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Greater Goddess, Co-Area Coordinator
AKA Goddess of Serenity, Mistress of her own Dreams

Born an elven cleric in another age in the well-run town of Loth-Llorien, she spent most of her childhood days in contemplation, curled among the tree branches and roots of her hometown. An early worshipper of Lorna, shecame to feel a need to be more self-reliant. She put her trust firmly in herself and struck out on her own. As the yearswent by she became more and more introspective, and was lost for a brief time to the world.

Upon her return she was struck by the knowledge that she could more fully use her skills as a cleric if she had the strength of an immortal to draw upon. She sought out Rhina, who had always impressed her as being a subtle influence upon the world.
Since that time she has concentrated her efforts on growing stronger and wiser, and has come into her own power. Steadfast, aloof, and garbed in well-maintained armor, she has been mistaken for a warrior on more than one occasion. Although she goes about reaching her goals with single-minded purpose, she is not without compassion.

Guarded with her affections, she is a valuable ally once you have earned her trust.

She encouraged her followers, the Dreamwalkers, to be an example of good in the world, and to look for the good within others.

In dreams and in reality, perception is everything. All things are possible. All things have been. All things will be.

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