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Retired Demigod
AKA Leader of the Defenders of the Sun

Born in a good dwarven family, Tiax never had any complaints. Besides he got bored of the aristocray pretty soon. His parents were upper class dwarves. His dad head of the guard of the King and his mom loved by all and nurse in war times. He loved them very dearly. He got trained in the same way as his mother on his own behalf. His dad didn't like that very much. So when Tiax got to a decent age he got trained in the martial arts as well. Not to his disadvantage it seemed!

When Tiax was still a young dwarf he often spent time in the mountains near his town. He learned to use the herbs and plants found there, and he brewed magical potions which cured sick and old people in the village. With the teachings of his mother he became a very adept cleric. While doing one of his regular mountain walks he spotted the rare white tiger. He saw that the tiger was protecting his cubs. Tiax felt he should do the same. He knew it needed training before he could do so, but he needed a new teacher. His mom taught him all she knew.

On his search he met a wise and noble man. This man was a leader over a pack of people who felt the same way as Tiax. Tiax admired Tripper for his doings and his tales. He knew this man could teach him to be able to protect the world of the watching evil.

Since then Tiax is a known Tiger. Tripper has a hard time teaching him, since besides his sense of humor and eagerness to learn, he's stubborn and impatient as well.

Tiax's own words: *grumble* Dwarves may be small but watch out for their heads, they're though and hard!

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