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Retired Demigod
AKA The Lord of Fire

Pyros was a powerful mage on another world before coming to The Final Challenge. There were many powerful mortals on that world, and the Gods of that place grew angry at this. They took what power they could from Pyros and others, and used it to make sweeping changes. Not liking these changes, Pyros devised a way to open a rift to the Ethereal plane and escape. He drifted for a long time trying to find another world where he might flourish. Time and distance were different in the planes he passed through. At some point, Pyros began physically aging in reverse and he had to find a new world before he became a child again. Luckily, one presented itself before it was too late.

Pyros soon discovered that most of his powers, especially his power over fire, did not work in this new place. He would have to adapt quickly if he wanted to survive and succeed.

It was from these humble new beginnings that Pyros began his ascent to power once again. The elven Guildmaster of Mages took on the task of training Pyros to wield the magic of this world. From there, he was accepted by Nayr the Wise as a follower. When Nayr grew in power and no longer needed followers, Pyros forged ahead on his own, soon becoming an Arch-mage in his own right. When his friend and former fellow follower Syla reached immortality, Pyros became her first follower and Arch-mage of Mischief!

With Syla as his Goddess, Pyros was content to explore the world, cause mischief here and there, and aid his friends when he could. As the years passed, and Pyros regained the equivalent of what powers he had lost, he began wondering what it would be like to lead his own group of evil followers. Soon, he knew he must take the next step along the path of destiny...

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