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Eliste was skipping through the halls when a voice popped into her head.

"Hello, do you know where the baths are?"

Eliste remembered she had made an appointment to interview Nedois.


Eliste ran up the stairs and walked into the baths. It was a spacious chamber. Marble benches surrounded the room, facing in towards the large bathing pool that filled its center. Steam curled up from its water, and humidity filled the air. Water flowed forth from a state in the center of the pool, keeping it hot and fresh. A marble archway lead out to the north. Neodis was standing by the entrance.

Neodis smiled and looked at Eliste.

Eliste smiled and twirled for Neodis.

Neodis kissed her hand.

"Such a brilliant little treasure."

Eliste giggled and sat on a marble bench. She opened her journal and took her pen out.


"I suppose."

Eliste looked up at Neodis.

A Moon Elf is not a common site in the realm. The Wild, shoulder length, blue hair, darting, deep green eye's however is a dead give away, although the skin has an almost ashy tint to it's silvery complexion. A little on the smallish side, the Elven grace is very evident, the polite yet knowing smile, the arrogantly glinting eyes, all very irritatingly Elven. Dark forest greens and deep sinister colors seem to be the theme of the leather keeping this Elf warm. Leather shirt and pants fit snugly and efficiently over his body whilst gloves and boots protect his extremities. A cloak finishes off the simple outfit, shades of dark greens and very deep reds seem to ripple across his back as he moves. Floating just over his head, a ball of yellow light burns brightly, regardless of its apparently dark center. Below his left eye shimmers the tattoo of a crescent moon. Sign of the Coven and his Mistress, Lady Bliss.

"I guess a story is best told from the start. For me that would be in Cillidellia about 700 years ago. You seem to be a very sensitive soul, but I don't want you to be sad when I tell you that I never knew my parents."

Why do we live in a world where children do not know there parents?

"But why didn't you?"

"I was never told anything about them, other then they were descendants from those created in the form-taking. That would make me a 3rd generation elf I suppose."

Eliste wrinkled her forehead in thought.

"3rd generation? What does that mean exactly?"

"Are you familiar with the form-taking?"

Form-taking? I guess not.

Eliste shook her head.

"Well a long time ago Elves did not exist."

They didn't? I can't imagine a world without Elves.

"Our ancestors were more directly related to the elements, we were of the world. To make that story shorter some of them became more curious about life. And thus created a spell to give them form. It required 100 to cast and when it was done, 100 elemental spirits had become the very first Elves. These Elves were the first to wonder into the world and experience mortal life."

"So each elf is descended from different elements?"

"Essentially yes, even you."

"So there are water elves, wind elves, earth elves."

"You certainly are possessive of the wind I'm sure."

My family name does mean wind, well part of it is.

"I'm sure my grandparents were more of water and wind then other elements though."

"But how is the moon an element?"

"Well its not but it sounds better then wind rain elf."

"So you didn't know your parents, but you know you're a 3rd generation elf, how did you know about what elements your grandparents were?"

"My foster parents were more like food and bed providers I didn't get to know them much either. It's what my foster parents bothered to tell me, and what I have discovered through other means, that's later on though. I didn't make any friends in Cillidellia. Killed a lot of them for attacking me at random intervals too. Everyone thought that I had killed my foster parents."


"I would suppose that would be because they died and no one could prove it was me. I didn't know to many people and they were popular Elves. They wanted someone to blame."

"Did you though?"

Neodis shook his head.

"They were the only reason that I could stay in Cillidellia and study with Savah."


"She is the one in Cillidellia that guides the younger elves. She gets us started along on our paths. In my case she showed me how to control the flow of magic. That's how I started my course as a mage. Eventually I started exploring further afield and that's when I came into contact with the Coven. Lins mostly was the one who more or less looked after me. I was not in the Coven at this time but they quickly became the support that kept me afloat."

"So this was your new family?"

"Very much so. I was already very fond of Mistress Bliss, for an Evil Goddess she is quite addictive."

"So what made you decide to join?"

"I looked around anyway at other followings, just to be sure of what I was doing but I quickly decided where I wanted to go. Acceptance I suppose. Here I was, a tiny little elf at the mercy of the world."

"But why evil?"

"That's a very interesting question."

Neodis coughed slightly.

"And a hard one to answer."

"Whys that?"

"I can give you a political answer, a practical one, 'but really, I'm evil mostly because I'm told I am."

Where did free will go. I would never live in a world where I had to do what I was told.

"Who told you? Those other elves in Cillindellia?"

"As far as my actions in Cillindellia I guess I'm evil, but the extent of my evil stops at my aura and what I do with Selune."

"But why wear a red aura, and not be fully evil."

"The Coven is evil, and because I'm a part of the Coven I too am evil. 'I'm not the same as a lot of my brothers and sisters, there is variety in us despite the color of our aura."

I suppose. I don't want to make this whole interview an aura discussion so I'll accept it.

"I have gone through this expensively in my more contemplative times. I have written work if you are interested. Alas nothing quite to well presented as Lady Tamar's scrolls. Just go to the library and grab the eighth and ninth scroll with my name on them."

