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As any good interviewer knows always go after someone that has recently been in the news or what not. Ptarchyzk bid for himself just ended and he went to Cordir’s following, Fate.

Eliste ran through the guild hall in search of her next victim. She found him resting in the Office of the TFC Housing Authority. He was sprawled on one of the comfy chairs. Eliste quietly walks over to him and smiles sweetly.

"What you need?"

Eliste straightened up.

“I was wondering if you had time...”

Noticing that her journal and pen were in hand, she quickly tries to hid them behind her back.

“Quit beating around the bush.. and ask already. Not much for formalities.”

Eliste blushed and giggled.

Its just that he is so much older and knowledgeable then me, I’m kinda nervous.

“Ok then an Interview?”

Ptarchyzk shrugged.


Eliste looked at Ptarchyzk.

Your gaze slides past the tall, slender figure, as unremarkable as any of the hundreds that travel through the city. Something about it, though, pulls your eyes back for a second look. But he's gone. Scanning the area, you spot him again, some distance away. Again, your gaze slides over him, as if he simply wasn't important enough or different enough to notice... that in itself makes you force yourself to look deeper. From his height, your first thought is 'Elven'... but the breadth of his shoulders swiftly paints a truer picture. Brown hair is cropped short, but a forelock falls boyishly over his piercing blue eyes. However, the assessing, sarcastic, almost arrogant gaze that meets yours is certainly not that of a foppish or callow youth, but rather one who has survived alone for decades and has little to no patience for the foolishness, ineptitude or dogma of others. Worn leathers fit snugly over a body that is wiry but capable, accenting the smoothness of his movement as he glides towards you. His weapons are quiet at his side, but his hands don't stray far from their grip. A slight smirk creeps over his lips as he meets your eyes, and nods. Then he is gone, sliding away to hide in plain sight once more.

“So where were you born?”


Southside? I’m not sure what exactly is special about it.

Ptarchyzk stuck his finger in Eliste's belly button and wriggled it around a bit.

Eliste giggled.

“Well I don't know much about Midgaard is the south side better?”

“Er.. no. Southside is the seedier side of town.”

“What was it like there?”

“Boring. hoodlums and thieves abound. prolly why I ended up one, only fun is the waterhole.”

“Parents? Have any?”

“Not anymore.”

“Did you know them?”

“For what it was worth.. sure. I left by the time I was 10 though.”

“Whys that?”

“Cause I didn’t want to live there anymore, don’t like the southside of Midgaard.”

The first time I went there I was so impressed by the buildings and the houses and all those things, but I can see why he didn’t want to live there. I couldn’t live in a place with so many buildings for long.

“So where did you go.”

“I'm a bit of a wanderer. I left and don't really call anyplace home anymore. My parents died by the time I was 13...heard someone called Welverin got em. Wasn't too upset about it.”

How can you not be upset. They are your parents.

“What did you do?”

“Do? Bout what? The parents?”

“Well I figured you did nothing with the parents. I meant with yourself.”

“I learned. Figured I learned enough by the time I was 18 to actually call myself a thief.”

“Were you a thief cause you grew up with them or cause you liked it?”

“Little of both I think. After a bit of that, I learned that being just a thief kinda sucked.. so, I learned to fight too. After about a thousand years of being a therrior.. or is that warrief? I dunno...”

Eliste tried her best to giggle behind her hand.

“I got tired of having to beg everyone else for stuff. So Muggle I was, atheist I still am. Took me forever to make up my mind though. 1000 years is a long time.”


“Cause I’m stubborn. Had no need for mana and I proved it Now, I decided that I still don’t need it, but it does seem to make things more interesting, and I can tell you being a muggle for a thousand years is not that interesting.”

“So why a mage and not a cleric?”

“Mage is more useful.”

Eliste smiled cause she is a mage.

“Clerics help people, cure, heal, etc. Never was one for helping out much. So mage I am, cause its more, interesting. Shaman is Though I coulda kept my shield.”

Ptarchyzk sighed loudly.

“It’s so very difficult not being able to hide being my shield of Sarcasm and Indifference.. I tell you.”

“Do you still have it and if you do may I see it?”

“Lemme get it.”

Ptarchyzk leaned his shield of sarcasm and indifference on his leg.

“It used to be ‘You wear sarcasm and indifference as a shield, but no more. Probelm with being a mage, but I knew I had to give up something.”

Sadly that is usually the way life works, we always have to give something up to get something else. It is either by choice or the weavers hand.

“So why an atheist?”

“Atheist is easy.. I knew every single Immortal in this world as a mortal. They aren't Gods. They're just really big Mages.. or Clerics.”

“So can you tell me stories about the gods when they were mortals?”

“Not really.. I remember them being mortals... but that's about it. They say as you get older memory is the second thing to go. I can't recall what the first thing is.”

