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AKA The Triat Weaver, The Ebon Goddess, The Patroness of Bards, Triat Master
Wiki Administration Staff
Previously: Lady of the Chosen of Fate

"If ebon flames writhe at the edges of your vision, or a single black widow spider watches you as it weaves its web, you may have caught the notice of the Lady Cordir. It is She who spins the Tapestry of Fate, tending to the weaving of each Thread within that metaphor of existence. Each and every life is known to her: watched and observed, and when the time comes, a whisper to Her Sister, and it is cut and rewoven.

In Her wakening to Goddesshood, Cordir serves as the Patroness of Bards, playing close attention to each and every one of them, listening to their songs, and presiding over Bard Councils whenever possible. It is said that music and rhyme have always been a great treasure to the Ebon Bard as She was known in her mortal days, and it is rumored She has even accepted poetry as a form of payment in one of Her equipment auctions.

The Lady is also active in the running of quests, and nary a week goes by that Her spidery minions do not assault some poor racial city, a mud-wide Scavenger Hunt is offered, or Arch-Mage Mobs unleashed. As the Triat Weaver, She watches for those who may be worthy of the greatest of quests: A Trial of Triat Mastery.

Her interaction with mortals ranges from quiet, formal reserve to warm, caring mentor-ship. All, however, can seek her out and receive equal measure of attention and focus to their issue or need, with the caveat that She is still learning the fullness of Her new role, the many changes in the Realm since Her retirement, and the subtle changes in the atmosphere of the MUD

Cordir also is a high-volume contributor to the TFC Wiki (with well over 2,000 edits in her first three months alone) and serves on the Administration Staff, reviewing and moderating entries for accuracy.

In the past, Cordir served as the leader of the Chosen of Fate, a Neutral following, for a record nine years (the only Neutral following to reach that longevity). During that time, she accepted the worship of some one hundred and sixty-eight souls, ranging from the newest of players to some of the most ancient players/characters in the world. Eight of those Chosen later went on to become Immortals in their own right. Certain words became part of the Final Challenge lexicon due to Cordir's Chosen: Anathema. Geasa. Destined. Initiate. Blade. Taoiseach. Still to this day, three years after its disbanding, there are those who walk in solitude, refusing to give any other Immortal their oath of worship, in honor of what they had in Fate, and still others, who yet observe each of their Geasa. This legacy, perhaps more than any other, is one that Cordir cherishes.

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