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Steelblade grew up in a town named Midgaard. It was an everyday thing being surrounded by thieves and people who were bent on destruction. As a young man he decided that one day he would change these things that everyone had grown accustomed to It was a common thing for him to see someone mugged in the town square or even killed for their possessions. Growing up around this he was always wary of those he met, never trusting a soul. One day he heard of a God named Tel. A god of passion, Tel was a peaceful god who believed in the good way of life. His followers protected those in need, from the tyranny of evil. He fell quickly into its beliefs. As he grew he became well skilled in the art of swordmanship. At the same time he was becoming knowledgeable in clerior powers, especially those that help him survive in a land that had gone evil. He found a unique skill allowing him to heal and help those of his friends in need. These two combined skills made him a worthy competitor. As his skill increased he often found larger opponents who wanted to bring him down early. This only made him stronger. The many knocks he took allowed him to learn from his mistakes in battle.

As an adult he found another Goddess. Her name was Lorna. her following was large. She was the Goddess of Chance. Her legion of followers were well schooled in her beliefs of vanquishing evil from the lands. They were called the TIGERS. Steelblade found that not many creatures of the land could stand up to his power. He conquered lands that others had winced at when they heard of them. Stories of his exploits soon arose. A few times he even willingly ventured ito demon realm. A void that held many demons of immense strength, they would kill for no reason, never taken mercy on their victim, yet these things didn't scare him. He knew his goddess was with him.

Soon after he became a Tiger, Lorna arose and dissapeared. Steelblade and his Tiger friends had no idea where to go. They slowly split apart, but none of them lost their true purpose in life: to destroy evil. Steelblade searched for another god for assistance in his battles. A Goddess named Masher appeared to him. Willing to let Steelblade into her follwoing. Masher's following also was heavily against the evils of the land. Within this following Steelblade rose to the best part of his life. Training had made him deadly. A good ally to have. Soon he realized that he had done his part and he went to speak with the gods. The Gods realizing his potential, gave him immortality. The one thing he could no longer do was meddle in the affairs of mortals. He now strives to become a god, so that one day he, as his gods had done before him, may lead his followers into battle.

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