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The Temple
by Cordir

If my stones could speak, I would whisper of the ancient days, when Sirak and his Nashites rampaged across my pristine surfaces, when Lord Nayr strode accompanied by Ygg along my corridors. I would speak of the countless battles that have raged down my avenues, epic challenges between good and evil, and the lifeblood that have stained my white marble tiles. I would remember the Ebon Hand, the Watchers, and those wrapped in Mystery… I would describe the stride of the Eldest Evil, the invisible presence of the Arch Lich, and the joyous bouncing tread of the beloved Lady Syla. I would bring back to life the days in which the world was Adventurous, when Assassins walked in shadows, when Roses were more than simply for scent.

If my stones could speak, I would remember the long corridors and disappeared temples, the delicate touch of cat's paws upon my surfaces, avatars of immortals long gone. I would remind you of the weddings I have witnessed, the births, the deaths.

If my stones could speak, I would relate the many tales I have heard in the amphitheater, the great songs and wondrous stories of bygone days.

If my stones could speak, they would blush to relate the goings on within the baths…

But I cannot speak. I am but a place that calls to mind both safety and risk, refuge and rumble.

I am the Temple Grounds, and I will remain until the day Tynian destroys the world…

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