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Retired Lesser God
AKA Lord of the Trinity

Created, not born, as the Avatar of the cosmic entities Infinity and Oblivion, Foolkiller was sent to the realm of TFC to destroy those who would be fools. During the course of his adventures he encountered and destroyed many fools, and with each passing day the knowledge and wisdom granted him by his makers continued to grow. Eventually, he realized that it was not possible for one person to rid the realm of fools, and decided the best course of action would be to seek to become an immortal of the realm. Receiving permission from his makers to take this course of action, he was then allowed to join the ranks of the TFC deities. Noo an Immortal, Foolkiller strives to remain true to his mission, his marriage to Xaviera, and to give to all the understanding and knowledge of the Cosmic Trinity.

Actions Have Consequences - Death Is A Fool's Reward
The Motto of the Foolkiller

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