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Version 4.51.6, checked in on 11/01/14 at 08:37 by Natilena
(No information available)

Version 4.51.5, checked in on 11/01/14 at 07:54 by Natilena
(No information available)

Version 4.51.4, checked in on 10/31/14 at 20:33 by Natilena
(No information available)

Version 4.51.3, checked in on 10/31/14 at 20:25 by Natilena
(No information available)

Version 4.51.2, checked in on 10/31/14 at 19:44 by Natilena
(No information available)

Version 4.51.1, checked in on 10/31/14 at 19:37 by Natilena
(No information available)

Version 4.51.0, checked in on 10/30/14 at 13:52 by Natilena
  • enchant scrolls no longer save on logout
  • more mislaid colors fixed
  • adjusted the speed the sailing boat moves, it should be a bit faster
  • all the supporting code for a fancy new area!
  • repair is now more forgiving.. and more expensive ...

Version 4.50.3, checked in on 09/03/14 at 16:01 by Tynian
  • Awards no longer info.

Version 4.50.2, checked in on 09/03/14 at 05:57 by Tynian
  • Only check awards for Immortals when they are visible.

Version 4.50.1, checked in on 09/03/14 at 05:50 by Tynian
  • Fixed code issue that in some instances caused an infinite loop.
  • Reset awards. We are still in testing, so no gold and 1xp.

Version 4.50.0, checked in on 09/02/14 at 17:58 by Tynian
  • Next iteration of ACHIEVEMENT/AWARD TESTING. This time, checks have been put in place to automatically grant award if the criteria is met. This is test only - so no gold and 1 xp is granted for each award. I will reset the awards prior to going completely live.
  • Changed some award wording.
  • Awards are checked on login, and stops once some awards are granted. This should reduce the spam, and in extreme cases, crashes. This is in addition to periodic checks made for time-based awards.
  • The "award" type (only used for the first few online awards) will stop appearing once some other awards are granted.
  • Slight adjustment to the cost of Location Quests at the higher levels.

Version 4.49.3, checked in on 09/02/14 at 09:04 by Tynian
  • Changed WHO AWARD so that AWARD must be spelled out completely. Was set so it could be abbrieviated, but that's not really appropriate for WHO.
  • I prematurely removed 'guard'. 'guard' will go away as a PC ability, but I'm not ready for that yet, so it is re-added.

Version 4.49.2, checked in on 09/02/14 at 06:46 by Tynian
  • Fixed crash-severity bug with LOOK.

Version 4.49.1, checked in on 09/01/14 at 20:09 by Tynian
  • Automatically provide decoration for Finder titles, since the monetary award is handled by different code.

Version 4.49.0, checked in on 09/01/14 at 19:30 by Tynian
  • Created an awards system. At its core, if you complete something the awards system knows about, you will get an award in the form of experience and/or gold, as well as a decoration of some sort. I'm testing things right now. As such, awards are not automatically given. Rather, I can manually cause awards to trigger for a target character with everything you would have earned if the awards were automatic. This is spammy, particularly for older characters. Also, since I'm testing, only 1xp and no gold is given, since I want to be able to reset the awards system and not worry about people being awarded multiple times. The things being rewarded right now are simple. For instance, you will get awards for time online and character anniversaries, also for the automated quests, such as mobhunt, mobmastery, scavenger hunts, and location quests.
  • Added AWARD command, and very basic help. You can see your own awards by typing AWARD LIST. If you want to see my awards, you can use the AWARD LIST TYNIAN command. If you want to see what awards are available, use AWARD AVAILABLE. Keep in mind that not everything on this list would actually be attainable by you. I'll think of how to re-word the command and help.
  • Added WHO AWARD, which will show an award summary for all logged in characters that you can see.
  • An award summary will show on WHOIS, when you look at a character (shows as WWP - no, you can't remove them), and EQUIPMENT (again as WWP).
  • Fixed a bug with potions sometimes popping with very high levels.
  • The NO EQUIPMENT LOSS global game setting will also protect bards from loss of lyricals.
  • Bards should also not lose lyricals when killed by an Immortal.
  • Fixed a bug which shows the incorrect hit point or mana gain when converted to "calculated" hit points and mana, if the character had +hit point and/or +mana gear.

Version 4.48.0, checked in on 08/29/14 at 16:29 by Tynian
  • Added HELP MSDP and HELP MXP. They are puny helps, mostly to remind me which is which.
  • Re-wrote the random potion generation code. The frequency of potion pops hasn't changed, but the frequencies in which a given spell will pop has changed, as well as the spell selection and spell level. Also, be aware: SOME OF THE POTION COLORS HAVE CHANGED!

Version 4.47.3, checked in on 08/22/14 at 08:07 by Tynian
  • Fixed critical bug that caused limited item affects to be re-applied to items (doubling the affects). A player file restore will also be necessary for those that logged in after 4.47.2 went live.

Version 4.47.2, checked in on 08/21/14 at 20:31 by Tynian
  • WIZLIST RETIRED will show the retired Immortals. Synonymous with HELP WIZLIST RETIRED.
  • Set creation time on objects that don't have a creation time set.
  • Removed the "pre5" version prefix. Don't read anything into this -- it just means I don't like the version number visually with the prefix. We are still working towards version 5. It's implicit. Just imagine that "pre5" is still in there.

Version pre5-4.47.1, checked in on 08/14/14 at 07:46 by Tynian
  • Fix issue with how the highest spell casting class is determined in the event that both casting classes are the same level (only impacts Ordained Mortals).

Version pre5-4.47.0, checked in on 08/10/14 at 20:05 by Tynian
  • Mana is now a "calculated" value, based on your magical class, attributes, and other factors. Mana is not influenced by former mana gains.
  • Lowered the minimum hit points granted per level. This shouldn't impact most characters, as most aren't getting the minimum hit points per level.

Version pre5-4.46.3, checked in on 08/07/14 at 18:13 by Tynian
  • Fixed a bug that started showing up with mana gains (the 1 mana gain levels). This issue manifests when leveling a spell casting class one level higher than a character's other class(es), e.g. when leveling a Ma: 27 Wa: 27 character to 28th level mage. In other words, the mana gain was being calculated prior to the level increasing. Ultimately, this won't matter once the new mana code goes in, but it was still worth fixing.
  • Corrected an issue that would cause a player to receive a message about a stat going down that wasn't actually decreased.

