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Eliste entered the Storytelling Amphitheater. There were several rows of curved marble benches curled comfortably around a raised dais. The high ceiling and polished stone walls are shaped to reflect the voice of the speaker at the dais, letting them be heard throughout the room. An open archway to the west leads out into a small courtyard.

She slowly walked around and looked to the west to see if Isolas was on his way. He begged to be the first interviewed, so she couldn't say no. Eliste walked onto the dias and sat down.

I wonder if he's coming. I might as well get comfortable while I wait.

Just at that moment Eliste noticed Isolas arriving from the east. She stood up and waited till Isolas was in earshot.


Isolas walked over with his chest pushed out as if to say 'Isolas is the greatest'. Eliste burst out laughing. Quickly realizing what she did she looked down and tried to cover her mouth with her hand. After regaining her composure she sat back down, and opened her journal. She dipped her hand in her pocket only to find that her pen wasn't there. After rummaging through many bags she found it. In the meantime Isolas pulls up a chair, 'his special IsoChair'.

Hmmm I think i'll start buy writing a description about him, give my readers a visual.

His hands rise, the magic within him encompassing their expanse, despite the length of his fingers. It flares outwards, a circle of dark depths unknown to those without the gift. He vanishes from sight before you can garner more than respectable glance of him. That one glance burns itself into your mind. Light auburn hair gently caresses his broad shoulders, turning up at the slightest provocation or breeze. Green eyes that mimic the hearty tones of grass well-watered beneath a bright sun. His lanky form is now nowhere to be seen, but still the memory persists. The eyes possessed a depth that would indicate very intense emotion brewing beneath them, revealed more often by his expression than by his words. Sensitivity, as the magic took him, a shudder and shiver that danced across his frame before he vanished from sight. Decidedly elven, with the aristocratic proportions of his nose, his eyes, his cheekbones...yet the softening of full lips, as the smile of fulfillment with the joining of his magic took over as he disappeared from view. Not easily forgotten, nor easily befriended, this elf remains a mystery.

"Ok well first if you could give me a brief description of your younger years?"

Isolas slowly nodded as he collected his thoughts.

"I was born to two loving parents at our home in the forest just outside of Loth Llorien."

Eliste smiled happily as she took notes in shorthand.

"Must of been lovely."

Isolas nodded, and his eyes glazed over as he reached back to his childhood.

"I am the oldest of 3. Kylanae was next, and then Iko. Tweedle is an adopted brother."

Eliste grinned at the thought of the large elven family.

"Because Kylanae and I are practically the same age, we spent a lot of time as children together, namely playing around the mage's guild in Loth."

"Why the mage's guild?"

"The guild members were fun - they entertained us with cheap illusions, Was fun to watch."

Isolas drinks water from a water skin.

"When we were of age, we were good enough friends with the members that we were accepted into the guild."

"Were your parents mages also?"

"Mother was a ranger, father was a warrior."

"Oh so you were the first magic thrower."

He nodded as he took another sip of water.

"Your parents must of been pleased."

"Father wasn't too happy, but mother didn't mind it."

"Why didn't your father like it?"

"Since my father was a high ranking Elven Defender, he believed in muscle over magic."

"Oh I see. Did your becoming a mage cause a rift in your family?"

He shook his head and look beyond Eliste into the distant past.

"Mother was glad we were having fun, and father just had the 'whatever floats their boat' mentality."

"Well when did you first leave Loth Lorien?"

"I don't recall, was a long time ago."

"Well after your admittance in the mage guild what next? The ranger guild?"

"We were accepted to the ranger and thief guilds without much hesitation - both were favors to our parents."

"So you came from a happy loving elven family."

Isolas nods.

"How is it that you wear a red aura?"

"That's a long story. It involves my previous deities."

"I understand, possibly you can start with your first deities."

"Well, I worshipped Myronides first because it fit - I was an Elf, Elves reign supreme as the ultimate race. It was just a natural fit to join Tel'Quessir. But alas, Myronides chose not to walk these realms anymore. In the spirit of Myronides' neutrality, I joined the Chosen of Fate with the understanding that should my mortal friend Wylin become immortal, I would leave to worship him."

"Before you get into that there must be a happy memory with Myronides'.

Isolas noded.

"Myronides will still be the greatest God I ever worshipped. Hands down."

"Any memories you care to share?

Isolas leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes.

"He developed my sense of humor and charisma - he allowed the arrogance to run free and encouraged it."

Isolas opened his eyes and leans forward.

