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The Red Dragon
by Noixas

A rainy and stormy night, made everyone to stay at there holes, apart from the few who were always at the inn. It didn't really matter it stormed, when your houses are under the earth really, the river fastwater was wilder then usual, but that was about all that could be seen of the terrible weather outside. Today like any day Lord Brightheart was telling stories at the inn. Even when he left the laughter would still go on. Today the tale was about the red dragon.

"So there we stood, before the huge tower", Bnorin told enthusiastically, "ready for whatever might be in".


There they stood, after battling goblins and wargs. Tired and weary of the travel from Thistlerock. Two brothers, Bnorin and Bristar, mace and warhammer ready for battle. The door swooped open, and before them they could see a large seemingly empty corridor. But both they could feel the presence of beings, although neither of them were shamans or had any real spell power. They stepped in after each other, the doors closed behind them, leaving them in a dark hall. Bnorin lighted a torch, and they examined the halls. The hall was high, certainly not build by gnomes, or even humans. It wasn't very decorated, it was quite simple. Some doors opened to the left and the right. The two gnomes quietly walked further inside, seeing a large foyer ahead of them.

The foyer was something special indeed, huge mosaics were displayed on the ground. And a big mural covered the ceiling. Dragons of all sorts and all colors were pictured in the mural. The gnomes were awed by the sight.

"Here they must be brother", Bristar whispered, "now we only have to capture one, so we'll be able to have a forge, just like the southern gnomes have."

Bnorin pondered at the word 'only'. How did those gnomes ever catch a dragon! But they come this far and wouldn't let his brother down. Besides, he was the only Lord Brightheart, he shouldn't be afraid of a dragon. But on this mural at least hundred dragons were displayed, even for a gnome of his stature that would be quite a lot. Suddenly a cry could be heard.

"Who dares to trespass my territory?", a thundering voice asked.

Bnorin and Bristar both grabbed their weaponry, and took a fighting stance.

"I repeat, who dares to trespass the territory of the dragon king?".

"Bring them to my throne!".

From the north several draconians walked in, pointing their spears at the two gnomes. Seeing the huge black creatures with wings even bigger then anything they ever saw, they could only decide to do one thing: RUN! And so they quickly turned and ran out the tower, straight back to Thistlerock.


"And there we stood, in the huge foyer, face to face with a draconian horde!". Sweeping his arms, Bnorin tried to picture the size of the evil creatures. "Me and my brother both drew our weapons and stepped forward. I waited till the first draconian tried to stab with it's spear. Protected by my shield I could resist it's attack. It stumbled from the failure and I landed my mace against it's back. The snap of the spine ringed through the halls, and the other draconians winced at the sound. In the mean time, Bristar raised his warhammer and drove it into another unfortunate draconian. Soon the other draconians fled and left a silent hall once again."

All gnomes in the inn fell silent. Noixas beamed proudly, cause that was his dad, unafraid and strong.

"We walked further but before we could reach the end of the foyer a huge shadow passed over us. We both knew what that had to be. A huge red dragon landed in front of us, terror striking from it's eyes, smoke coming from it's nostrils. But nothing what it would do could scare us, NOONE scares a Brightheart. The beast could speak any language, and thus it spoke gnomish to us."

"What do you want of me?", the dragon asked.

"We want you, to heat our forge and our cave!", we replied, not afraid of the huge creature.

"The dragon laughed loud, leaving us with no other option then attack. We drew our weapons once again and swung them at his head, cause the rest of his body was covered with thick, sturdy scales. My mace crushed the foul beasts left eye, and Bristar landed his warhammer with a loud thud on it's head. The beast screamed in agony and large flames left his mouth burning the ceiling in the foyer. The beast was getting to strike at us, but we were ahead of him. We jumped to the side, dodging his strike and pummelled him from the side. His body shook under our constant attacks. Just when he was getting ready to breath fire, I smashed the head into pieces, leaving a lifeless body.

Alas, we couldn't bring a dead dragon with us, or else we could have made armor of it's scales. Yes, we were some team Bnorin ended."

The gnomes at the inn laughed. Noixas never did understood that.

And in the future he too would kill a dragon and bring fame and glory to the gnomish race, that was his destiny, it was in his blood or wasn't it?

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