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Retired Demigod
AKA God of Honor, Defender of Virtue

As an Elven Mage, Assilem has persevered and defended the principle of Holy Virtue. Hence he believes that one cannot truly be a worthy of existence without an Honor. Therefore, if you seek a focus in life of good, have faith in oneself and become an Honor bound follower. The life of good is never easy and not fair. One must expect it. But the rewards are immeasurable to have honor and respect of oneself and being acknowledged by others.

I have been and always will be faithful follower of Holy Virtue and shall defend it, henceforth I shall be defender of Holy Virtue as well.

To be Honor bound:

  1. One must maintain Honor, Respect and Virtue.
  2. Honor bound: One must respect and help fellow followers as well as those of good.
  3. Non-interference Policy: You are actively encouraged to help the younger souls as per rule 2. However, to provide a power beyond their means is not and cannot be an honorable act.
  4. Respect thy enemy: One must acknowledge and respect your enemy, for w/o it you cannot exist.
  5. Non-association with Evil: Dealing with those of Evil cannot be tolerated. Co-existence is necessary but actively seeking it will not be accepted.
  6. Association of Neutral: Those of non-alignment must be given due respect until they prove themselves otherwise.
  7. There is no Honor in PK: Once PK is granted, let there be one and only one PK. Any other PK is not tolerated. You may defend in the act of being PK'd. But be warned, DO NOT PUT YOURSELF in the situation where you are tagged for Multiple PK. DO NOT MAKE ANY EXCUSES, I don't have patience for it nor will I listen to it.

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