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How to get PK'd
by Marisa

  1. never whoz or have see invis/true seeing cast on you
  2. never keep your cure blindness, remove curse, recall or teleport potions handy in your inv. Keeping them safe from that pesky Palmer guy youve heard about is priority one.
  3. always go to the same place to xp. Eat lots of steaks from that area when you get back to the guild.
  4. brag about that +4 dam bracelet you found on a guard. Report whenever you're in a room full of people in your range. Take the bracelet off and on a lot.
  5. when attacked, report every few seconds to further intimidate your attacker. look at them a lot too, especially if they have a hard-to-spell-name like Deathisknockingatyourdoornow and a description that sets off your triggers.
  6. tough it out. dont cast spells or pick up your weapon if you get disarmed. That "You sure are BLEEDING!" message is just to scare you, right?
  7. hang out, vis, at the west gate of mg and let the cityguards yell at you when they're not busy cowering
  8. when attacked, finish typing the long tell youd started to a friend before typing 'flee'. Scroll back in case you missed the answer from your friend during that annoying spam from battle messages.
  9. announce your location on a public channel, then disconnect your keyboard as you leap up to go AFK
  10. group the mage who is clearly trying to kill you and begin chatting with them
and this last one really says it all:
actually stay for the fight
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