Version pre5-4.46.2, checked in on 07/15/14 at 07:23 by Tynian
  • Bug with being able to submit duplicate items in scavenger hunt is fixed as of now. I had not included the proper database index when I recreated the scavenger database.
  • Fixed bug that "elevated" Hutt to a level 72 warrior.
  • Made a small adjustment to hit point calculations.
  • Fixed bug with bards that allowed bards to "unlearn" granted languages.

Version pre5-4.46.1, checked in on 07/01/14 at 07:08 by Tynian
  • Fix minor issue with scavenger hunt.

Version pre5-4.46.0, checked in on 06/30/14 at 19:45 by Tynian
  • Hit points are now set based on a character's class(es), constitution, and other factors. As a result, your hit points will almost certainly be different. In some cases, HP has gone up, and in others, it has gone down. The primary advantage to this change is that leveling sins you may have committed when you were level 5 will no longer haunt you.
  • Just an implementation note: In an earlier iteration of the new HP code, race also influenced the hit points a character would have. I backed this out when I realized that doing this resulted in a double impact (both good and bad), since those that got HP bonuses also tended to have a racially higher average constitution, and vice versa. Let me know your opinion as to whether race should directly influence hit points.
  • Since maximum hit points are now a calculated value, I have created notifications that will inform you when your hit points go up or down. Perhaps this is redundant, since hit points are usually in your prompt. Let me know what you think. I've already noticed that sometimes the hit point change notification shows either single spaced or double spaced from the prompt. I'm not sure why it displays differently, but it is cosmetic.
  • Changed the code that handles character leveling for all characters to use the same function that bards have been using since they went live. Had not previously done this since I wanted to do more testing with the other classes. That's been done, and I've found no issues. That said, if you notice any strangeness, please report it.
  • All attributes may now be raised to 25 by using magical equipment. Prior to this change, only luck, constitution, intelligence, and wisom could be raised to 25. So, basically, strength, dexterity, and charisma joins the others.
  • Bards no longer enjoy perfect word of recall casts.
  • Updated the scavenger hunt code so that only the scavenger items that show on your scavenger list may be submitted. You will see a 20 item list (provided at least 20 items remain on your list), and it's the same 20 items until you submit something. The successfully submitted item is removed from your list and a new item will show at the bottom of your list.
  • Created a new area file format for the #AREA section. The new format helps facilitate better area information. For an example, try AREA VOLANT. This format is experimental at this juncture, and will certainly not work in Muditor.
  • Started updating some of the racial descriptions to reflect recent attribute changes. But then realized that if someone thinks it is important, they will volunteer to help fix. ;-) In all seriousness, if someone would like to submit some updates, that would be helpful.
  • Changed the room number stored with typo posts from a text string (UGH) to numeric for new typos (only). This was to facilitate a request from Tokugawa that the typo post also include in the area file name, to help facilitate fixes.

Version pre5-4.45.0, checked in on 06/06/14 at 22:38 by Tynian
  • Fixed bug with the purge timer being set even though a given item is no longer limited. There are no equipment reimbursements, so it is in your best interest to log in ASAP once this version goes live, so that the item is set to no longer purge.
  • Racial stat adjustments have been made. Attributes that were at MAX may now be trainable, or vice versa. See related blog post on forum. Human stats have not changed.
  • Limited items that are below a certain power now always pop at full power.
  • Word of recall cast by cleric no longer fails. Word of recall objects retain their unreliable nature.
  • Activated "Lord Finder Legend." Hopefully it triggers as it is supposed to at the beginning of next year.

Version pre5-4.44.4, checked in on 06/04/14 at 14:45 by Natilena
  • fixes to msdp
  • bug fix to maurices bargain
  • bug fix to relics

Version pre5-4.44.3, checked in on 05/27/14 at 18:03 by Natilena
  • Lots of little typos and missed things in help files
  • Added flags for MSDP to use to decide to send rooms or not

Version pre5-4.44.2, checked in on 05/24/14 at 12:14 by Tynian
  • Fixed a bug with an Immortal command that caused crash.
  • Fixed an Immortal informational message for accuracy.
  • Added a mortal info for when an Immortal goes visible.
  • Adjusted limit calculations for weapons and containers.

Version pre5-4.44.1, checked in on 05/23/14 at 23:44 by Tynian
  • Forgot to take out a debugging message. It would drive me, like, nuts.

Version pre5-4.44.0, checked in on 05/23/14 at 12:28 by Tynian
  • (Finally) added a plaque for the Winter Olympics.
  • Transfer template object affects to individual items. As noted in testing, the transferred affects are shown in reverse order from how they were listed before. In other words, the affects are the same, but may be in reverse order.
  • (Many) fewer items are now classified as "limited."
  • The power of an area file-loaded item will vary. Items will not necessarily pop at full strength.
  • Additional information for item changes found here:
  • I have tested, and everything looks okay, but please let me know right away if something is amiss.

Version pre5-4.43.1, checked in on 05/13/14 at 08:09 by Tynian
  • Fixed minor error with conflicting C function types.

Version pre5-4.43.0, checked in on 05/12/14 at 09:48 by Natilena
  • Added support for MXP, MSDP and extended colors
  • Updated Rentch so he sells the newer maps and updated his world map
  • There's some odd new construction going on at the end of the In'zerre
  • Added a new dream (credits to Corri!)
  • Lots and lots of help files updates!
  • There was a catastrophe in the Offices of the Midgaard Daily News. Greta is now selling the last edition of the newspaper. RIP Newsboy!

Version pre5-4.42.0, checked in on 04/07/14 at 10:38 by Natilena
(No information available)

Version pre5-4.41.0, checked in on 04/07/14 at 10:33 by Natilena
  • relics shouldn't pop as neutral only anymore
  • Removed level checks for detect good/evil. You either see an aura or you don't.
  • Aaras can now be rangers, warrior is no longer a choice.

Version pre5-4.40.13, checked in on 04/05/14 at 16:14 by Tynian
  • Fixed logic problems with safe room checks.

Version pre5-4.40.12, checked in on 04/05/14 at 14:55 by Tynian
(No information available)

Version pre5-4.40.11, checked in on 04/03/14 at 20:36 by Natilena
(No information available)

Version pre5-4.40.10, checked in on 04/03/14 at 18:52 by Natilena
  • fixed typo in a dream
  • fixed typo in cross fingers social
  • fixes to the charm person spell
  • added ability to un-group from anywhere in the world
  • fixed darkness/silence message

Version pre5-4.40.9, checked in on 04/03/14 at 17:34 by Tynian
(No information available)

Version 4.40h, checked in on 03/31/14 at 11:03 by Tynian
  • Cron'Tor was not popping with equipment. Fixed.

