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Retired Demigod
AKA The Justicar of Nash, Lord of the Fellowship

Gryphon has, more than most, remained unchanged by the burdens, responsibilities, and trust that Immortality brings. In his mortal years, Gryphon served the God of Mirth, Coleman, as his Paladin. Quiet, reserved, and steadfast, Gryphon still expressed a wry, deep sense of humor that has ever been one of his trademarks.

As an Immortal, He formed the Silver Fellowship, a Good Nashite following in which individuals strove to follow the example of Lord Nash to Perfection. It was Gryphon's heartfelt believe that how an individual viewed Nash and Perfection spoke more truly of the nature of their own heart, than of Nash's. This belief was to earn Gryphon the undeserved scorn of both mortal and Immortal alike, and the slanderous title of "Conclave's Puppet."

Still, despite the derision of others, Gryphon molded his Fellowship into a group that was not simply anti-evil, but proactively Good. Individuals such as Polnevdra, Crim, Solais, Taffron and Cordir gained often grudging respect for their willingness to assist anyone they could, be it venturing into a dragon's lair to retrieve a fallen stranger, travelling great distance to grant surcease from plague, or enchanting a weapon.

These days, Gryphon is not often seen within the Realm, but is content to travel with his mortal consort, Lady Kestrel, on their own personal Paths to Perfection.

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