathens swore to a two on two battle, so, reluctantly, Vorax agreed to help his fellow follower. The battle was to take place in the Temple Courtyard, a common place for battles to take place.

Vorax and his fellow follower prepared for combat and entered the courtyard, followed by the heathens. Within two rounds of combat, his fellow follower fled and another heathen entered the battle. One of the heathens blinded him. Vorax franticly struggled to escape, but each attempt ended in failure. Soon, Vorax found himself resting at the feet of Orla, naked.

He then gathered as much equipment and a weapon from a few friends that happened to be around. He had nothing left to lose. He decided to borrow some cash from a friend and seek out Jack once again. This time he would learn the ways of the thief.

Vorax's thief training, like his warrior training, was slow at first, but quickly picked up the pace.

Vorax immorted and lead the Shadows, who were a group of lawful evils with one main goal: To have fun. Time went on, and Vorax became a little crazy. He then retired, and it's rumored that he spent his days tormenting Bliss with trick chocolate bars. Eventually he unretired, and became the leader of the Sanitarium. The Sanitarium is the place where folks should come to seek help with problems or learn how to deal with them if they cannot be solved. There are two ranks for those within the Sanitarium: Those that require help (patients) and those that administer the help (staff) to the patients. Each have their own duties and rules to go by.

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