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Retired Ambassador
AKA 'The Eternal Ambassador'

Many years ago, Mekt arrived in this land searching for adventure and found something entirely different than he expected. With his best friend, Grymm, he joined the Dark Mist at level 5 and quickly began changing the face of the land that had entranced him. At level 15, he made his first playerkill in the lizard swamp. The infamous words, "Hey, can I have my stuff back?" were first uttered to him as well. Realizing that he had been the superior warrior, Mekt started the practice of returning most of the items from his
kills. Mekt derived little use of the trinkets he won in combat. Most he gave to a pair of little humans named Dredd and Seeker. From then on he kept a list of those who died by his hand in his description. This caused
great consternation to see this list every time someone gazed at him and Mekt found himself hounded by Syrinx, Pixel and Jerald to name a few. Some fights he won, some he lost, but he learned through strife what it takes to meet the challenges of this world.

Grymm then formed the Black Ogre Clan and Mekt was the first to join. Many others followed them into the clan and to Siren's call, Toonse, Glash, JUMBO and Primal were but a few. Ogre almost became the 2nd official language of the game, for that is all they spoke, even over ftell. The Black Ogre Clan battled another group of Ogres known as The Bloodlust Clan and has virtually erased them from known memory. With this newfound source of unity among ogres, and the Dark Mist's affiliation with Siren's husband, Lord Thaygar, Master of the Ebon Hand, the Black Ogre Clan indeed began to make an impression on the land. A war of good vs. evil soon ensued.

Many fell, friend and foe alike. Grymm retired himself from the field and the clan urged Mekt to take the reins of leadership. Reluctantly, he accepted this added challenge. The war continued for months without
ceasing, and when the smoke cleared, only Primal and Mekt remained. Siren herself soon disappeared from the land and Mekt joined the Ebon Hand. Very shortly after that, Thaygar was promoted and Mekt and his fellow Ebon found themselves in search of a god.

Lord Sirak spoke to him and Mekt joined the Black Conclave of Nashite. Then things really got interesting. In his bid to achieve immortality, Mekt killed more in the end of his mortal days than ever before, thanks to the power of Nash coursing through him.

Of the original members of the Black Ogre Clan, Mekt is the only survivor. Older, wiser, he every so often wonders what would have happened if he had not taken up the sword. What sort of world would this be? So many family and friends lost in the conflict. Yet, when he catches himself thinking of the past, he finds himself smiling, with a strange twinkle in his eye and realizes that life has been good to him after all.

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