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Nayr The Wise
Retired Greater God

Ygg the Raven

Nayr is an ancient Elven mage. Neutral throughout his long mortal life, He became Evil upon becoming immortal. Soon after, He befriended the Evil raven Ygg (above). Ygg is His avatar, and though Nayr spends most of His time in the realms beyond mortal ken, little escapes the sharp eyes and ears of Ygg, who often brings him a surprising amount of information.

Although Nayr may seem cold and aloof to the casual acquaintance, one need only ask those who once worshipped Him to find that, to those He cares for, He can be quite helpful. Well versed in the arts of magecraft as a mortal, He has since expanded His knowledge to include all of the mystic arts ... and has become an unparalleled spellcaster.

Most often on in the evenings, or late at night (mud time zone), Nayr is usually invisible to mortal eyes, but He will usually answer a request to talk, if He is on.

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