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Histories of the races of TFC

Welcome to the Histories of The Final Challenge. Here you will find the stories that have shaped our world for the last five thousand years, an introduction to each of the major races of our present age, and their origins.

I am the Greater God Nayr the Wise, and I have compiled this resource through much research; consulting with the ancients, with what written work of mortal historians survives, and with the Implementors, whose presence gives this realm its very existance.

Having completed my preliminary investigations into the stories of each race, and more in-depth examinations of most of them, I am currently delving into the long and complex history of the Halflings. My working notes for them are included below. These are my preliminary notes only, and may change dramatically as I continue my research.

If you have something to contribute, find typos, or see inconsistancies that will need to be addressed, either internal or with something that you have seen in an area, please contact me. I hope that all who read these histories come away with a better sense of the world of TFC, and a better appreciation of its people.

-Nayr the Wise, TFC Historian

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