"We were Elves, and by god we were proud of it.'

Eliste quietly laughed behind her hand.

"You seem to really admire him."

Isolas smiled and nodded.

"Without a question, my hero. With my ego, I've been compared to him may times by many people."

Eliste raised her eyebrows.

"Well come, you must have a story about the two of you."

"Not really - a lot of people talk about quality time vs. quantity time, but with Myronides, the quantity time was quality. He followed me around and kept reminding me to shield myself."

Eliste giggled at the thought.

"Since I was horrible about that."

"Whys that?"

Isolas shrugged and leaned back in his chair.

"I was young and inexperienced. I didn't remember all the tricks and he kept poking and prodding until I remembered. But other than that, just him being around all the time was the memory that sticks out."

Eliste grinned.

I remember he used to have a funny suit I had never seen before, I wonder if Myronides gave him that.

"I seem to remember you wearing a suit."

Isolas chucked, evidently amused.

"Before he retired, Myronides gave me a black and white striped Beetlejuice suit. I wore it all through my time in Chosen and into Enforcers until I died. I hear it's still floating around here somewhere, I'll have to look into that. It was his retirement gift to me."

"That's truly touching. So after he left you must of been very hurt and confused."

"I didn't know what I'd do. I had lost my first love and now my God. I didn't think there was anything left to lose."

Eliste blinked, this was the first time he had mentioned love.

"Who was your first love?"

"A young elf named Rosalind. She was taken before her time."

Eliste brushed a tear out of her eye.

"I'm so sorry."

Isolas looked away for a brief moment, then looked back at Eliste.

"It happens, I'm long past it."

"Were you two together long?"

"We were never together. It was youthful crush that turned into love."

"So now that your first love and your God left what did you do?"

"Wandered for a long time alone, didn't know what to do. Wylin and I struck up a friendship in that time, as I tended to drink heavily."

"So how did you meet Wylin?"

"At the bar in Midgaard. He stopped in on his way through town. We struck up a friendship in that time. During which, I decided to get my life on track - I joined the Chosen of Fate. But on the condition that should my friend Wylin become immortal, I would leave to join him."

"So how was being a Chosen?"

"Chosen was the best thing to ever happen to me probably - it taught me discipline, leveling tactics, and the feeling of protection was there where it wasn't in Tel'Quessir."

"Myronides was a friend, Cordir was a goddess. There were two entirely different styles of ruling there. Both equally important, don't get me wrong."

"Now where your brothers in all of this, and friends from your former following?"

"My brother Kylanae had joined Majere's Rose following, and friends from Tel'Quessir had spread out. Legolas was unaligned, Natilena became immortal, Rone and Tweedle joined Tiax's Defenders. I believe Nessa and Joelle were unaligned, Roen joined Bliss' Coven."

"So you made new friends with Wylin and the Chosen. Tell me about those times."

"I learned so much. Tel'Quessir was about expanding socially, and the Chosen was about expanding mentally. I learned more there than anywhere else. I rose quickly in all 3 guilds. I learned the world, some secrets it held, and more importantly, where not to step. Some places I dared to venture were scary... I'm glad I had big brothers and sisters in Chosen to warn me."

"Did you become close to any of them, any lasting friendships there?"

"Tranquility and DarkClaw. Schwartz. I'm sure there are others that I'm forgetting."

"Any stories with them, anything that can define you at that time?"

"Nothing that I can particularly remember."

"What was the next phase in your life?"

"Wylin became an immortal as promised, and soon was a DemiGod. I left Chosen for the Enforcers. I always felt despite my neutrality, if forced to choose, I would seek Good. I felt like it was the fight worth fighting."

"What experience made you turn."

"Well, Wylin's following was fun. It was like Myronides' in that there was always a friend around. But problems plagued it. The followers died all too often, including myself."

"I see, but that tends to happen in a young following."

"We ran low on equipment to distribute to help get back on the right track. Wylin became less and less active."

"But to change your aura over that. There must of been something deeper."

Isolas nodded slowly.

"In neutrality, I had the freedom to pick where I was on any issue. With good, it was preset. And thus, I found myself sacrificing all my happiness to help others. I was unhappy where I was, and only aiding others in their miserable lives. Like I was a Saint."

Eliste raised her eyebrow.

A saint?