Version 4.40g, checked in on 03/25/14 at 21:32 by Tynian
(No information available)

Version 4.40f, checked in on 03/24/14 at 11:36 by Tynian
(No information available)

Version 4.40e, checked in on 03/22/14 at 10:28 by Natilena
(No information available)

Version 4.40d, checked in on 03/22/14 at 10:15 by Natilena
  • Support for new hometown
  • Extended qmob support for giving objects
  • Slight adjustments to dreams appearing

Version 4.40c, checked in on 03/15/14 at 21:50 by Natilena
  • small change to prevent extreme TS amulets found by newbies

Version 4.40a, checked in on 03/15/14 at 11:16 by Natilena
  • In honor of TFC's 20th anniversary, I present a special little treat. I hope you all enjoy it.
  • Also added a social "cross" because I really needed the luck today!

Version 4.40, checked in on 03/15/14 at 10:31 by Natilena
(No information available)

Version 4.39i, checked in on 02/15/14 at 11:12 by Tynian
(No information available)

Version 4.39h, checked in on 12/10/13 at 10:36 by Tynian
(No information available)

Version 4.39g, checked in on 12/08/13 at 18:21 by Tynian
(No information available)

Version 4.39f, checked in on 10/18/13 at 16:36 by Tynian
  • Correct code issues that were generating compiler warnings from udpated compiler.

Version 4.39e, checked in on 08/13/13 at 19:28 by Tynian
  • Fixed bug with screen display code that caused the game to crash.

Version 4.39d, checked in on 04/19/13 at 09:50 by Tynian
(No information available)

Version 4.39c, checked in on 04/09/13 at 19:55 by Tynian
  • Every once in a while, I produce something sufficiently great for TFC that I have to get it into the players' hands right away. Some changes are not only literally, but figuratively a "game changer." ... ... This is not one of those changes. -- Introducing the 'grownup' command. This command works only for shiny new PCs -- level 1s. This command does four simple things: 1) Turns off 'exact' mode (config -exact). 2) Turns 'autoloot' off (config -autoloot). 3) Shuts Algenara advice up (channel -advice). And finally, sets a new title. Why? Because when I create a mortal, I sometimes forget to do one or more of the above steps. I may be on a mobile device, and typos are truly annoying. And well, just because. So, in case it's useful to any of you... I introduce, GROWNUP!

Version 4.39b, checked in on 03/07/13 at 20:45 by Natilena
  • Fixed bug with FLIs and sleeping
  • Resolved some discrepancy with bards and alignment based spells

Version 4.39a, checked in on 02/09/13 at 12:16 by Natilena
  • adding area support for quest

Version 4.39, checked in on 02/07/13 at 21:14 by Natilena
  • got frustrated debugging something for Aoide's quest and added a new god+ command to reset an area
  • area support for the immortal appreciation quest

Version 4.37e, checked in on 01/31/13 at 14:48 by Natilena
  • tiny little bug fix to an immortal info

Version 4.37d, checked in on 01/24/13 at 09:22 by Natilena
  • Tiny change to add an argument for a quest mob call

Version 4.37c, checked in on 12/06/12 at 11:48 by Tynian
  • Created new mob reset type that will load a quest mob instead of a standard mob.
  • Converted Mish and Algenara to use the new reset type.

Version 4.37b, checked in on 12/04/12 at 10:22 by Tynian
  • Being in a private or solitary room that others are unable to enter is no longer considered being "out of safe," since these rooms are functionally "quasi" safe.

Version 4.37a, checked in on 11/26/12 at 18:28 by Natilena
  • Another try at fixing lyricals messing with TS amulet.. again it may be better or I may have made it worse! This time watch please for any issues with TS amulets in general without the lyrical.

Version 4.37, checked in on 11/24/12 at 14:27 by Natilena
  • updated spec_mage_protector to make use of the strings section of an are file
  • Added hometown support for Riverhold
  • Oh yeah.. added Riverhold too!

Version 4.36e, checked in on 11/23/12 at 21:12 by Tynian
  • Introduced a bug with locked doors not being locked; should be fixed now.

Version 4.36d, checked in on 11/19/12 at 20:21 by Tynian
  • Corrected an issue that caused spec_check_door_open not to work as expected.

Version 4.36c, checked in on 09/12/12 at 15:16 by Natilena
  • Due to popular demand, entrance to the maze has been removed.

Version 4.36b, checked in on 09/08/12 at 18:25 by Tynian
  • Fixed a bug with info3 that affects the rate info3 is triggered.
  • *UNTESTED* God+ presense in a room will prevent info3 to mortals from those in that same room. Easiest to test this on live port with a few people online.

Version 4.36a, checked in on 09/01/12 at 15:08 by Natilena
  • adjusted the timer on quest items and small area fixes

Version 4.36, checked in on 09/01/12 at 08:19 by Natilena
  • New area!
  • strange character issue with act_on_give
  • necroport now follows no_trans rules
  • a couple new calls added for qumobs
  • excluded qmobs from no_hoard rules

Version 4.35d, checked in on 08/19/12 at 11:40 by Natilena
  • Added a check for being in guild before casting swarm

Version 4.35c, checked in on 08/16/12 at 15:47 by Natilena
  • Fixed empty command
  • Fixed lyrical messing with TS amulets. Maybe.. possibly.. or maybe its still the same. Or maybe I've made it worse! I guess we'll see.
  • Fixed issue with everlasting wizmarks

Version 4.35b, checked in on 08/05/12 at 12:28 by Tynian
  • Adjusted "Cron'Tor randoms" so that they expire after 1 1/2 years, up from the 1 year inititally set. Expiration set when when object is created, so if the game had been up for a month or longer, the player could end up enjoying the item for much less than a year.

Version 4.35a, checked in on 05/19/12 at 14:45 by Tynian
  • Mob courtesy is buggy, and not altogether popular, so it is disabled.
  • Removed banker code that gave Wish a fitting welcome.

Version 4.35, checked in on 05/07/12 at 11:38 by Tynian
  • Cron'Tor now equips powerful magic. These powerful items expire after a year.
  • Cron'Tor will teleport around less often, on average.
  • Fixed up the messages that display when someone or something attacks a non-nohassled god.
  • Cron'Tor's influence on randomly fluctuating mana costs has ended.
  • Items no longer randomly fail as they did with Cron'Tor's corruption.
  • Fixed up bug with room portals.
  • Made adjustments to Cron'Tor's fighting decisions to better utilize his skill set.

