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Aarakocra are a race of intelligent avians. They are humanoid, but have a set of huge wings instead of arms, which they use to fly everywhere, About halfway along the edge of each wing is a fully functional hand. Their feet are almost as flexible as their hands, and a nesting Aarakocra can perform quite complex tasks with all four appendages. Aarakocra are not as strong as most races, nor as hardy, but they are rather quick. An Aarakocra can be a thief, a shaman, or a warrior. Aarakocrans can choose to live in Aran in the south or Aaracity in the north. The language of the Aarakocra is called by the same name.

Dwarves are a short and stocky race, known for their great endurance and surly manner. They tend to be a bit slower than average, and their short stature means they expend more energy to get from place to place. Generally, they are not extraordinarily quick, and don't generally believe in the flow and ebb of luck. Dwarves have infravision. A Dwarf can be a thief, a cleric, a shaman, or a warrior. Dwarves come from Dwarvenhold in the north and Lineaoth Valley in the south and speak Dwarven.

Elves are a willowy, slightly-built race that tends to be quick and intelligent. What they have in those abilities, however, they lack somewhat when it comes to strength and endurance. Elves are slightly taller, on average, than humans, and move with an inhuman grace. They have pointed ears, smooth skin, and have a tendency toward beauty. Elves are unaging and will not die from the passage of time. However, they are not immortal, and bleed and die as all mortals do. Elves tend to be a somewhat lucky race, and have infravision. An Elf can be a thief, a mage, a cleric, a ranger, or a warrior. Elves come from Loth-Llorien or Malenest in the north, and from Cillidellia in the south and speak Elven.

Giant-Kin are huge, powerful humanoids, averaging nine feet tall. With their great strength and ability to take punishment, combined with their chiseled features and solid bodies, fighting one is truly said to be like fighting a mountain. Fortunately, Giant-Kin are innately good, and though they may choose the path of evil, they pay a high price for doing so. Giant-Kin are more volatile and less patient than the longer-lived pure Giants, and have a greater desire for what they see as progress. Giant-Kin have an affinity with the magic of the land and can see if something has magical properties with a glance. Giant-Kin can be a shaman or a warrior. Giant-Kin live in Skor'lanis in the north and on The Isle out on the Maelmordian Seas and speak Giant.

Gnomes are short, wiry humanoids. They are usually very quick-witted, and delight in riddles and word games. They often get along well with other races, especially those clever enough to understand them, but not clever enough to compete. However, they have a deep racial hatred for Goblins and Kobolds, and will go out of their way to cause them misery. Gnomes are very territorial, and will often deceive those who ask about their homes, keeping them secret and safe. These homes are almost always underground, as Gnomes are most comfortable there. Although not a very wise race, they tend to be lucky enough to avoid major trouble. Their short legs tend to carry them to places slower. Gnomes have infravision. A Gnome can be a thief, a shaman, a cleric, or a warrior. They come from Thistlerock in the north or Gla-Shorn's Realm in the south and speak Gnomish.

Half-Elves are the result of Human-Elven pairings. The term is used both to refer to those with a parent of each heritage, and those who have Half-Elven parents. In physical appearance, Half-Elves vary widely. They may appear to be almost completely Human or Elven, or anywhere in between. Their ears do not taper gently to a point as do those of an Elf, but have a distinct blunt point. In temperament, Half-Elves are as unpredictable as Humans, though they do have a tolerance for other races that Humans do not, and welcome them in their settlements. Half-Elves have infravision. A Half-Elf can be a thief, a mage, a cleric, a ranger, or a warrior. They come from the Half-Elf Camp in the north, or from the southern cities of Safehaven and Nydia and probably will speak Common or Elven.

Halflings are short and plump-looking. Luck, combined with their quickness, has allowed them to flourish despite the fact that they often don't have the strength, or ability to run far from the trouble their lack of wisdom gets them into. Known for their lack of interest in adventure, their love of fine food and drink, their love of storytelling and their ever-present pipes, Halflings are well liked by all. A Halfling can be a thief, a cleric, or a warrior. Halflings live in EmDeeVille in the south or Hovelton in the north and speak Halfling.

Humans tend to be the most populous race in the land. This does change periodically, but humans breed quickly and as a result tend to take dominance quickly. Their short life spans make them driven to accomplish a lot as fast as possible and as a result, humans can be of any class. Being naturally inquisitive, and obsessed with time and death, they have compiled most scholarly knowledge on other races. For this reason, all abilities such as strength, and other attributes, tend to be measured against what humans are capable of. This has resulted in a bone of contention with many other races who see the extermination of humans as nothing more than helping the environment. A Human can be a thief, a cleric, a mage, a shaman, a ranger, or a warrior. Humans can come from Harper's Landing or Midgaard in the North, or they may be from Kuroth in the South. They speak a language known as Common.

Minotaurs are a race beset by bad luck and a seeming inability to make the right choice. Perhaps their features, half-bull/half-man, have made them the targets of many races. Should someone fail in trying to dupe one of this race, they'll find a great strength and endurance facing them in combat, plus the ability to take a great deal of punishment due to their large size. Originally created to be slaves, they have a deep hatred of Humans. With their sharp horns and hooves and their infravision, they are dangerous beings to anger. A Minotaur can be a thief, a mage, a shaman, or a warrior. Minotaurs live either on Mithas, which is out in the Maelmordian Seas, or in War'loov's Fortress in the south and they speak Minotaur.

Shunned by most races, especially the good aligned, ogres are large, primarily evil humanoids. Although a good Ogre-Kin occasionally shows up, they pay a high price for their standards. Ogres are not prone to good grooming habits, often in excess of many years, which many others find moderately repulsive. Most ogres tend towards a straightforward approach to life, exemplified by their philosophy, "If you can't kill it, why bother?" This lifestyle does not recognize luck, for which luck has done likewise to them. In addition, it has not given most ogres the chance to foster any great intelligence, nor wisdom. Their great strength, hardy constitutions and ability to soak up the inevitable damage their lifestyle brings to them, has allowed this race to continue as a force to be reckoned with. When all else fails, their long legs can carry them far away from trouble. They disdain competition from the other races, and tend to fight much more aggressively against these so-called competitors. Ogre-Kin can be a shaman or a warrior. Ogre-Kin come from Og in the north or Skull Top in the south. Ogres and Ogre-Kin speak Ogre.

Sahuagins are a slightly-built humanoid race of an aquatic type. They are generally about as tall as a human but feature a green coloration as well as gills that allow them to live effortlessly underwater. They are a quick moving race, in and out of the water but lack endurance over longer distances. A Sahuagin can be a thief, a mage, a ranger, a cleric or a warrior. Sahuagins come from Tiren's Rock in the Maelmordian Seas. The language of the Sahuagins is Sahuagin.

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