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What is PKing?

PKing stands for player-killing, which is what happens when a character of one player attacks and kills a character of another player. This is different from the killing of mobs (computer-generated "mobiles" or "monsters") that is done on the MUD to gain experience points. You earn no experience points for PKing. You do however often earn a reputation (good or bad, depending on your perspective) and sometimes equipment and gold (assuming that you are able to successfully get the corpse of the character you PKed).

There is almost no debate about what PKing means. I'm willing to bet that everyone will agree with the basic definition provided above. There is however, some debate about what makes a "good PKer". Is it the ability to successfully PK alone? To PK in a group? To PK without the help of an immortal? To PK without trickery or "low" acts?

There are two different pk models on TFC. The most popular is the Way of the Sword. Followings operating under this PK model may attack whomever they want, within the defined PK ranges. PK debt is accumulated for unjustified attacks, which can be bribed away. The second model is the Way of the Sentry. Followings operating under this PK model may not unjustly attack others. If a follower of the Way of the Sentry is attacked, however, anyone in the following can seek revenge for the attack for a specific amount of time.

If you have an opinion or perspective on PKing that you would like to share in this section, please email submissions to the webmaster at the address below. Up to 10 logs of good PKs will also be accepted for this section.

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