Version 4.34d, checked in on 04/29/12 at 11:14 by Tynian
  • Hunting seems to work correctly on the test port. I restructured the code some, and am forcing an update to the live code.

Version 4.34c, checked in on 04/28/12 at 09:04 by Tynian
  • Sadly, when loaded as a quest mob, arch mobs were not loading up correctly, resulted in a quest mob that was part arch mob... and part not. Fixed now.

Version 4.34b, checked in on 04/23/12 at 19:41 by Tynian
(No information available)

Version 4.34a, checked in on 04/22/12 at 10:27 by Tynian
  • Fix crash severity bug with hunt changes.

Version 4.34, checked in on 04/21/12 at 18:27 by Tynian
  • Made an adjustment to hunt so that mobs won't hang out in safe rooms indefinitely, waiting for their victim to leave safe.

Version 4.33, checked in on 04/21/12 at 15:38 by Tynian
  • Write special function to confine a mob to hunting within a given area only (no world hunts).

Version 4.32, checked in on 04/11/12 at 21:57 by Tynian
  • More quest work. For some reason.
  • Set 'ea' as an alias for eat. So, 'e' and 'eas' (and 'east) will send you east, but 'ea' (and 'eat') will cause you to eat.
  • Fixed bug with following charter restoration.
  • Wrote mob extended spec spec_timed_teleport.
  • Fixed quest mob issue that caused mob to cast sanctuary when mob already had it cast.

Version 4.31d, checked in on 04/07/12 at 21:57 by Tynian
  • Made a bug fix to the script that generates an area vnum list.
  • Fixed bug with the code that loads specials.
  • The corruption of magic is getting worse...
  • Worked on some quest-related code.
  • Removed the old temple blocking code.

Version 4.31c, checked in on 04/07/12 at 12:05 by Natilena
  • New room flag, NOITEM

Version 4.31b, checked in on 04/01/12 at 20:04 by Tynian
(No information available)

Version 5.00, checked in on 03/31/12 at 21:19 by Natilena
  • Max level for each class has been raised to 40
  • Damage system has been adjusted and updated
  • The pk debt system has now been removed.
  • Shamans given a new ability, detect invis at max level.
  • Shaman rift damange cap now gone.
  • Mages can no longer memo scores
  • Spheres have been removed
  • Trains at level have been removed, there are other ways to achieve them now
  • New Race, Bugbear!
  • Many many other smaller changes!

Version 4.31a, checked in on 03/29/12 at 15:38 by Tynian
  • Oops, tripped on a bug with the magic problems...

Version 4.31, checked in on 03/28/12 at 17:42 by Tynian
  • Added a new mob flag, which prevents specified mob from popping with random equipment.
  • Something is corrupting magic...

Version 4.30r, checked in on 03/24/12 at 22:20 by Tynian
  • Evidently, an operating system update updated the libc library and adversely impacted the game. I have employed a workaround (in test).

Version 4.30q, checked in on 03/22/12 at 07:24 by Tynian
  • Bankers are again accepting deposits; Mish still in protective custudy.

Version 4.30p, checked in on 03/12/12 at 06:46 by Tynian
  • Introduced bug that was crashing us. Ugh.

Version 4.30o, checked in on 03/11/12 at 21:43 by Tynian
(No information available)

Version 4.30n, checked in on 03/03/12 at 00:38 by Tynian
  • Fixed a bug with how often some mob special functions are triggered.

Version 4.30m, checked in on 03/01/12 at 09:30 by Tynian
  • Change to bank deposits.
  • Fixed bug with one of the database update calls.

Version 4.30l, checked in on 02/26/12 at 15:34 by Tynian
  • Requirements for commlog and cmdlog have been lowered to 10th level.

Version 4.30k, checked in on 02/26/12 at 10:01 by Tynian
(No information available)

Version 4.30j, checked in on 02/13/12 at 22:29 by Tynian
(No information available)

Version 4.30i, checked in on 01/26/12 at 21:42 by Tynian
  • Fixed bug that caused switch to crash game.

Version 4.30h, checked in on 01/23/12 at 14:46 by Tynian
  • Fixed long-standing bug with 'empty' command and non-take-able items, which would cause the game to crash.

Version 4.30g, checked in on 01/22/12 at 22:29 by Tynian
(No information available)

Version 4.30f, checked in on 01/22/12 at 11:46 by Tynian
  • Groundwork for possible new cmdlog/commlog system.

Version 4.30e, checked in on 01/17/12 at 21:06 by Tynian
  • Immortals may now specify a level or level ranges for the commands command.
  • Added logging for certain newbie actions, in order to get information on how to improve the new player experience.

Version 4.30d, checked in on 01/17/12 at 14:57 by Natilena
  • fixed the slightly broken change sex spell. HUTT BEWARE!

Version 4.30c, checked in on 01/15/12 at 14:17 by Natilena
  • Fixed spec problem to allow NPCs to enter temple (area issue)
  • Fixed simples dropping of characters on login. Watch for any other simple ring/wear/hold/wield issues.
  • Fixed issue with area command not using level arguments

Version 4.30b, checked in on 01/02/12 at 09:26 by Natilena
  • fixed an issue with mobs not opening doors

Version 4.30a, checked in on 12/27/11 at 17:46 by Tynian
  • Corrected issue with block heathen trigger.

Version 4.30, checked in on 12/27/11 at 12:18 by Tynian
  • Wrote generic special function replacement to handle temple doors.

Version 4.29a, checked in on 12/27/11 at 10:15 by Tynian
  • Fix Cecil's temple door.

Version 4.29, checked in on 12/26/11 at 10:02 by Tynian
  • Configured ability for extended room special functions.
  • Created new room special function: spec_check_door_open.
  • Created new extended trigger: trig_time_block
  • Set up temple doors for Katrana, Cecil, and Hutt.