“Well I read in the news that Cordir accepted you in her following, and then rejected you, and then accepted you again. May I ask why?”

“Shell shock.. I had an aura. I yelled ‘Get it off! Get it off!’ so she took it off.”

I loved it when I had my aura, it was a visual representation that I had a family.

“How did you stand it the second time?”

Ptarchyzk shruged.

“It’s still a bit of a shock, this ability to talk with your following members, and casting, its all still new.”

“But your enjoying it right? Right?”

Ptarchyzk nods.

“The jury is still out on that.”

“So you can’t remember any stories?”

“I remember Molo dying.. alot.. as a level 18 mage.”

“Why did he die a lot?”

“Cause his hp got below 0? I don’t recall why.”

“Any other stories?”

“Ok.. yeah. I became a thief at first as a member of the Four Horsemen. We were UA PK'er killers.”

“Four horsemen?”

“Cleric, Shaman, Thief, Warrior.”

“But who were they, any names?”

“Or was it Cleric, Mage, Thief, Warrior? Me as thief, Apacalypse as Warrior, and the rest are lost to the mists of time. Warrior was tank, rest were backup. Needless to say it didn’t last, I’m the only one left.”

“Do you miss them?”

“Naw too long ago, too many others I miss. Syla was fun to hang with. Triston kicked Ass. Emaleth, that poor twit.. was still fun to talk with. Syrinx.. now there was a powerhouse, first level 50, he had the god stuff. These ransoms we find now are almost godlike in comparison... But the limiteds kicked some serious butt. I remember Paladins with 700+ hps and he could still take em.”

“Was there any lady that commanded your heart?”

Ptarchyzk shook his head.


“Born bachelor. I flirt a lot, but it never lasts.”

“So you broke many ladies hearts?”

“Wouldn't know, nobody reciprocated. Must be my charisma, dismal as it is.”

“Any more fun stories? I know they are in there.”

“Somewhere, yes.. they are. Can I think of any at the moment, no.”

“Can I ask what your Geasa is or is that not allowed?”

“Still working on that.”

“Any ideas?”

“I promise to be different, I promise to be unique.. I promise not to repeat things other people say. Can’t be different and unique when I'm not a muggle anymore, lots of war/thief/mages.”

“But I’m sure you’re the first war thief mage, that started learning to be a mage this late.”


“Well it was fun talking to you.”

“I’m sure you say that to all your interviewees. Deep down you know I’m boring as sin.”

“Well yes I do, but I say it differently to each person and I mean it each time.”

I hope he believes me cause I honestly do, I enjoy hearing where others come from and the experiences that make them who they are.

“And no your not boring. I thought you were charming.”

Ptarchyzk threw back his head and cackled with insane glee.

“Haven’t learned that spell yet. I think I’m still hiding behind my shield.”

“That is true. But one thing about that spell always know who your going to throw it at.”

I learned that the hard way.

Eliste blushed, she had a little mishap with it when she first learned it.

“Oh really?”

Eliste looked down at her journal.

“I thought it would be nice to have a bard who follows me and sings songs.”

“Ooohhhhh... Nevyn didn't like that too much, eh?”


Eliste looks up trying to defend herself.

“See I didn’t know it was another form of an attack, so I cast it, and well then I ran away.”

“He spurned your willy feminine wooing.”

“Yes. But he did follow me for sometime here in Guild. So I gave him a tour.”

Eliste giggled at the memory.

“But it wasn’t as I had planned.”

“It rarely is. Plans have a way of changing midstride, and if you don’t change with them, well...”

“You trip and fall down?”

“Then yer outta luck and usually outta gear.”

“Trip and fall down... now that reminds me...”


“You (48) killed by Stouthbound (83) on Sat Jan 22 00 13:38:24. He found me in trading post and attacked. And what was the first thing I do? Trip and fall, I throw myself at the ground and bleed on his shoes. He killed me for that. Just as I stood back up too. He was cool about it, and we laughed a lot about it, and he only took three items. Long ago, conclave had honor and integrity. Its degenerated over time.. In my humble opinion.”

“Any other stories?”

“I did manage to bring down a following. The Arcanes. Who was it, Uriel I think got me outside of Landru's, offered me my corpse back.. if I followed Torchbearer. TB wasn’t quite as interested. Nixed the deal before I "worshiped" him. Lost my gear in the process.. including some really nice things. They haven’t been seen since.”

“So what did you do?”

“I got irritated. Info every member of Arcane for two months.. passed the info to Clave, Nature.. anyone and everyone who could kill em. And they did. I got a few prizes out of it.. nothing really special. But the whole following was killed because of my info's some several times. They were never the same after that.”

“I guess no one messed with you after that.”

“Not quite in that manner.. but I still get hunted. Good enough for now? Or do you need more stories of a bygone era?”

“Yes. Thank you. If I do I’ll return.”

Eliste curtseyed to him.

Ptarchyzk nodded

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