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Retired Demigod
AKA The Lord of the Winds

Before you stands a humanoid creature different from most you have encountered. His powerful wings betray his avian ancestry and his singed outer feathers speak of many battles and campaigns fraught with danger. There is a sparkle in his eye and a look to this creature which radiate wisdom beyond his years. You have no doubt that he is someone you can trust and who will come to your aid when the call is heeded. Yet something tells you he is also not one to cross.

Born high in a tree in Aaracity to simple parents (long before records were kept), Nicademus lived the early life of many an Aarakocran. Always mystified by the powers of Nature, especially the strength of the wind to destroy as well as its ability to provide power and aid the creatures of the realm, he could often be found soaring high above the cliffs of Aaracity. One day while resting in a tree near the Temple of the Rising Sun, Nicademus was discovered by the Holy Aarakocran Guildmaster. Just as Nicademus was about to dismiss the old bird, the decrepit shaman uttered some incantations causing the weather to change and for a gigantic hurricane to form. A moment later, large stones of ice were falling from the heavens and Nicademus could not believe what his eyes had seen. This slight and aged creature held power over the forces of nature and Nicademus had found a master.

Like many Aarakocran youth, Nicademus was called into military action for his people, despite his oath to the Guildmaster. Deep within the Clan stronghold, he mastered the use of weapons and hand to hand combat. He gradually grew into a fierce warrior, all the time remembering what his Guildmaster had taught him. Among his kind, Nicademus became known for acts of kindness and valor, but he quickly became bored with his life in Aaracity. One day a great Human warrior ventured into Aaracity. Such an occurrence was rare indeed, as the bird folk seldom leave the canyons of their home Even less often are visitors welcomed in their midst. However, the gentle giant named Gaul spoke of a wondrous Goddess, Rhina, who controlled all of the Natural forces. Gaul beckoned Nicademus to join him and follow the ways of Nature.

Under Rhina's guidance Nicademus grew strong. Nicademus reveled in the honor of holding the power of life and death over other creatures, yet choosing by his own free will not to take the precious gift of life from others. Nicademus knew he was not a Immortal, and to impose a sentence of death on others defied what he knew of Nature. Then one day, Rhina as Goddess of Nature, chose to abandon the path of goodness to follow one of neutrality. Nicademus struggled within himself to reconcile this change. Unable to abandon his following of over 800 years, he internalized his doubts about this new direction. In his eyes, the path of neutrality tarnished the honor of being a pacifist. Further, as he predicted, the new course weakened Rhina's presence in this realm. Saddened, he left his friends of Nature to once again wander the realm alone.

Nicademus was approached by his good friend, Lord Solanthas, whom he had learned to respect and trust while both followed Rhina. Now Solanthas had a following of his own, the Wardancers. Nicademus, at the top of both of his classes, enjoyed his time with the Wardancers yet never felt fully accepted. Nicademus had hoped to one day ordain for Lord Solanthas, however after a short time, it became clear that such a role was unlikely. The ways he had touched the realm as a follower of Nature seemed unavailable to him as a mere follower of Solanthas and thus he bid farewell to Lord Solanthas on good terms, in search of a greater challenge.

It was at this time that Nicademus arrived at the temple of Lady Masher. Lady Masher presented Nicademus with the opportunity to become an Ordained Mortal, which he eagerly accepted. Enamored by the tenants of ITK, and offered the chance to once again affect this realm for the better, a new fire sparked inside Nicademus. Perhaps fate or chance were playing a cruel joke on Nicademus, for almost as soon as he found his new calling, Lady Masher's presence in this realm became fleeting. Lapsing into a state of depression, he witnessed Lady Masher's following dwindle in numbers. Nicademus decided that his time as a mortal had come to an end. Seeking the assistance and advice of the Goddess of Chance, Nicademus reformed from ITK and set out for his final quest.

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