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More Poetry by Zarous
(This was written in response to Madman's group, EEL, which was dedicated to eradicating the elves)

Twas weeks before fools day and all through the land
Immortals were a stirring... especially madman

He flew through the land, darkening the sky
Over hill and dale, over every thing he did fly

Now madman had no love for land life or love
So he gave out a shriek, from the sky up above

"On rocky, on toupta, on palmer and pez"
"If you wanna be evil, you'll do what i sez"

"you kill all the elves, and ransack their towns"
"if you do this in my name ill give you all crowns"

So the eels of evil and the minions of darkness
They put on their armor to madman impress

They marched off to battle, all wicked and gay
Then madman said "HEY! the elves are THAT way"

The army about faced with a mutter and howl
Madman behind them snapping a wet towel

They marched on in doubletime to the elf hometown
They arrived at a city that was quiet.. not a sound.

The battle began and at it not lightly
They smashed all the townies and only hurt themselves slightly

Madman looked closer at the battling hoard
The only things dying were stand up cardboard

The city had gone and noone was there
They packed up their city and moved it elsewhere

Madman was furious, his wrath he displayed
Most of the army was filleted and flambeed

So the next time you go off to pillage and plunder
Pick your ememies wisely and don't make this blunder

(if you notice in this story the only ones maimed
are those who'd be lead, and the card-board-brained)

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