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Retired Lesser God
AKA The Ebon Hand, the Prophet of the Triat, the Lord of Death

Thaygar was a Giant warrior consumed by one great need: the love of the Lady of the Dark Mists, Siren. To win her hand, he faced immeasurable trials, which, after many great labors, he overcame. But the final price of her love was to be the most difficult - Immortality. With an unrivaled determination, he strove towards that goal with every fiber of his being. It is said that the Quest the Gods gave Him was enough to break any lesser man. . . and, in fact, in many ways, it broke Thaygar forever, tainting his soul with darkness. Forced to descend time and time again into the tombs below Midgaard, he found the short path to hell more times than one can and still retain sanity. Its fires burned his heart, his soul, and his body - permanently enshrouding his right hand in its dark flames. But, broken or not, Thaygar succeeded and was granted both Immortality and the hand of his Lady. Their exchanging of oaths has been the standard to which many are compared, but never equaled.

His focus shifted to other goals, now that Siren and Immortality were his: the structuring of an Order to praise the unholy beings which he had encountered on his Quest for Immortality - The Triat. His Ebon Hand, broken into three sects, each glorifying a different Aspect of the Triat, was renowned for its purity of purpose. Those that gave fealty to the Wyld, the force of Chaos, were among the most brutal killers to ever walk the Realm - Seeker, Dredd, Huey, and many others. Those that praised the Wyrm were single-minded in their quest to better themselves, ignoring the petty conflicts others were swept up in, and those who served the Weaver were known throughout the land for their unparalleled honor and steadfastness.

Eventually the Triat's call to service subsumed all else - and Thaygar Ascended to the position of God, relinquishing His hold on the Ebon hand, to serve a wider array of the Realm's denizens. Eventually Their call become even stronger, and Thaygar departed this plane with his beloved Siren, to travel realms unseen, to continue to serve his Masters.

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