Version 4.28g, checked in on 12/23/11 at 18:23 by Natilena
(No information available)

Version 4.28f, checked in on 12/22/11 at 20:46 by Natilena
  • new area flag- quest. details on wiki
  • TMQ area changes
  • 12 days of christmas quest stuff
  • Added the holiday mobs.. since i was there and all

Version 4.28e, checked in on 11/02/11 at 10:56 by Natilena
  • Exit Zombie Wars
  • Plaque added for Zombie Wars 2011

Version 4.28d, checked in on 10/20/11 at 09:44 by Natilena
  • more zombie stuff! feature this time zombies load themselves after reboot

Version 4.28c, checked in on 10/20/11 at 09:06 by Natilena
  • Another small zombie change

Version 4.28b, checked in on 10/20/11 at 04:57 by Natilena
  • fixed some missing flags on zombie weapons

Version 4.28a, checked in on 10/16/11 at 11:45 by Natilena
  • minor zombie eq changes

Version 4.28, checked in on 10/15/11 at 23:43 by Natilena
  • Zombie wars.. GO!

Version 4.27i, checked in on 10/05/11 at 10:23 by Tynian
  • Fixed bug with new social command change so that it'll report when a given social is not found.

Version 4.27h, checked in on 10/01/11 at 17:07 by Tynian
  • The SOCIALS command now optionally displays usage of a specified social (e.g. SOCIALS HUG).

Version 4.27g, checked in on 10/01/11 at 15:03 by Tynian
(No information available)

Version 4.27f, checked in on 09/17/11 at 13:18 by Tynian
  • Equipment damage should no longer happen for area spells cast in arena.

Version 4.27e, checked in on 09/16/11 at 18:28 by Tynian
  • Fix serious issue that allowed PCs to examine and access items they would ordinarily be unable to.

Version 4.27d, checked in on 09/16/11 at 11:04 by Tynian
  • Fix a bug that caused the game to hang earlier this morning.

Version 4.27c, checked in on 09/15/11 at 10:26 by Tynian
  • Improve Immortal comment display for whois.

Version 4.27b, checked in on 09/10/11 at 12:57 by Tynian
  • Change arena code so that it only removes spells classified as offensive.
  • Change corpse decay timer and shaman necroport threshold.

Version 4.27a, checked in on 09/04/11 at 22:26 by Tynian
  • Um, yeah, about that fear spell causing people to flee when mortally wounded... careless little error. Fixed.

Version 4.27, checked in on 09/04/11 at 16:06 by Tynian
  • Fixed bug that caused the fear spell to force a flee even when the victim is mortally wounded.
  • Wrote code to support upcoming PK contest.

Version 4.26c, checked in on 07/14/11 at 21:09 by Tynian
  • Fixed a bug with passwords.

Version 4.26b, checked in on 06/12/11 at 21:12 by Tynian
(No information available)

Version 4.26a, checked in on 06/10/11 at 19:26 by Tynian
  • Made change so that leveling to effective level 50 will note the accomplishment on the news page (and twitter).

Version 4.26, checked in on 06/04/11 at 12:34 by Tynian
  • Fixed issue with broken text buffer.
  • Changed code so that it may be possible to set a classtitle for bards. Previously, the bard information overrode any classtitle setting, thus avoiding the fate of god+ plaything. This one is untested.
  • Added color code terminator to classtitle command, so that colors don't "bleed" through.
  • Worked on a couple of one time password schemes. It's not ready for prime time, but I will post something to forums once I've got something in place to test.

Version 4.25d, checked in on 06/02/11 at 20:30 by Natilena
(No information available)

Version 4.25c, checked in on 05/31/11 at 10:28 by Tynian
  • While trying to fix a problem with text buffers, I also broke the ability to post notes, boards, etc. Fixed.

Version 4.25b, checked in on 05/29/11 at 10:39 by Tynian
  • Added HELP CORDIR.
  • Put some code in to try to protect against crashes due to text buffer.
  • Wrote script that calculates scavenger hunt scores externally, to alleviate lag when the number of scavenger hunt submissions reaches a threshold value.

Version 4.25a, checked in on 05/26/11 at 20:36 by Tynian
  • Discovered that upgrade in development tools has caused the code to break in various ways. I have found the current known issues. Please report any additional problems.
  • Fixed issue with SO_REUSEADDR not working, which resulted in delaying the game from coming back after a reboot until the previous socket timed out.
  • Fixed incorrect code that disconnected a player's session after 30 minutes.
  • Improperly initialized variable from code written in 2009 made walking from room to room impossible.

Version 4.25, checked in on 05/25/11 at 21:22 by Tynian
  • Improve anti-connection spamming code.
  • Increased the minimum password length from 4 characters to 6.
  • Passwords are now SHA encrypted, and can now be of any length.

Version 4.24c, checked in on 05/23/11 at 17:30 by Natilena
  • charm person bugfix
  • newbie quest bugfix

Version 4.24b, checked in on 04/21/11 at 21:02 by Tynian
  • Fixed issue with meteor swarm working in outdoor safe rooms.

Version 4.24a, checked in on 04/17/11 at 20:59 by Tynian
  • Made minor modifications to the sailing ship code to get rid of unneeded code references.
  • Re-organized the special function source so that it is grouped on function type and alphabetized.

Version 4.24, checked in on 04/14/11 at 22:40 by Tynian
  • Created a mob special function that will teleport a mob when it is loaded. Useful for quest purposes.
  • Wrote a mob special function that causes a mob to immediately re-spawn upon the mob's death. Useful for quest purposes.
  • Modified quest mob loader so that an optional quantity can be specified. Useful for quests.

Version 4.23, checked in on 04/12/11 at 20:35 by Tynian
  • Include more god+ information about door triggers.
  • Added new act() parameter ($z and $Z) that displays race of target.
  • Added new mob special function, spec_grudge(). Documentd on wiki.

Version 4.22, checked in on 04/11/11 at 08:16 by Tynian
  • Removed some code that was no longer being used for exiting guild.
  • Wrote code for god+ mob teleportation for use in quests.
  • Wrote code surrounding the emboldening of certain NPC races. How cryptic!
  • Wrote generic code to check whether a mob has a specific special function.
  • Wrote a special function that prevents a mob from hunting.
  • Wrote a special function that causes a mob to immediately return to its start room.
  • Fixed bug with the sentinel trigger not working correctly under some circumstances.
  • Added two more option flags to trig_sentinel_mob (Todo: document on wiki).

Version 4.21c, checked in on 04/03/11 at 17:31 by Tynian
  • The 'skill' and 'skills' command are now the same.
  • Fixed typo in taunt.

Version 4.21b, checked in on 03/22/11 at 16:58 by Tynian
  • Fixed bug crashing the game related to an object that is teleported under certain conditions.

Version 4.21a, checked in on 03/20/11 at 15:03 by Tynian
  • Fixed goofy crash-severity bug with fix to crash-severity bug.

