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Bards are the musicians, poets, diplomats and historians of the realm. The bard's path is difficult, and requires a strong understanding of the world and how it operates. As all races maintain a history to some degree, be it a oral or written history, a bard can be of any race.

Clerics are part fighter, part doctor, and part magician. Capable of fighting above their level for a while, they pay a price by becoming weakened for a time while their mana regenerates. They can use any armor, blunt one-handed weapons, and shields. Evil clerics, due to their nature, may also use sharp weapons. A dwarf, an elf, a gnome, a half-elf, a halfling, or a human can be a Cleric.

Mages have few fighting skills, but they make up for it with a huge bag of tricks and their spells, all which become more devastating as the mage becomes more experienced. Mages also may memorize written spells, giving them great flexibility. Mages are restricted to non-metal armor, small one handed weapons, and no shield. An elf, a half-elf, a minotaur, or a human can be a Mage.

Rangers are primarily non-evil, specialized warriors, skilled in moving through the landscape and living in the wilderness. Although some may be called to the path of evil, they are few and far between, as they pay a high price for their betrayal of their nature. Rangers are only allowed to use non-metal armor, but if they have a free hand, they may wield two weapons at one time. A half-elf, an elf, or a human can be a Ranger.

The Shaman specializes in protection, but they also have a powerful offensive spell which can prove quite deadly if you provoke them. They can regenerate their mana quickly and affect their own senses and raw stats, but they are limited in their fighting abilities. They are also restricted to non-metal armor, one handed weapons, and no shields. A dwarf, a gnome, an ogre-kin, a minotaur, a giant-kin, an aarakocra, or a human can be a Shaman.

Thieves are specialists in stealth and cunning, living by their wits more than by their strength. They shun metallic armor and shields because the weight limits their movement and dexterity. Weapons that pierce, like daggers, are their favorites. An aarakocra, a dwarf, an elf, a gnome, a half-elf, a halfling, a human, or a minotaur can be a Thief.

Thugs are the bullies of the world. They make their living by threats and intimidation -- by looking and acting tougher than they really are. They are not trained in toe-to-toe combat, though they can find themselves in plenty of skirmishes, when bluffing proves ineffective. Given their fearsome reputation (particularly as they get more powerful), the authorities will often turn a blind eye towards attacks on thugs. Thugs can wear some (but not all) metal armor. Ogre-Kin, Dwarves, Minotaurs, Giant-Kin, and Humans can be thugs.

A Warrior is the strong arm of non-magical power in the world. They can use any single weapon and any armor. An aarakocra, a dwarf, an elf, a giant-kin, a gnome, a half-elf, a halfling, a human, a minotaur, or an ogre-kin can be a Warrior.

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