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Note from Eliste: There are a few more voices here.
Fobro helped me get to Seraph, and then in the beginning Goor speaks.

The kitchen was a quiet place, and Eliste enjoyed listening to the sound of the fountain. The fountain sat in the middle of the room, she just sat in front of it watching the water gush forth. Fobro her adopted uncle sat with her.

The fountain is so soothing, I could just fall asleep.

Eliste's eyelids felt heavier, and at each blink it was harder to keep them open. Soon she was asleep. A voice spoke to her in her sleep. It was Seraph.

"I seen you want interviews?"

Yes I would love to interview you.

Eliste's mind woke up at the thought of an interview. Slowly sounds began to fill her mind.


Eliste heard footsteps arrive from the west.

"Is she awake Fobro?"

"Not really"

I am awake uncle. Oh I must of dozed off while staring at the fountain.

"No I'm awake Seraph."

Fobro laughed, he was very amused by his niece.

Eliste blushed.

Seraph is the Arch- Angel of Darkness, this is an honor, if you get to interview him.

Eliste smiled at him.

Seraph leaned forward took her dainty hand and kissed it.

"If you have time, I will let you interview me."

"Oooh, really?"

Eliste's eyes lighten up and shift to a light orange in happiness.

Fobro quietly chucked at her reaction.
Seraph nodded solemnly.

"Well where would you like to do it?"

Seraph sat down and thought for a moment.

His voice entered Eliste's mind once again.


Harpers? Uhmm... not to sure where Harpers is. I suppose I could ask him to escort me. I hope he doesn't find me silly or worse dumb for not know how to get to Harpers. I don't want to blow this interview.

Seraph's voice again spoke in her mind.

"I will not harm or bring harm onto you I give you my word."

Goor arrived from the west.

"Could you identify a few things for me?"

Well while Seraph speaks to Fobro about being ordained and such I'll help Goor out.


Eliste began to identify Goor's objects. She was half way down by the time Fobro and Seraph finished talking.

Seraph spoke to her mind.


Eliste closed her eye and sent back her reply.

"Let me finish up with Goor."

"I'll meet you there."

I guess I lost my opportunity to has him to lead me. I'll have to ask uncle.

Seraph walked off towards the west.

Goor took all his items.

"Thank you Eliste."

Goor hugged Eliste in payment for her services.

"Uncle could you please take me to Harpers?"

Eliste blushed.


Fobro led Eliste out of the Adventurers guild. As he was an experienced traveler, Eliste only saw the scenery speed past her eyes. Her feet followed her uncle but her mind was on something else.

Be calm.

Eliste took a few deep breaths in. She had not been expecting an interview, not that she didn't want to do this one, it was she wasn't fully prepared.

I hope I'm not making him wait to long.

Eliste closed her eyes and sent a thought out to Seraph.

"Will be there soon."

The world whirled past Eliste as she followed her uncle.

There is so much of this world I still haven't seen. Don't get distracted, focus on the task at hand.

Finally they arrived at the Chapel in Harpers. They entered from the west. Eliste slowly walked past stiff backed pews, lined up in two rows. Upon her face danced an array of colors, which came from the stained glass windows. Her nose fill with the incense that was burning near the alter. In the front pews Seraph was resting.

Seraph turned as he heard the sounds of footsteps.

Eliste and Fobro both smiled at him.

Seraph laughed when he saw Fobro behind Eliste.

"Didn't trust me?"

Oh no I hope I haven't offended him its not like that.

"No, its just that I don't know how to get here."

"She just needed a guide."

Eliste looked down blushing and sent out a thought to Seraph.

"I've never really been here before."

"Well anyways, mind if I stick around?"

Seraph stood up and slid a chair for Fobro to sit in.

Fobro sat down in the oversized chair and let his legs dangle of the side.

Don't laugh, uncle is just a halfling so of course the chairs are too big.

Seraph stood up and motioned for Eliste to sit down in his place.

Eliste smiled at Seraph and took her seat.

"Ask away."

Eliste pulled out her pen from her pocket and opened her journal.

"First if I may describe you to my audience?"


Before Eliste stood a man. Nothing about him particularly stood out, he just seemed to be. He stood there alone, everything in the room seemed to drift away from him, leaving him in an empty vacuum. After getting past that, Eliste began to notice a few details that seemed amiss. His helm had no eye sockets, Eliste was confused as to how he could see. And in her mind she heard a song.

"I Stand Alone"
Now I've told you this once before
You can't control me
If you try to take me down you're gonna break
Now I feel your every nothing that you're doing for me
I'm picking you outa me
you run away
I stand alone
You're always hiding behind your so called goddess
So what you don't think that we can see your face
Resurrected back before the final fallen
now they've arrest utill I can make my own way
I'm not afraid of Fading
I stand alone
Feeling you sting down inside of me
I'm not dying for it
I stand alone
Everything I believe is fading
I stand alone.......inside......I stand alone
And now its my time (now its my time)
It's my time to dream (my time to dream)
Dream of the sky (dream of the sky)
Make me believe that this place is invaded
By the poison in me
Help me decide if my fire will burn out
Before you can breathe
Breathe into me
I stand alone
I Stand alone
Feeling your sting down inside of me
I'm not dying for it
I stand alone
Everything that I believe is fading
I Stand alone

He is so alone, why can't he feel a part of something?