I'll get them at the end of my interview.

"Before I actually was a convener I had to give a gift to Lady Bliss. 'This is something that was very special to me. I didn't want to give her just something I found on the ground. I searched the realm for the Great Lord Tokugawa and begged his help. He gave me a quest, which at the end of which he would award me something suitable. He tasked me with hunting down and gathering 10 items that were directly related to fun. I was somewhat addicted to amusement at this stage in my life and expressed it regardless of the complaints. A lot of things, lost them too when someone killed me. I got them back though and in the end I was given a Crescent shaped mold made of divine chocolate. I gave that to my Lady and became a part of the Coven. I was very happy with that. After that, fun sort of became an adult thing... seems to be a theme in my life. I always seemed to be teasing the girls or being teased in return. That sorta went to far one day though and I hurt someone. On that day it ended."

"May I ask who?"

"I'd rather not say."

"I understand."

"It's one of those things that's better left in the past. Since then though I wore tear in my eye. Well for a while. It's gone now."

"So what did you do after that?"

"I moved on in life from there until I was about 500 years. I became very interested in the secrets that the Coven Magery dealt with. I was approached by Elektra. A Tiger at the time. She was beset with a horrible curse. And even though she was Hexed, she begged help. My lady gave me permission and I set out to see what could be done. The curse was known to her as the necromancers curse. I believe. The bottom line is that it was a curse on her soul, to slay her loved ones. She was falling in love with someone and naturally became concerned."

"Where you able to save her."

"I killed her with a blade that I had made with my Lady's assisantance. The blade was designed to severe her soul and would capture the foulness and trap it. I marked Elektra's flesh and sent her through the afterlife. She was reborn in blood, free of the curse with the complication that I was now cursed."

"What did you do?"

"My lady killed me."

"But doesn't that mean she receives the curse?"

"Yes, technically the curse is on Lady Bliss. But what is a curse going to do to an immortal?"

"I suppose that is true."

"It was shortly after that when my Lady came to me with some observations. My life had taken a few wrong turns."

"Oh? Which ones?"

"I had not taken the right measures to ensure a healthy growth as I lived. With all this in mind Mistress Bliss shattered my soul. With my life spread out upon the floor of the Coven Lair anther Elven child was born. I was born into that body and taken immediately to Bliss. And with her guidance and encouragement I grew faster then I have ever grown. I have been growing since then. Life is good along those regards. So I'll get to Selune."

Eliste grinned happily.

"It was around that time that I met her. My first meeting with her... hmmm I seem only able to remember something about being thrown to the floor and sat upon. Selune is a firey spirit. Her mother is Sune, a red haired beauty that had captured the heart of Lord Vorax. So Selune is the daughter of Vorax, and half sister of Zip. Yes so I call one sis, and the other DAD!"

I can't imagine calling Lord Vorax dad.

"Oh, so you are married to her?"

"No, she follows Lord Whitehawk, that makes her blue and me red."

"And that means no marriage?"

I guess I'll never be able to marry my love.

"We have plans, but they must wait. Opposing alignments may not marry. You might have noticed the glowing ball of yellow over my shoulder."

I did but I didn't know how to ask.

"She gave that to me in a ritual, in the kitchen. She sacrificed her heart to me in an elaborate ritual. We floated there, with our hearts on our sleeves. And it came out of her body and lights my way. Of course, I had to put up with her monkey."

Neodis muttered something under his breath.

"Damn thing climbs all over you."

"And your heart?"

"My heart is a little dark but it belong to her none-the-less. It was her ritual though."

"But does she have it?"

Neodis shook his head.

"It was something she gave to me and my great honor to receive."

"Did you give her something in return."

"Not like that no. But we spent a lot of time together. Terrorizing the thieves network. I have not seen her in a long time though."

"So what then after you met her?"

"We have plans. right now things are in a sort of limbo. For the time being I wait and continue to grow. That's more or less my story. I'm sure I've left something out."

Eliste giggled.

"700 years may not be as long as some others but it's still a long time. I certainly don't have the memory a good elf needs."

"Well thank you very much for the interview."

"My pleasure."

"When are we going to hear your interview?"

"It shall be the last one I think. Bye."


Eliste left the baths and went to the library. She looked for the scrolls.

There I found it.

Eliste pulled it down and opened it.

"Here is a topic that has caused a lot of controversy over the years. Many times we have heard the accusations that someone is not acting out their alignment and at other times we hear that it's not apparently a deciding factor in one's behavior. In the end we have a big mess and no conclusions. The other day Keller found me, along with Pol and a few others we got into a proper discussion about the properties of good and evil and we came to a conclusion that was not just a compromise but agreeable to everyone's sensibilities.

1. First we have to approach the issue from several angles, we need to get the whole picture here by examining the details. How do we judge someone? It was determined that a person's intent is what they need to be judged by. The intention of the person it determined by his natural and desires. The Intention will determine the actions that the person will want to occur. This means that we avoid judging actions that happened by mistake. A person is not evil if they make a mistake and mistakes are part of being mortal. Thus, as you can not accidentally have the wrong intentions, this is what you need to be judged by.

