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Retired Lesser Goddess
AKA The Goddess of Mischief

The Goddess of Mischief is perhaps one of the most impulsive of the Immortals with her short attention span and her love for fun. Although ofter shy when visible, Syla is fascinated by mortals and adores fussing and watching over them from her hideout. Syla's physical appearance is deceptive, for her golden tresses and blushing pale skin hardly indicate an evil soul, yet actions speak louder than words. Her personality has been described by many as fire and ice. Adept in the art of black magic, Syla arbitrarily both enchanted and destroyed those of the ancient world.

At a young age, Syla was accepted into Nayr's following, where she quickly grew into a powerful mage under His guidance. Although once He was promoted to God, she was reformed and remained neutral for the last decades of her remaining mortal years. Those years proved quite difficult for Syla yet she grew tremendously by relying on her inner strength, skill and charisma.

During her mortal life, she had but one true love. When his body was taking from the earth in retribution for his crimes, it was rumored among the commoners that her heart died with his passing. One might conclude that it was this restlessness which contributed to her mischievious afterlife. Initially after immorting, Syla looked after her fellow followers and friends from Nayr's following, but shortly thereafter, went into seclusion and no one heard from her for nearly a century. During this time, Pyros, one of Nayr's previous followers, had demonstrated his leadership abilities and loyalty by taking care of the Cult of Mischief during her absence, thus earning the honored rank, Arch-Mage of Mischief.

During the time she was away, Syla's heart slowly healed and she began to realize how much she adored and missed Pyros' companionship, and thus she decided to return to watch him become an immortal and lead a following of his own. Given the chance to spend time with one another again, Pyros' charm sparked her interest and the chemistry flared between them. They had a short engagement (as Immortals generally do) and were soon married, having Nayr (now a Greater God), perform the ceremony.

Under Syla's leadership, five followers have achieved immortality. They are, in order: Pyros, Khore, Ozmo, Ironbrain, and Bumblefoot.

Followers of the Cult of Mischief abide by six rules:

  1. (Rule 1 is *never* to be spoken of or written (typed). This is all that need be known of the first rule.)
  2. No grouping with Good unless Evil benefits significantly outweigh Good benefits.
  3. No physical aid (i.e. defensive spells, equipment, picking locks, etc.) for Good players.
  4. Random PKing is forbidden. PKing shall only be allowed (and encouraged) for retaliation and defense. No alignments restrictions.
  5. Followers of Pyros are to be considered and treated as family.
  6. Do not ever, under any circumstance, impersonate a duck in Syla's presence.

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