"So why don't you tell me first about your childhood?"

"Well I was born and so I hear my parents was killed 2 days after I was born."

Fobro winced at the thought of been torn from ones parents.

Eliste's eyes filled with tears she knew what it was like to have her parents taken, thought not at such a young age.

"I was taken in by a mean old cranky..... and well one day I was playing with local kids, 'and they stole some stuff well to make a long story short I got left holding the bag so to speak. So my hmm what would you call her. Lets just say keeper punished me. I got punished a lot and now pain is nothing."

Sniffles were heard from both Fobro and Eliste as they imagined what happened.

Seraph removed his helm he had two scars that ran down each eye, his white eyes looked all around seeing nothing.

I must ask how he sees if his eyes don't work.

"How do you see then?"

"The helm is magic"

Eliste nodded.

"Without it on I can't see a thing, but with it on I see everything."

Eliste's tears rolled freely down her cheek on to the pages of her journal.

Seraph kneeled down before Eliste and lifted her chin.

Eliste gulped and looked directly at Seraph.

His helm began to glow and Eliste saw two black eyes staring at her.

Oh dear Clue the pain I see there is unbearable

"Don't feel pity cause I am blind don't ever pity me."

Seraph moved away from Eliste and sat on a chair. He adjusted his whip and put his shield down close to him, with much care.

That is the gentlest thing I've seen him see.

Eliste looked questioningly at the shield.

"When I was a child before my eye sight was taken from me I found a shield, and to this day I still have it."

Seraph reached out a hand to touch the shield.

"It is the only thing from my childhood that I cherish dearly. But since the day my sight was take, that was the day my soul was forged into a heartless person. That was my childhood."

"Is that the reason why you became a warrior?"

"At first I was a mage, I thought magic of the mage was the power to have. I was a mage of the Conclave. The ArchLich was great, and Conclave was nice to be in, it felt like a home to me. Yet another realm called me so I had to leave. When I returned I decided that I would do better as a cleric."

"Did you return to Conclave?"

"No I ventured on my own. Then I found Lady Bliss. I knew her from the last time I traveled this realm and she accepted me. There I felt alone, but I stayed."

Always so alone, why can't he find someone to relieve him of his loneliness.

"That is where I met Lord Triston. He and I spoke in private many times about his rise to godhood and how I could help him."

"What was the bond that you two shared, how was it that you became close?"

"We both had hatred within ourselves. Well anyways we talked and later I got punished by Lady Bliss."

Again with the pain, just when he was getting close to being content.

Seraph sat back in his chair.

"Reminds me of the old days gone by."

"What was your punishment if I may ask?"

"Stripped of hearing my following in my mind, I was unable to move and my ability to do magic was taken. Then I left Coven."

"Because of the punishment?"

"No. It was cause I wasn't liked and felt also, so I left. Thats when I stumbled upon Hunt. I made a deal with Mistress Katrana to follow her until Triston rose in power. My stay was short and sweet."

"Did you enjoy Hunt?"

"It was fine."

Seraph drank some water from his water skin.

"So then Triston came to power, what then?"

"Well I joined him and found my first what would u call it, girlfriend per say. Alexis was her name."

Finally someone who cares about him, and makes him feel that he isn't alone. He deserves to be happy.

"Where you finally happy?"

"I was until I got her to join Sin. Then Triston took her as his own."

A gasp was heard, Eliste blushed as she noticed it was her own.

"But you were his friend."

"I was his follower, he was my god He and Alexis wanted each other, so they could have each other. But it didn't stop me from following him, it just fueled the hate in me."

"Towards him or the world?"

"Everyone, but I keep it all inside. Then I meet Mystaya and we started dating. I asked her to marry me but it didn't last long."

Why does everyone he loves leave?

"Whys that?"

"My hate drove her away, so we parted."

"Then what?"

"I went to Molotov Island and hid from everyone for a while. When I came back Lord Triston had left his followers and yet again I was out on my own."

A lone tear fell down Eliste's cheek.

"Then I found the Booga."

"How did you find him?"

"He was aligned with Lord Triston so I knew of him through him. The Booga took me in and gave me a new life."

"And did you finally feel you were not alone?"

"'I am always alone that is my destiny."

I was so hoping he would have some comfort even if it was just a little.

"But the Dark is the closest I have to a family."

Eliste smiled.

"What about your hate, is that also part of your destiny?"

"It is there only towards some people. I like others and will not cause any harm on them."

Fobro smiled.

"I noticed that Kerriariadne has made you an ordained."

Seraph nodded.

"He gave me power and for that I owe him my life."

"And how do you enjoy this new power?"

"I love it. But I hope to some day shed this mortal shell."

Chuckles came from Fobro's direction.

"I don't see it happening but hell worth the dream."

"Good luck with that"

"And what of Mystaya?"

"Well me and Mystaya are trying again."

"Your hate no longer drives her away?"

"I can control it now. Before I couldn't control it now I can."

"Do you have any memory you wish to share?"

"No. I lead a rather boring life."

"It seems quit the opposite really. Thank you for letting me share it with others."

"And thanks for letting me listen."

"If anything exciting happens to me I'll let you know."

Eliste giggled.


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