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The Ballad of Gaul
by Jerald

Posted: Wed Mar 25 14:14:34 1998

Twas a day, much like today, perhaps it even was
When Liz, an elven maiden died,
To Carrion Crawler, all because,
When she founder herself lost on quest...
Her potion aided her not.

Her heart was sad, her eyes brimmed full,
of sorrows bitter brew,
She looked around for knights of bold,
To help her start anew.

When she asked, a Knight of Green,
Of field and forest glade,
of stream and barrow and Nature,
Swore to give her aid.

When she asked him for the sound,
Of his name to cry to all,
He smiled at her, bestride his mount,
and said 'my name is gaul'

With that he rode in knowledge,
of where her body lay,
He knew he must face monsters,
if he were to win the field today.

A full three times he climbed the stairs,
of the lighthouse, three times he failed,
Falling before the crawlers evil,
and the demons black-hearted spell

Finally on the last attempt,
as he climbed the winding stair,
he spied before him the corpse of Liz
He rejoiced to see it there.

Returning to the guild he gave
Liz all that she might need,
and as she asked to thank him,
he chuckled, upon his steed.

I need no thanks, he said,
For I do what I can,
To help all that are troubled,
All throughout the land.

So as I end this missive,
This poem, and lay down my pen,
I think Gaul, who gave his all,
Knight of field and fen,
And as I think of him, I say thanks again.

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