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Immortal pantheon of TFC

If an immortal's name is in italics, you can click on it to read more about them.

Active Immortals

Tynian (Lawful Neutral)

Greater Gods and Goddesses:
Tokugawa (Chaotic Good),  Tamar (Chaotic Good),  Natilena (Chaotic Good), Schwartz (Neutral)

Gods and Goddesses:
Thor (Neutral), Cordir (Lawful Neutral)

Lesser Gods and Lesser Goddesses:
Lycron (Chaotic Evil)

Demigods and Demigoddesses:
Boromir (Lawful Good),   Isolas (Lawful Evil),   Rufus (Chaotic Good),   Katrana (Neutral Evil)




Retired Immortals

Maurice, IvoryTiger, Madman

Greater Gods
Khore (Lawful Evil), Nayr (Evil)

Gods and Goddesses:
Nalya (Good), Sirak (Evil), Jaxxon (Good)
Darkmoon (Chaotic Evil), Bliss (Neutral Evil)

Lesser Gods and Lesser Goddesses:
Slash, Siren, Sinclair, Syla, Kalten, Foolkiller, Thaygar
JohnPaul, Zarous, Tel, Plato, Myronides
Robert, DarkClaw, Molo

Demigods and Demigoddesses:
Slyxx, Dahliah, Raze, Kim, Simon, Caradoc, Splat, Psykill,
Dirkstrom, Ozmo, Assilem, Estrelle, Aahz, Ironbrain, Gryphon,
Cerebus, Bumblefoot, Jerald, Pyros, Masher, Torchbearer, Elladan,
Nicademus, Larry, Asia, Okk, Morimox, Gavin, Tripper, Xavier, Artanis
Solanthas, Majere, Triston, Tiax, Grimace, Vorax, Coleman, Rhina
Clue, Athorne, Whitehawk, Wylin, Kerriariadne, Solaron
Mystaya, Seraph, Hork, Cytoxan

Legionaire (Cordir)

Cyrix, Malkav, Rudolph, Nina, Raistlin, Dadon, Mekt,
Steelblade, Malin, Natas, Combee, Adso, Azeworai


These gods left TFC with honor...their memory dims, but their place on this roll of honor remains:
Grendel and Shye

These gods no longer are at their own choices and paths.
Mort, Crowbar, Ath, Agape, and Pixel.

These gods met their demise in catacylsmic wary of that fate!
Primal, Sajkald, Jander, Kiki, Iggy, Slayer, Oxide, Farin, Lorna, and Beezlebub

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