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Retired Demigod
AKA The God of Mirth, Lord of the Mirthies

From birth, when he was just a lump of Cole, Coleman was raised in a house full of love and mirth. As a Cole-mini, he learned the value of self-reliance, and making one's own destiny. As a Cole-minor, he decided that spell-casting was the path of life he would take. His father was a stand-up comedian who used parlor tricks in his routine, and he wished to master both magic and humor, as his father had done. When his father passed away in a tragic folding-couch accident, the 18-year old became the Cole-man of the family, and began his long journey towards his chosen path. Coleman advanced through the mortal world without alignment, choosing neutrality and independence. As he spread puns and spells throughout the land, he made many friends, and became a Cool-man. Now he has accomplished his goal, becoming an immortal and the master of the pun. He is now an Ole-man, but his charisma, great looks (according to his mom), sparkling wit (one person said so once), and intelligence (more brains in his whole body than you have in your little finger) have not diminished. He's fun to be around, to follow, to beg for mercy, to yell at to shut up, and so on.

Coleman is in no way related to Coleman (tm) Corp., makers of fine camping and other equipment. Any similarities are completely intentional. Happy mudding!

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