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Retired Demigod
AKA 'The Prophet'

Who can know the mysteries of this life we lead? I shall tell you the tale of the Origin of the Prophet.

His youth and adventures have inspired many myths. About his life in Hovelton, his service to first the Lady Nalya and then Lady Syla, and his quests for Lord Sirak and for immortality, great songs are sung.

But the tale of how Bumblefoot the halfling became the Prophet of Mystery has not yet been told.

After receiving immortality, Bumblefoot traveled the world as an Ambassador of the TFC Pantheon. On one such journey, he was taken up into a vision. He found himself floating in a chaos of swirling light and subtle fragrances. From the chaos and seeming to envelope him, a voice resonated through every cell of his being. The disembodied voice said, "You have done well, halfling, yet there is much to do. Learn this then .. Embrace all that was to become all that you would be. You have been Good and Evil, rich and poor, mortal and Immortal. Embrace your past so that you may in turn, Embrace your future."

And in that moment, which was timeless, the whole of his life flooded him in minute detail. He saw and experienced everything; the good, the bad, the joy and the sorrow. And he received another revelation. He saw the lives of all he had known in this same detail; his parents, the townsfolk, the PBS's and those of Mischief, the immortals he had encountered, and all he had met on his travels. Even as his mind was deluged, details passed through him and flowed away. Yet, wisdom remained. All that was left in the end was a whisper from his lips, almost in the voice of another, "I embrace thee".

In this state of rapture, a hand reached towards him from nothingness. On the tip of the middle finger, a drop of blood shimmered, mesmerizing him so that all else lost significance. The finger touch his forehead and marked some indistinguishable pattern there. His whole being was altered in a vague, unfamiliar way.

The voice returned. "With my blood, I atone for your sins. Return to the world and do good from this day forth. Embrace all that is. Learn all that is yet to be. You shall be my Prophet."

"Lord .. or Lady ..", for the voice was as the voice of all creation speaking, "...In whose name shall I speak?."

"When your time has fully come, you shall know. Until then, and beyond, you shall be the Prophet of Mystery. Go .. embrace all .. do what you know to be the good .. proclaim the Mystery."

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