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Founder, Former Long-Time Implementor of TFC
AKA The First Dwarf, The Life Giver, Creator of the Universe

The origins of Tynian the Dwarf have been obscured with time. It is rumored that he came from a world called Challenger. His essence was at first that of a Paladin, following the lead of Maurice, a young Paladin on the world of Challenger. He was not known as Tynian then, but some other, long forgotten, name. It is just as well. As a Paladin-initiate, he died over and again, always being trod into dust by the various perils of the world. Finally, that Paladin rose from the ashes no more, and his essence was reborn as a dwarven warrior named Tynian. Tynian fared better, his knowledge and experience growing with time. He became Good, and embraced the Church, becoming a cleric. He looked on as Mangar and Gata, the Great Powers of the universe, smiled upon Maurice the Paladin, and Maurice ascended to immortality. Inspired, Tynian decided that he, too, wished to be worthy of the honor, and shortly thereafter was granted it.

Both Tynian and Maurice grew more powerful in the ways of immortality, and became the leaders of mortals, and shapers of the land. Then, suddenly, the world vanished...

Without their world, Tynian and Maurice grew weaker, and discovered fear, as they realized that their godly power was fading. Saddened by the destruction of the world they had been so fond of, they used their remaining power to shape a new world in the image of that which they lost. Using the wisdom he found as a mortal cleric, Tynian sought the power of IvoryTiger, knowing that the Master of Magic's assistance would be invaluable to the development of this new world.

Tynian has a reputation for being surly and impatient. The strain of keeping the world from flying apart, as well the difficulty with guiding it's evolution, probably contributes to this. Yet, it is a burden he willingly carries, in hopes that others find enjoyment in the creation. Be warned: Tynian gives no quarter to those who seek to defy the Rules, or those who feel they do not need to listen to his immortals.

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