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The Other Major Races of TFC

The Drow
The Drow are a branch of the Elves. Long ago, a splinter group of Elves, all powerful mages, discovered the power of the black arts. Little more is known of them, though their language is said to resemble both the musical Elven it was based on and the velvet soft tones of the demon tongue.

The Goblins and the Kobolds
Goblins and Kobolds were created by Urdlen, the Worm, He Who Hunts The Dark, at the same time that he created Gnomes. He had long crawled through the tunnels in the darkness, and when he learned of Tynian's creation of the Dwarves his evil sense of humor was aroused. He created three races and set them about his realm. He then hunted them, picking them off one by one, letting his presence be known by the slime-covered skeletons he left behind and in dark dreams, sent to those unlucky enough to become lost in the tunnels. The three races warred with each other, moving through the caverns, trying to escape his predatations. For three thousand years they have fought and died in the darkness, and each race hates the other two almost as much as they fear the slimy jaws of Urdlen. Only recently, within the last five hundred years, have Goblins and Kobolds come to the surface, escaping the darkness through the deep caverns of Moria.

The Trolls
Over four thousand years ago, IvoryTiger walked the world. He traveled through it, observing, finding the dark glens and breathtaking mountain-top views, the dark and the light of the world. He then retired to his Den, both of and not of this world, and slept. And dreamed. He dreamed, and in his neutrality he dreamed of the darkness and of the light, and the magic of the world responded to his dreams. Across the world, life arose. Dark, twisted creatures rose up in the darkness, and tall, peaceful beings rose up in the light. In this way did Trolls and Giants enter the world, one Evil, one Good. The Trolls, like the Giants, remained primitive, living off the land and rarely found in a group of more than one or two families, with most Trolls being solitary. They do not share the Giants' calm wisdom however, instead possessing a low animal cunning, and a delight in the cruel torment of other sentient races.

The Orcs
Orcs are vile, fearsome creatures. Coming in all shapes and sizes, they are an unstable race, with new mutations in each short generation. They are said to be descendants of Trolls, though few speak of how the long-lived, solitary Trolls could have become these short-lived, clannish creatures. It is known, however, that the first sightings of an Orc clan occured not more than a century after the creation of Humans. The Orcish language contains only five words to distinguish between the races: Orc, Troll, Ogre, Orog and slave. The Orogs are not a true race, but instead are Orcs with an Ogre in their nearby family tree. Orc clans often take slaves, raiding cities and towns and capturing them, killing all who resist. It is fortunate for the world that the extreme instability of the Orcs limits their growth, for if all of their children survived to adulthood, Orc clans would be far more numerous than they are.

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