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AKA Master of the Tigers, Companion of Taaut, Hope of the Wyrm
Retired Demigod

A warm smile and an appraising glance meet you as you greet this imposing elf. It is clear that this man has seen and experienced much over the centuries. He has the stature of a man of accomplishments, the eye of one of wisdom, and the gentle smile of a person of compassion.

Tripper, son of Scamp, a master leather maker, and Bec, a master healer, grew up in a warm and loving household in spite of the chaos and cruelty of this realm. At a young age he realized that neither a tannery nor the healing arts were for him, and soon found his vocation among the Master Mages of this realm.

At a young age Tripper met the Ambassador Lorna and was impressed with her skill and wit. Later he became one of Lorna's first followers. Over the next 800 years Tripper grew in power and experience under the capable leadership of Lorna. He was regularly promoted within the ranks of the Tigers and was ultimately Ordained by his Goddess in recognition of his service, potential for further growth and responsibility. Ultimately Tripper became a leader among the Tigers respected for his insight and maturity.

During his service to Lorna and the Tigers, Tripper earned several awards and titles, including: Tiger Tutor, Hope of the Wyrm, leader, teacher, and mentor of the Tigers. Shortly after Tripper achieved level 21 Ordained, Lorna was promoted to God and Tripper was stripped of his Ordained accomplishments and his Goddess. Tripper wandered the realm for nearly 100 years in search of a goal, an objective, and a purpose. Finally, Tripper decided to complete his Ranger and Mage Training and seek immortality.

Tripper served faithfully as an Ambassador for many years and was considered for promotion. Having been interviewed by the Lord Torchbearer, Tripper was selected to serve the Arcanes as Attendant. Service to Lord Torchbearer, while instructive and enlightening, was excruciatingly painful to the gentle soul known at Tripper, for serving the Arcanes was like being tied to a Tornado; uncontrolled power yielding death and destruction in every direction. Tripper suffered greatly in body and soul during his time with the Angels, but learned much from them and their Lord.

Tripper now leads the Tigers. He is committed to them body and soul. As his body heals and his soul regenerates he takes great pride in the growth and prosperity of his kittens.

Master of the Tigers

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