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AKA The Lord of Unity, The Twiddler
Retired Lesser God

Once upon a time in the woods near Loth-Llorien a special elven male was born: Robert. At a very early age little Robert got trapped in the Mighty Chain of Naris and asked for immortal help to get him out. That is when he first met JohnPaul, who sent his followers to rescue the little elf. There was no doubt about it, Robert wanted to worship the Pope of Holy Virtue to show his eternal gratitude towards Him. Robert took his first steps on the Path of Holy Virtue, a long and difficult road that eventually will lead all who travel its storied path to the Truth.

Many years went by and Robert, originally a mage, broadened his horizon by learning thief and warrior skills. Life certainly wasn't easy, but with the help of his Master and his friends, combined with his own perseverence, Robert succeeded to stay on the Path until he reached its end. This journey was very long, ending about 900 years after he was born.

During all those years the virtuous elf experienced just how important his friends were to his development. In the beginning there were Coleman, Kalten, Agape, Gators and many, many others who stood by him. Later on Robert was proud to have friends like Croac, Faith, Drazuk (and the other PiZaNs). He even befriended some Red Aura'd people, clearly demonstrating Robert's peaceful nature.

After reaching the end of the Path of Holy Virtue, Robert completed a quest given by the Gods, a quest which set him upon a new path: the path of the immortal. Now he is committed to learning the rules and laws of this world, teaching the new generation survival skills, and thinking about what he really wants to achieve while an immortal. His vision is not short-sighted, but reaches far into the future of the Realm.

One thing is certain: Robert will continue emphasizing, to whomever chooses to listen, those things which he virtuously believes are the most important in life: peace, friendship and cooperation. In a word, Unity. As Splat's Crusade against Evil, Cerebus' Justice, and Assilem's Honor have proven so far, Robert's continual striving for Unity will be a unique, yet obvious derivative of JohnPaul's Holy Virtue.

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