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Rescued by Rath
by Duvel, Winged Warlock of Unity

If you're a birdbrain like me, you often find yourself in silly situations. My trademark, perhaps, is my pathological habit of running into my own phosphate with a god invis. The calling card Cordir made for me reflects the true me: a glowing aarakocra perched in a safe spot of the dark canyon of Aaracity.

My silliness has landed me in many a tough spot. Some I didn't survive. Some I did, and felt chastened but wiser for it. And then there are escapes that will always be remembered and retold with mirth. Like the day I decided, against my better judgement, to visit Velalisier.

I knew it was a dangerous place. What I didn't know, but quickly discovered, was that once you get in, it's not so simple to get out. Stuck in the Underdark, with Maurice's snickering ringing in my ears, I weighed up my options.

I had a total of six recall potions on hand. I knew that somewhere there were a few rooms in which one could try to recall, but I had no idea where they were. I surmised I'd die before reaching one of them anyway.

Luckily, Lins, a kindly gnome with the physique of a giant, also worshipped my Lord Robert at the time. But he couldn't tell me exactly where to go, and "somewhere south from there" sounded like more risk than I wanted.

A simple plan was devised. Lins would come to the entrance of Velalisier, and summon me out - a neat trick clerics have in their arsenal.

Lins, however, was not the only cleric with summoning ideas.

Unbeknownst to either of us, a wicked judge and minion of Molo prowled the area, and discovered my presence. Clothed in a panoply of auras - pink, dark red and white - he cast his spell. Suddenly, I found myself standing before him. He gave me a murderous look, and lashed out wildly. Dodging and ducking, I quaffed the elixir that would get me out of there. It did, costing me nothing but some experience.

I was, of course, polite enough to thank Rath. I explained the pickle I'd been in, but the Wicked Judge of the Black Conclave merely snarled back at me. Evidently his intentions had not been quite charitable. But I will always be grateful for his kind assistance to the silly little Winged Warlock of Unity.

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