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Retired Demigoddess
Mistress of the Cauldron of Nashite

Asia was born to a poor minotaur family in the city of Mithas. She spent her early days learning the ways of the Shaman. During her adventures she meet up with Ozymandius, the great Hero of Mithas, Shoya the Executioner of Ofcal and Talen the Enchanted. They were all members of the Great House Of Veladorn. After adventuring with them for some years. They invited Asia to join Veladorn. Asia stay with Veladorn for quite sometime and mastered the art of the shaman and learn how to fight there under their guidance. As the years passed and members of the House slowly started retiring, the still young Asia met the Goddess Lorna and decided to join her following of warriors. Asia mastered the art of war and thievery under the wing of Lorna's flying Tigers. Asia went on to many legendary adventures even killing the Demon King numerous times and many battles with Scar. Asia finally settled down and retired to a quiet life until the immortals granted her the chance to become immortal.

Asia as a mortal was known as the Cowdragon, which was actually her last name. But her many mortal companions called her that because of her huge size. She was a gigantic heifer with dark brown fur, golden horns and grey eyes. Her biceps were bigger than two elves standing beside each other, her legs were as big as tree trunks, and her hooves were always well polished. As a immortal Asia can appear anyway she chooses but usually she appears as she did as a mortal, but sporting a big pair of furry wings.

It is rumored that the power of immortality has corrupted the once peaceful Minotaur and Asia now enjoys the pain and suffering of mortals more than the average immortal.

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