"And I got tired of it. Also, at the time, I was with a girl named Mitzi Truelife. She was beautiful, loving, caring... but evil. She wore the blue aura but sought evil deep inside. I thought I could change her. I couldn't. As a result, the girl was a problem. And she turned on me eventually as I knew she would - but I was prepared. I beat her at her own game - I left Good and joined Evil. Then, when she chose to betray Wylin's followers and join evil, I would be waiting there on the other side."

"And so, she was stuck between a rock and a hard place - she killed herself to drop that problem."

"I left Enforcers with a beautiful elf named Erian. We were both tired of the previously mentioned problems. She and I had similar ideas and interests, so we were a perfect fit together. So, I changed my God, my aura, and my girl - I was a totally new Elf."

"And so you went from a following that extols the virtues of an elven heritage to the sentry of the Triat to a following that aggressively seeks to eradicate evil to a following that stands for the very evil you had so recently fought against."

"Finally thinking of myself first instead of the world."

"So you became selfish."

"I wasn't trying to solve the world's problem anymore. I was looking to just solve mine."

"You turned your back on everyone who had helped you."

"There is a fine line between selfish and taking what you deserve. I was asking nothing more than what I was owed."

"How so?"

"For countless years, I sacrificed my entire life, my happiness, and everything else to see to it that others had it easy and were happy. I was miserable being Good, but I kept on with it for far too long to help others. And I finally had enough - I finally decided it was time for me to have what I deserved. And I wasn't going to get that being Good."

"But why evil? Why not neutral or unalined, there you would have complete freedom?"

"Wylin gave speeches regularly about how upset, tired, and angry with us he was about our inability to fight evil as he wanted us to. When he started his following, I think he expected that Good vs. Evil would be instantly balanced again. He did not figure in the idea that new followings are not easy to start. And so he was upset that evil was still winning. And I was so tired of him saying that we weren't doing it well enough or trying hard enough, or essentially being Good enough. I started thinking perhaps it wasn't our problem, perhaps it was his problem. Perhaps he needed a wake up call."

"So you became evil solely to hurt him?"

"I became evil to rock the boat, so to speak. I was putting my life back on track, giving Good a good hard slap in the face, and experiencing a new perspective, a perspective that I had failed to consider the whole time. Never once did I think of the Evil side of the story. Always the good. It was time to open my eyes to all sides."

"But now you will be causing war on your former friends, you are fighting against them."

"I have not once touched them. Not once. I have provided locations and vital information, but they betrayed me first. I was more than willing to remain neutral to them. But they decided I was now a traitor - fair enough, I suppose. And Onixeph openly told people I was on his hit list. And so I openly told people I wished him dead. And soon after he was."

"By your hand?"

Isolas shook his head.

"I don't ever dirty my hands in such ways. Information, perhaps."

Isolas smirked.

"A pity."

"So you have hatred in your heart for Wylins following?"

"I have hatred in my heart for those who will not see all sides, who just blindly order my death because I chose to see it from all sides. Onixeph was one."

"But don't you see your leaving the following and then joining their enemy as a sign to them of betrayal?"

Isolas shurged.

"No matter who I worshipped, I always said to judge the person, not the aura. They judged the aura."

"So your former friends of blue aura, what will you do when you are confronted by your fellow followers stealing from them. And your brother, am i safe to asume he still wears a blue aura?"

"He worships Wylin still."

"Though I understand he too is not happy there."

"As for when my fellow followers steal from blue? It is the nature of evil. Perhaps it will serve as a wake up call."

"Now after two failed loves how is the new girl?"

"She is good. She and I have this great connection that I didn't before.

And she is now part of Dark too, along with you?"

"She worships Lady Bliss. It's not rushed, it's take time and enjoy every second of it. See the sights along the way instead of rush headfirst into it all. She's great. I could talk about her all day, but I'll save all that for a possible future interview."

"Thank you. Anything else you wish to share with me, any antidotes."

"Well, this interview didn't really express my charisma, arrogance, or overall greatness."

Isolas sighed loudly.

"I'm sure you're crushed."

Eliste tried to suppress a smile.

"But I'd just like to close by of course reinforcing the concept that I am still King of the World."

Isolas puffed his chest out as if to say, 'Isolas is the greatest!'.

Eliste laughed openly.

"And everybody knows it."

"Thank you for the interview."

Isolas patted Eliste on her back.

Eliste put her pen in her pocket and put her journal away.

Eliste held out her hand towards Isolas.

Isolas kissed her hand. He winked suggestively.

"Take it easy, Eliste."

Isolas took his chair and walked off the dais towards the east.

Eliste watched him walk away.

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