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Retired Demigod
AKA Leader of the Artifacts of the Unseen

Hork was an eager mortal who once sought the knowledge of power in this realm. Absorbing energies, memorizing ancient scrolls, creating mental maps of unbreakable mazes, he became a bit hostile with the power he had obtained. Planning on ridding everyone and everything which does not follow his beliefs, the realm would not mind his head on a stake: only the magics hes obtained had mistakenly made him Immortal...

Hork's following is described as "A band of warlocks whose purpose in life is to please their High Mage with the destruction of heathens. They also seek the rarest of artifacts in the realm and will stop at nothing to obtain them. The best at their craft, it is advised that you do not step in the way of their doings. There is a rough path ahead of you if you are looking into worshipping the almighty High Mage. BUT you will be rewarded with allowance for entry into the prestige IF and WHEN you are even deemed worthy of being unseen."

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