Version 4.21, checked in on 03/20/11 at 12:31 by Tynian
  • Wrote a common "get a random room" routine that spells such as teleport, (bad) portal and (bad) recall use. Previous to this change, each routine that needed a random room found the room itself.
  • Included a new random number generator for TFC. I did this when I was troubleshooting a random number issue and thought the current random number generator may have been contributing to the problem. The problem turned out to be something else. Nonetheless, the routine that finds a random room uses the new random number generator.
  • Wrote a super-secret area-related code.
  • Fixed crash bug with Merrick relocation code. Code tried to move Merrick to an area that no longer exists. Replaced destination with a valid destination, and re-wrote offending code so that it shouldn't crash the game if a destination is invalid.
  • Previous version caused sentinel mobs to go back to the rooms they were popped in, if they had been teleported away or otherwise moved. Unfortunately, Merrick, the mayor, Nevyn, and other mobs that move on their own were also affected by this code. Mobs that have special functions that run all the time are excluded from the start room code.

Version 4.20g, checked in on 03/12/11 at 18:46 by Tynian
  • Hopefully fixed a bug with seeing someone leave a room, despite not being visible to the viewer.
  • Adjust the rate that trains are awarded upon level.
  • Fixed control weather spell.
  • Fixed an issue with a currents and falling.

Version 4.20f, checked in on 03/11/11 at 18:17 by Tynian
  • Fix minor display bug with a trigger that's being tested with a new area.

Version 4.20e, checked in on 03/08/11 at 09:41 by Tynian
  • Change trig_sentinel_mob to look for key in all wear locations.

Version 4.20d, checked in on 03/07/11 at 18:37 by Tynian
  • Remove purge timer from items held by Immortals that are scheduled to purge. Such items held by FLIs will then purge immediately.

Version 4.20c, checked in on 02/25/11 at 21:41 by Tynian
  • Fixed a bug with a special that crashed the game.

Version 4.20b, checked in on 02/24/11 at 20:49 by Tynian
  • Increased time before a NPC corpse decomposes.

Version 4.20a, checked in on 02/20/11 at 23:35 by Tynian
  • Added a message that shows when a current moves you.
  • Adjusted jubilatory lyrical message display rates for mobs.
  • Fixed issue where an archmob hit by a meteor would not hunt the attacker.
  • Bards can only enter warrior, mage, and thief guilds. Change actually made in 4.20.

Version 4.20, checked in on 02/16/11 at 06:06 by Tynian
  • Lots of internal code changes for this version. I got a little carried away. Unfortunately, the changes were extensive and complex, and may have broken some existing functionality, especially with area special functions. Things looked okay in the testing I did. Just keep your eyes open, and use the bug list in-game to report any issues.
  • Re-wrote special functions code to pass additional data directly to the special functions
  • Room special functions and exit triggers converted so that they can use extended special function format.
  • It is now possible to apply multiple room special functions and exit triggers at a given location. However, most special functions are written to assume that there is just one special function, and subsequent assigned special functions may not execute correctly. It's also possible that this change may have broken some exiting functionality.
  • special function "currents" that push players from room to room now call a common function.
  • Created a #STRINGS area file section. Special functions can be written to use strings from this section. See wiki article for more information.
  • Created new extended exit 'B' and 'Q' triggers. They differ from normal triggers as they receive additional parameters.
  • Removed some area-related code that broke special function code for one area. It was too big of a mess to be saved. May be re-written at some point. Maybe it won't even be noticed!
  • Renamed transport_on_give special function to act_on_give. Can be used to transport a character to a character after being given an item. Added ability for mob to create and give PC an item after receiving an item of specific vnum. Details available in wiki.
  • Class-only room triggers re-written to use common function.
  • Removed special functions that are no longer being used, and that were too specific to re-purpose.
  • Wrote trig_sentinel_mob extended "before" trigger. More information available on wiki.

Version 4.19c, checked in on 01/28/11 at 16:43 by Tynian
  • Fixed issue where god couldn't enter occupied private rooms.
  • Hopefully fixed issue where PK counts were displaying incorrectly. Unable to test effectively since it depends on data on the live port.

Version 4.19b, checked in on 01/22/11 at 23:38 by Tynian
  • Sparring is disabled.

Version 4.19a, checked in on 01/20/11 at 07:18 by Tynian
  • Whoops. Got the charisma adjustment backwards on Avangeline IDs. So, until this version is in, she's running a special for those of low charisma. Ogres, get your IDs now!

Version 4.19, checked in on 01/19/11 at 21:52 by Tynian
  • Avangeline will now do a basic ID (using ID command) and an improved ID (using the IMPID command). An improved ID will also provide MAGICAL MARKINGS.
  • Added some logging to evaluate a couple of things. Yes, how mysterious.
  • Fixed a bug that should be crashing the main port more. Just as glad it hasn't been.

Version 4.18k, checked in on 12/20/10 at 20:59 by Tynian
  • Record effective level with out of safe statistics gathering.
  • Fixed a minor bug with a god+ command.

Version 4.18j, checked in on 12/14/10 at 22:02 by Tynian
  • Removed Greater God restrictions on god+ snowman/avatar commands.

Version 4.18i, checked in on 12/03/10 at 09:37 by Tynian
  • Fix bug that caused higher level Immortals' movement to show to lower level Immortals.
  • Wimpy mobs should now flee once more.

Version 4.18h, checked in on 11/27/10 at 14:40 by Tynian
  • Hopefully fixes a database loop and crash issue.

Version 4.18g, checked in on 11/16/10 at 13:03 by Tynian
  • Fixed a problem with pointer references that (mostly) broke scroll recites.

Version 4.18f, checked in on 11/16/10 at 10:43 by Tynian
  • Fixed problem introduced with last update, which broke the diving underwater/ re-surfacing behavior.

Version 4.18e, checked in on 11/15/10 at 18:03 by Tynian
  • Fixed problem where ghosts and other sneaking mobs are no longer seen entering and leaving rooms.

Version 4.18d, checked in on 11/15/10 at 16:44 by Tynian
  • Made a change that will should fix a bug with zombies leaving the room while in combat.
  • Pets and charmies should now recall with their master.
  • Fixed a problem with scrolls that would cause spells with a non-PC or object target, such as portal, to fail.
  • Fixed a problem with message collection tells to a link dead character.
  • Water only mobs should no longer hunt on land.
  • Fixed issue where Nevyn would sometimes give a PC an item, even if it exceeds the PC's carry limit.
  • If a sentinel mob is out of its start room, it will eventually return to its start room.

