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Greater God, Co-Area Coordinator

It is said that there are islands in the Maelmordian Sea that are younger than the individual known as Tokugawa. This would not be an exaggeration. Just as Caradoc was known as being one of the most ancient of gods, it is fair to say that Tokugawa was one of the most ancient of mortals, and he learned much in those years; of himself, of the Realm, and of others.

On the Day of Deception, the 23rd day of the Month of the Great Evil, Tokugawa (at the ripe old age of 2,227 years old) was summoned without warning into the presence of the Great Implementor Madman, and His guardian demon, Scar. Instantly, the battle was joined - the first among the Trinity versus the unholy beast, and though Tokugawa fought with all the skill and experience garnered over two millennia, this was one battle that by losing, he gained all - Immortality.

Raised up to the level of Ambassador, Tokugawa took great joy in learning the ways of the Immortals, just as he learned the ways of the Realm when he walked it in mortal form. As eager to assist the learning of all newcomers to the Realm as he once was to teach the members of Lord Foolkiller's Trinity, Tokugawa embraced this new opportunity.

The gods smiled with favor upon his work, and Tokugawa was raised up yet again - this time in service as an Attendant to the Lord of the Kindred, Khore. There he learned under the Lesser God's tutelage the difficulties, responsibilities and concerns of leadership, as well as seeing a side of the Realm he had never really been a part of - an evil, well-organized group of Hunters.

The Implementor considered his growth, contemplated his many achievements, and granted Tokugawa the status of Demigod. Given this cherished opportunity, Tokugawa crafted a home for those who choose not the path of good, nor the path of evil, but those who walk the fine line between the two, seeking Balance.

At 4am on Marisae the 2nd, the month of Celebration, in the year 2425, the Lord of Balance was raised up to the position of God, by the Lord Implementor Tynian, to give assistance to Lord Nayr.

Finally, at 4am on Zoardryn the 15th, the month of the Lifegiving, in the year 2528 (or Saturday April 20th, 2002) Tokugawa was raised to the position of Greater God, after being put in charge of area coordination.


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