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The History of Ogres

The First Ogres
What little is known about the creation of Ogres was told to the Humans during the Wandering, by the mighty Implementor Maurice. He told of his creation of a race of humanoids, formed from the muck of the dark swamps and His power, one thousand years before his creation of Humans. The legends from the Wandering say that Maurice was not satisfied by the Ogres, and abandoned them to their own devices shortly after their creation. It is worth noting, however, that these legends consist of stories handed down through many generations of Humans, and had their origins in what Maurice chose to tell His new creations. The Ogres themselves have little to add to these stories, as all of their legends of creation vary widely, depending on the storyteller and their mood at the time. This obscurity of history extends to the growth and spread of Ogrekind, and though Ogres live in many parts of the world, their stories give little clue how they came to be so widespread.

The First Ogre-Kin
Perhaps not surprisingly, as both were creations of Maurice, Ogres and Humans can interbreed. The resulting offspring, Ogre-Kin, are almost always indistinguishable from pure Ogres in physical build. They do, however, differ markedly in intelligence, with Ogre-Kin often capable of coming up with a reason for bothering with something they can't kill, although not usually a good reason. Ogre-Kin are regarded as something of an abomination by Humans but are welcome in Ogre settlements, perhaps because the Ogres cannot tell the difference.

The largest such settlement on the Northern Continent, Og is a typical Ogre city. Located in the dark forest, surrounded by bogs and swamps, it may be one of the first Ogre towns. Its inhabitants state only that it has existed as long as can be remembered, no difficult task when dealing with Ogres, and its rotting huts and hogans have been built and rebuilt so many times that it is impossible to determine its age. The Chieftain of Og and his Elders keep the tribe strong, and woe to any outsiders who intrude.

Gronk is a small village in the dark, swampy forests of the southwestern Northern Continent. Its fetid huts show much the same design as Og, leading those few historians who have survived the visit to believe that its inhabitants perhaps originated there.

Skull Spire - Skull Top
Skull Spire is the home of the Southern Continent Ogres. A great mountain to the south of the Aarakocra city of Aran, sculpted by its Ogre inhabitants over the millenia, it resembles a massive, grinning skull, with a horn in the center of its forehead. Within it live the Clan, a highly shamanic tribe of Ogres, and their allies, giant bats and spiders. They live in an almost perpetual state of battle, having been a war with the Aarakocra of Aran for as long as either race can remember. The Spire, like Og, is ancient, and though its shamans have recorded many of the significant events in its history, their Mural speaks only of the Ogres fleeing the Aarakocra and reaching the Spire, giving no clue how they may have crossed the mighty Maelmordian Seas from the Northern Continent. The city itself is called Skull Top, a name given to it by the Half-Elven trader Jon Keyotay, who was the first to make peaceful contact with it.

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