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Retired Demigod
AKA Former Leader of Mayhem

Mayhem is a highly agressive following, intent on slaying all three of the alignments. The disciples of Mayhem thrive on the pain of others, but also enjoy a good practical joke, such as causing chaos, mischief and destruction.

1) Obey all of TFC's rules and guidelines (as you should anyways).
2) Always listen to Artanis and the High Council/Ordains.
3) Always keep your word. (Don't rip off people on trades or lie, etc.)
4) Never reveal Artanis' presence to the rest of TFC or any individual I didn't GS without permission.
5) Don't try and solve problems on your own, seek out Artanis or the High Council/Ordained.
6) Don't pk, loot or steal from newbies (13 and under), help them, and try to be nice.
7) There are no restrictions on Trading, but the following gets priority.
8) There is no restrictions on ftell, generally - be sensible though, avoid all CAPS sentences etc, and NEVER tell anyone else our ftell.

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