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Retired Lesser Goddess
AKA Goddess of The Dark Mist, Lady Paladin of Hatchet, Bride of Thaygar of the Ebon Hand

Siren, of mythical beauty and charm, immorted under the watchful eye and protective hand of the great and legendary Lesser God, Slash. His wisdom fed hers, his strength became hers ... until the evil within her took hold and unleashed her fury ... the evil ebbed forth ... and the Dark Mist parted ... the Abyss beckoned ... she keened the Calling of Siren.

Mysterious, enchanting, ever beckoning your soul. Evil is all you have ever wanted, all you have ever dreamed of. Give in to temptation. Follow the Call of Siren.

Evil is your Calling, and you will be loyal to it. Good is to be tolerated at best. Those consorting with good will be shown the jealous nature of Siren's summoning chant. Slaying other adventurers is your perogative. Revenge is your dish to serve, and at best, served quickly and cold. Slay as you will ...

But leave the followers of Thaygar alone. The Groom of Siren holds a special place in the litany of Ascension, and should any of the Ebon Hand be harmed, the Call of Siren can bring one to terrible pain and displeasure. This wrath of anger can only be experienced by those who defy Siren's will. The gifts of Siren, experienced by many, can only be measured by the hand of worth, the hand of evil, the hands of the faithful, grateful to her whims of glory.

The Call of the Dark Mist is strong and unified. You will be put upon to aid those who also follow the Call. The strong will assist the weak, all rising as one to the beckoning glory heralded by the keening of the Dark Mist.

Siren is not selfish, and asks nothing of one but what one is. Work for the Calling strengthens all who follow, and all closer to their own personal satisfaction, to rise, to be evil, to be proud, to conquer. Follow the Calling for yourself, be strong and focussed. Set the path of evil, honor and glory, the path of the Keening, the Summoning, the Call of Siren - Goddess of the Dark Mist.

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