Version 4.18c, checked in on 11/13/10 at 12:33 by Tynian
  • Fixed bug with recall potion prices.

Version 4.18b, checked in on 11/11/10 at 22:03 by Tynian
  • Made some price changes to items that shoppies sell. This is to close a bug report that some shoppies sell an unlimited number of random potions for 50-100 gold each. I could either make it so that the shoppie will only sell one potion, or raise potion prices, and I went with the latter.
  • Fixed up some issues with storing AMMQ results.
  • Fixed a minor bug with levelcheck and bards. It's possible they never got a message that told them that their spell and/or skill level was at its maximum.
  • The redirectional lyrical will now always fail when a bard is doing a mobmaster, as redirection causes the mobmaster to fail.
  • Attempted to fix a bug that would allow a follower to attack another follower using a charmie, even if the following is restricted from attacking one another. I chose to fix it in a way that should prevent other (yet undiscovered) means of charmie mischief, but it's also possible that it could break something. Let me know (via a bug report) if you notice any charmie strangeness.
  • Fixed a problem that caused the mob name to display incorrectly to an Immortal switched inside that mob.

Version 4.18a, checked in on 11/11/10 at 09:37 by Tynian
  • Don't record AMMQ scores for anyone who leaves the game early.

Version 4.18, checked in on 11/07/10 at 17:48 by Tynian
  • AMMQ results will now be tracked behind the scenes. Players' accumulated scores will be tracked, as well as the high scores for a single round. In order to keep the single round high scores in context, the final score will be divided by the number of minutes in the AMMQ, so that longer AMMQs don't skew the results.

Version 4.17a, checked in on 11/02/10 at 07:57 by Tynian
  • Fixed a wee little crash severity bug introduced in the last check-in. Oops.

Version 4.17, checked in on 11/01/10 at 22:10 by Tynian
  • Removed some code that had been phased out.
  • Keep track of the first mortal PC to collect a given item.
  • Fix an issue with resets.
  • Restrict scavenger hunt submissions to the person who originally found the item. If the item is on a mob, the original person is the one who killed the mob.
  • Removed some porting code used for operating systems that TFC won't be running on.

Version 4.16, checked in on 10/27/10 at 20:03 by Tynian
  • A character's hit points may be adjusted based on CON.

Version 4.15b, checked in on 10/12/10 at 21:42 by Tynian
  • Avoid Mish auctions when only Immortals are online.
  • Fixed up twitter feed, and added error checking.

Version 4.15a, checked in on 08/05/10 at 23:43 by Tynian
  • Charm person is a visual spell. Target must be able to see caster for it to work.

Version 4.15, checked in on 08/05/10 at 21:20 by Tynian
  • If you are being followed, you yourself cannot follow someone else. This change was necessary to prevent certain abuses.
  • Created new shaman spell: unfetter.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs and made a couple of changes to charm person.

Version 4.14, checked in on 08/01/10 at 16:30 by Tynian
  • Dhuvrad is now selectable as a home town.
  • FLIs can no longer submit scavenger hunt items.
  • Lycron's new temple door set.

Version 4.13b, checked in on 06/03/10 at 19:06 by Tynian
  • Exclude items of type 'money' and inventory-flagged items from generated scavenger hunts, as these items are rather difficult to 'submit'.

Version 4.13a, checked in on 05/25/10 at 20:18 by Tynian
  • Made hometown non-selectable as a hometown.

Version 4.13, checked in on 05/23/10 at 23:40 by Tynian
  • Made necessary code changes for new home town.
  • Relics should now be usable by dual-class clerics.
  • Lyricals should no longer get wiped out if one is killed during a spar.
  • Fixed typo with 'bleed self'.
  • Unaligned should now be able to enter "neutral only" doors.

Version 4.12a, checked in on 04/18/10 at 13:09 by Tynian
  • Quick bug fix to keep bards using a certain lyrical from becoming super- ninja killing machines.

Version 4.12, checked in on 03/27/10 at 16:17 by Tynian
  • Allow ranger to wield most magical 'random' weapons in the off hand.
  • Convert alternate 'save vs' applies (save vs paralysis, save vs breath, etc.) into 'save vs spell' when loaded from area files, since they are effectively the same in the game context.
  • Combine like applies into a single apply from area files and new random items. For example, if an item is +2 damage/+2 damage, combine the applies into one +4 damage affect. This change will immediately impact limited items, and newly-created randoms.

Version 4.11n, checked in on 03/06/10 at 09:35 by Tynian
  • Re-add the TAKE command (alias to GET).
  • Retain PK records that determine PK classification for a longer period of time.
  • Another jubilatory lyrical bugfix.

Version 4.11m, checked in on 02/26/10 at 18:20 by Tynian
  • Fix bugs with Jubilatory Lyrical.

Version 4.11k, checked in on 02/01/10 at 05:59 by Tynian
  • Correct scavenger hunt ranking problem.

Version 4.11j, checked in on 01/31/10 at 10:07 by Tynian
  • Fix typo with a lyrical.

Version 4.11i, checked in on 01/29/10 at 12:47 by Tynian
  • Teach some mobs some courtesy.
  • Minor adjustment to solo scavenger hunt scoring so that it better aligns with game-wide scavenger hunts.

Version 4.11h, checked in on 01/27/10 at 13:33 by Tynian
  • Align the various rankings shown on whois.

Version 4.11g, checked in on 01/25/10 at 05:50 by Tynian
  • Fixed a scavenger hunt title issue.

Version 4.11f, checked in on 01/24/10 at 18:58 by Tynian
  • Re-wrote older database calls that were using an older style of code.
  • Removed various debug messages.
  • Noticed that all PCs, regardless of level, were checked for newbie help. Now those above level 9 are excluded.
  • Included scavenger hunt rankings in whois.

Version 4.11e, checked in on 01/22/10 at 13:57 by Tynian
  • Fixed crash-severity bug with the empty command.

Version 4.11d, checked in on 01/22/10 at 09:25 by Tynian
  • Fixed another silly bug with the report of solo scavenger hunt information.

Version 4.11c, checked in on 01/21/10 at 19:11 by Tynian
  • Fixed bone-headed mistake with scavenger hunts and item submissions in the game-wide version.

Version 4.11b, checked in on 01/20/10 at 19:34 by Tynian
  • Re-wrote some scavenger hunt code that wasn't flexible enough.
  • Fixed a problem with ordinal suffixes, specifically for the numbers 11-13.

