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Retired Implementor, Original TFC Webmaster
AKA The Destroyer, The Runner of Evil Quests, Nightmare Unleashed
Insanity Personified, God of Creation and Torture, God of Insomniac Torments

Line of Evil


Once, long ago, in a land called Generic, Madman was conjured up by the gods Bloodangel and Angel of Death, and cast into the mortal realms to battle amoungst the forces of the world. He rose in honor and skill until he was among the most feared heros, the quads, riding into battle on his Silver Dragon. Life was good...

Then the Vortex came and laid waste to the world of Generic, and the quads were swallowed into the Void. Somehow, somewhere in its mighty fury, the great god Tynian found him, and transformed him from human into a bird. Not just any bird, but the mightiest and noblest of bird races, the Aarakocra. Through battles, quests, and rescues, the huge black Aarakocra grew in favor with the gods until such came the time that he was deemed worthy of immortality...

The young demigod chose to become an agent of evil and gathered together a following to terrorize the land. The mornings of Madness commenced and the legions of Madness ruled the world. Another calling soon found him and he dedicated himself to the conjuring of many new lands and creatures to populate the world.

Today if you happen to see him, he will tower over you; wings draping down to barely scrape the ground. Within the inky darkness of his cowl, glowing eyes will dance like specks of fire, and his black armor will shine with an unnatural light. His pet panther will be close by, and his demon is always just a summoning away...

A word of warning: He does not suffer fools gladly and expects people to use their brains as much as their brawn. If you are not quick witted, he may throw you in a heap or bowl you over on one of his flights to survey the world. To those that find favor with him will find life those that annoy him, existence will be most painful.

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