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Retired Demigod

Though expected to do great deeds by his parents, Ozmo was run out of Malenest at a young age and abandoned in the Bazaar. Raised by rogues, gypsies, and entertainers, he quickly adapted to a life in the shadows, grabbing profit and favor whenever possible, and slowly learning small feats of magic and chicanery.

After graduating from the Mud School, following the path of a mage, and later as a thief, Ozmo left a trail of mischief across TFC, serving under four brilliant immortals: Oxide, Ginny, Kim, and Syla. Under their tutilage he was able to formulate some important life philosophy, which he will gladly share for the improvement of the mud as a whole:

1. Be flexible. If you can't give, yield, or adapt, yer burnt.
2. Information = power = profit = happiness. Simple linear equation, no complications.
3. Think for yourself, schmuck! Self-sufficiency is important, you can't always count on help.
4. Do unto others as they've done unto you, unless they're much bigger, in which case, get someone else to do the dirty work.
5. Don't lick toads. Nobody respects it, no matter how good they taste!

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