Please understand that this was determined with the full knowledge that you can not always know a man's intentions. That's not the point here. We are not actually making any judgments right now we are simply setting the basis under ideal circumstances. This means that the system can at best only be applied to the self with any certainty of accuracy but we can build from this basis if it becomes necessary.

Now that we have the basis for what needs judgment you might realize that one intention is only part of a man. Each of us has many intentions through our entire lives. If we didn't then we would not do anything. Hence it is conceivable that one person can do both good and evil. This is true. Each action is judged and determined as either good or evil. We all do it, it's part of being mortal. Now determining if someone is good or evil is a matter of weighing his good and evil intentions against each other.

What makes an intention good or evil you might ask? Well this is also a controversial issue. No one can give you proof of a universal standard so we have to go with a mortal one. In our Realm we are also given an Immortal one but I'll go into that later. As we grow and learn, we take in from our surroundings information. We are taught what society thinks of as good and evil and we learn a set of values that is shared by the common mass. From this we can make our own educated guesses as to whether our intentions are good or evil.

There is a universal standard. The concept of good and evil is a fundamental of conscience. That is we create the ideals ourselves and thus they exist. The ideals are polar in nature, we have evil and good as opposites. Even if you believe in a scale, that is something can be more or less good then something else, we have the extreme at each end. That is we have total good and total evil. As each one of us commits both good and evil we have no concept of total good and total evil. This is where most of our problems are, none of us can prove it because none of us have experienced it.

To summarize, your alignment is based upon your intentions which are judged via the common understanding of good and evil in your society. As your intentions are not always clear, it is sometimes impossible to determine if they are good or evil. Thus you are judged upon the majority of your actions as it is reasonable to suggest that most of your intentions become clear in most of your actions and that you would seek to make as few mistakes as possible.

Something has just occurred to me. I have declared that all intentions are either good or evil. Some may try to suggest that not all actions can be thusly judged. That's the thing though, you are right, not all actions can be judged, however, we are talking about intentions only. All intentions have either good or evil motives, they might not be obvious and there maybe times when you are hard pressed to determine the motive behind your own intentions but it's there. All Intentions are either good or evil.

Lastly, I know this is long but we are finally at the end. In this realm of ours we are given a clear and concise way of determining someone's alignment. Lord Tynian has declared that the act of worship is also an act that determines your alignment. Thus your intention to worship an evil God is an evil intention, your intention to worship a good God is likewise a good intent and of course to worship a neutral God is to have a neutral intent.

Understand that this has been considered in light of what has happened within the realm, we have taken from us what we could and our new understanding comes from a cooperated effort between good and evil. Our understanding is your understanding.

Kind regards

I believe I'm more confused then when I started reading. Well lets see if the second one will help me understand better.

Eliste put the scroll back in its place, and grabbed the one next to it.

"I have gotten actual constructive feedback on this note and have been asked to make a correction. As I'm about as unwilling to touch that monster again as Lord Tynian was to read it I will post here a follow up instead. It's not a correction though, it's an expansion on the ideas that I had discussed beforehand.

1. We all know that to determine your alignment we must judge your intentions. We also know that the model provided allowed for good and evil and a balance of good and evil which we called Neutral. Lanfear approached me and asked me about those who did not recognize good and evil. It was her belief that it is possible to come across an intention that was neither good nor evil.

The trick here is that the intention is most likely the result of several other intentions. In this case we can form a motive and use that as the basis for judgment of the final intention. She gave me an example and I'll use it here.

If Lanfear intends to kiss me, she wants to know if this is a good intention or evil. Well it's subjective. I jumped and of course said it was good but that's from my perspective. Her intention to kiss me as far as I'm concerned is good, but for every other male in the realm I'm sure it appears as evil. As no intention can be neutral itself we have an issue here. So what's Lanfear's motive behind kissing me? If she wants to kiss me because she likes me well then one might say that it's a good intention. If she wants to kiss me to make everyone else jealous well you might call that evil.

Now to contradict that. The alignment we are referring to here is called perceptive alignment and it will change from person to person, the judgment of intentions is very subjective. This alignment refers directly to the alignment that each of us perceives another to be. In the above example I see Lanfear as good, whilst others perceive her as evil. How she treats each of us in the future will form the basis of her alignment as seen by each individual.

We have another alignment in our realm. It's the objective alignment and is determined to be that of the God that we follow. As Dictated by Lord Tynian. It is possibly the only objective judgment of any intention anywhere.

Lanfear also wished to know about those who have no concept of good and evil or those who simply do not care about it. This is easy to respond to. Just because you can't see the air doesn't mean you'll suffocate. The subjective model uses commonly understood concepts of good and evil based on the best interpretation of the absolutes. If you have difficulty in making judgments you can always ask someone. If you simply do not wish to tag a judgment onto an intention then none of this should really concern you.

Please note that I am not going to judge every intention someone brings me because they think they can outsmart me. Lanfear had something really constructive to contribute and I really appreciate her point of view. If you have any questions or would like something cleared up feel free to ask.

Kind regards

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