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Lagg Lament
By Elspeth

It's awf'ly malicious, unceasingly vicious --
It strikes when expected the least
It's cruel and rapacious and ALWAYS voracious --
That cyber threat known as LAGGBEAST!

There's no use in fleeing. If you're out XP-ing
It appears in the midst of a fight...
At the least provocation it hands you FRUSTRATION
By being your 'shadow' all night!

This beast's not a charmer, It's scales are like armor --
It barely responds to a 'thwack'
You can curse it and tease it, or try to appease it
But the damn thing just keeps coming back.

You can say all your prayers, and hide from PKers
And never do battle with 'Scar' --
But the LAGGBEAST'll getcha. It's coming, you betcha!
It attacks you WHEREVER you are!

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