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The Hand of the Lich Haunts Molotov
by Duvel

A long time ago, when I was still a young Aarakocra, the gods set me upon a quest to search out and vanquish an anaconda, and so prove my mastery over the creatures of the realm. Unwittingly, I was about to get an elaborate demonstration of the evil of the Lich. This is the story of that quest.

I flew to Molotov Island, hoping that I might find an anaconda in the jungles that cover the slopes of the volcano there.

With happy-go-lucky disregard for the webs that were strewn among the trees, I bravely clambered into the canopy, to find myself trapped in a web with four nasty spiders for company. The spiders must have mistaken my feathered self for a tasty morsel, which I almost became.

Having fought off the ravenous spiders, I was poisoned and barely conscious in a web from which there was no escape. No exits, no recall, no teleport - not even spells could be case in that horrid web. It was rather awkward.

I checked the corpses for items that might help me get out of the web. One contained a war banner and a clear red potion. Since it was a zone cursed by Maurice, I didn't think the potion would help.

I found an odd potion in another of the corpses - colours the like of which I have never seen. Light blue, with purple spots and pink swirls. Thinking this might be the key out of the spot I found myself in, I quaffed it...only to find myself blinded and unable to even curse, on top of it all. I was starting to sense my doom.

Despite being racked by poison, my sight returned pretty quickly. In desperation, I clawed at the web, and found - to my relief - that I managed to make a small opening at the bottom. I quickly wriggled through it, and dropped to my feet at the base of the tree.

Being badly hurt, and having had rather enough of adventures for one trip, I decided it might be a good idea to return to the safety of the recall room. Little did I know my adventures were only just beginning.

<32hp(281) 146ma(146) 134mv(284) > Among Web-Strewn Trees
[Exits: north west up]
A profuse amount of sticky silken webbing is strewn about.
<32hp(281) 146ma(146) 130mv(284) > You shiver and suffer.
Your poison scratches yourself.
You sure are BLEEDING!
<31hp(281) 146ma(146) 139mv(284) > qr
You quaff a clear red potion.
You hit yourself. Ouch!
Your harm spell EVISCERATES yourself.
You have been KILLED!!
This visit to the afterlife brought to you by suicide.
Dying constitutes quest failure.
You LOSE 168 experience points!
Your vision dims to black. When it returns, your surroundings are different.

A laboratory
[Exits: east]
You hit yourself. Ouch!
<1hp(281) 146ma(146) 139mv(284) >
Needless to say, I was a more than a little surprised. I left the laboratory, naked and unarmed, and discovered that it belonged to a Mad Alchemist. I knew that the evil of the Dark Manor had to be behind these events, though I didn't know where I was.

Wandering further in the hope of finding an escape route, I was attacked by various strange and magical creatures - among which a disembodied hand.

You know, the thing about a disembodied hand is that if you hear about it in stories the clan elders and matrons tell at night, it's a little macabre, but it's funny. If you're attacked by a real, live disembodied hand, it's quite different. In blind panic, I fled, and decided - rather than face more of these evil abominations - to kill myself on the spot.

Once I woke up to the peaceful calm of the Temple of the Rising Sun, I thought my nightmare was over. I procured a light from a kindly mage, and went in search of my lost equipment. En route, over the sea, a tiger shark attacked me, and killed me almost instantly... I'd forgotten to ask the mage to shroud me in invisibility too.

After a panicked flight over the Maelmordian seas, I found my remains under the tree on Molotov Island, and quickly returned to the guild with my recovered possessions. Three deaths, a failed attempt at mob mastery level 35 and a lot of negative experience later, I was lying in recall, bleeding, but recovering.

Thinking back on the events, it dawned on me that the clear red potion that I quaffed while injured at the base of the tree was the one I'd taken from the corpse of the spider! It was all a trick played by that cursed Lich, Molo, vile creator of that evil, repulsive place called Molotov Island.

I later went back there - with backup this time - and had the potions identified by a mage.

Clear red potion: lvl 19 spells of harm, teleport and curse.
Light blue potion with purple spots and pink swirls: lvl 20 spells of blindness, mute and teleport.
Nuff said...the hand of the Lich haunts Molotov...

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