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An Immortal Phobia
by Xavier

It was a sunny day, the light ripping down onto the great western road. The dust crinkled into flakes and blustered about retaining footprints of those that pass, except for those that pass without footprints of course. There was one being on the road that day who seemed to hover slightly above the road, aloof of mortal concerns. Some called him bug zapper, others whispered Aretha. This is the story about his tampering on the day of Ivyn.

The beginning of Xavier’s day was simple, a follower requested the board list be pruned, the hedge had grown wildly leaving little room for concentration. The slip was simple, the God whisked his fingers to remove the unwanted discussions. One by one he discarded thoughts and ideas, flittering away the communication of his mortals.

After a time he glanced back to the board to examine his maintenance. The winds rose as the Aretha drew in his breath of anxiety. The messages were still posted. Perhaps it was chance, a minor mishap in the universal machinery. Again he attempted to remove the notes, each failure frustrating the angered God.

Giving up and in a flooding rage the Aretha hovered south on the Great Western Road to quench his tears at the seaside in. About that time he decided to check the general note board for a message from his devout. To his astonishment the note board had been annihilated, few scattered morsels of discussion remained in disrepair. Aretha retreated to his grove with an uncertain air as he realized his err. His efforts were not in vain, the results proved tangible, and the world was left in disrepair. Perhaps this is how the Aretha developed the Note Removing Scare.

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