Version 4.11a, checked in on 01/20/10 at 09:56 by Tynian
  • Fix bug where game-wide scavenger hunt did not update the standings.

Version 4.11, checked in on 01/19/10 at 19:11 by Tynian
  • The activity and other rankings in 'whois' now use ordinal suffixes.
  • Lowered the cost of bribing "permanent" debt.
  • It is now possible to do an individual (solo) scavenger hunt. The command to start one is SCAVENGER SOLOSTART. It lasts for 30 minutes.
  • Fixed a bug with the Jubilatory Lyrical that caused it to wear off prematurely.
  • Make a change to how the Jubilatory Lyrical functions.
  • Changed the default prompt that new characters get.
  • New characters will get color settings by default.
  • Mobs that don't leave a corpse should no longer show up on scavenger hunt lists.
  • In a game-wide scavenger hunt, SCAVENGER SCORE will show the scores of those that rank immediately above and below you.
  • The top 5 scores will be shown when a game-wide scavenger hunt ends.
  • Scavenger hunt results will be shown in SCAVENGER STANDINGS.

Version 4.10d, checked in on 01/10/10 at 21:51 by Tynian
  • Changed TFC Twitter feed to

Version 4.10c, checked in on 12/15/09 at 20:50 by Natilena
  • bringing in snowman wars code

Version 4.10b, checked in on 11/23/09 at 21:06 by Tynian
  • Takeable fountains are now appropriately limited.
  • Hanging out in a solitary room no longer counts towards time out of safe, for purposes of limited item purging.

Version 4.10a, checked in on 10/29/09 at 20:20 by Tynian
  • Fixed bug that caused the (Hide) flag to show twice.

Version 4.10, checked in on 10/27/09 at 21:48 by Tynian
  • "Missing" mobs that I removed from the game for a quest have been returned. Sorry for the delay. I kept thinking I'd be able to finish the quest series. Drat.
  • Fixed issue where a faerie fired-mob would also show as hidden.
  • PK debt and justifications are now assessed to the PC that orders a charmie to attack.
  • The bid command will no longer work when sleeping.
  • Curse spell durations have now been synced so that both components wear off at the same time.
  • Fixed crash-severity bug that would sometimes trigger when exiting the vortex with multiple charmies.
  • Fixed bug that would sometimes hang the game when a PC enters the vortex with multiple charmies.

Version 4.09h, checked in on 05/06/09 at 19:50 by Tynian
  • Over-limit items will show 'OL' in their ID string.
  • Fixed issue where resigning mobmaster would result in additional ticks being assessed before another mobmaster could be done.

Version 4.09g, checked in on 05/02/09 at 19:12 by Tynian
  • Fix a critical with item not properly classified as a limited item.

Version 4.09f, checked in on 04/30/09 at 11:13 by Tynian
  • Another Mish auction adjustment.

Version 4.09e, checked in on 04/29/09 at 13:34 by Tynian
  • More adjustments to Mish auctions.
  • Fixed a bug with the examine code that describes objects that won't re-pop.

Version 4.09d, checked in on 04/29/09 at 07:40 by Tynian
  • More Mish auction adjustments.

Version 4.09c, checked in on 04/28/09 at 16:01 by Tynian
  • Fix up some quirky Mish auction behavior.

Version 4.09b, checked in on 04/28/09 at 12:10 by Tynian
  • Fix a bug with Mish auction not honoring minimum bid. Not tested.
  • Fix a bug where all limited weapons pop as two-handed.

Version 4.09a, checked in on 04/28/09 at 09:21 by Tynian
  • Fix a bug with command abbreviation for a specific command.

Version 4.09, checked in on 04/27/09 at 19:41 by Tynian
  • Re-wrote the code that sets item limits to make more accurate limit assessments.
  • Non-WWPs flagged with a decor wear location will no longer pop.
  • Examine will indicate if a limited item that would ordinarily pop is over limit, and will not pop.
  • Mish will set a higher minimum bid for auctioned limited items.
  • Over limit limited items will no longer purge when the PC with that item dies.
  • Over limit limited items are no longer taxed.
  • Removed code associated with obsolete room flag.
  • Immortals no longer need to have their mortals flagged.
  • Fixed reported typos in code.

Version 4.08, checked in on 04/16/09 at 21:00 by Tynian
  • The idea list has been retired. Please post your ideas to the forum:
  • Fixed up a couple of problems with bard lyricals.
  • Thug is no longer prevented from using shields.
  • Dwarves and minotaurs can no longer be thief class.
  • Locate object should work better for bards. And probably for mages and clerics, too.

Version 4.07b, checked in on 03/22/09 at 16:39 by Tynian
  • 'who sah' should now work.
  • Realized I had two different snippets of code doing the same thing, and merged them.
  • Sneaking mobs should now sneak.
  • Mobs should again leave tracks.
  • Login restrictions should be fixed.
  • Hopefully fixed bug with qmob that would hang the game. Not tested, since problem is difficult to replicate.
  • The scavenger hunt list generator should now take plants into account.

Version 4.07a, checked in on 03/16/09 at 21:51 by Tynian
  • Fixed bug that caused mobmastery to break.

Version 4.07, checked in on 03/15/09 at 22:39 by Tynian
  • Implemented bard lyricals. HELP LYRICAL for more details.
  • Re-wrote code that handles character movement. Keep an eye out for strangeness. Areas affected by re-write include movement from room to room, seeing people leave and enter a room, sneak, movement when confused, exiting the guild, as well as being led out of guild, room triggers, moves deduction, leaving and seeing tracks.
  • Fixed a minor bug where follow would not be broken if the leader missed during attack.
  • Re-wrote some code revolving around invis and hide.
  • Re-wrote mobmaster mob selection code. It's going to work a little differently, so not all of the same mobs may be selected.

Version 4.06, checked in on 03/11/09 at 22:05 by Tynian
  • Let me know if you notice anything strange with steal or mug. I re-wrote some code.
  • Made slight change to one of the PK info lines in whois.
  • Fixed bug with loading protected mobs. If a listed vnum did not belong to a shoppie, processing of the rest of the file stopped. Now it will skip the offending vnum and continue.
  • Made code changes to eliminate compiler warnings given by new version of compiler.
  • Did work on bard lyricals. Hopefully I'll be done soon. Oof.
  • Restructured code involved with the initiation of combat. Let me know if you notice anything strange with the start of combat. Justifications and statistics may also be impacted, as those are dealt with at the beginning of combat.
  • Wrote code that should make it easier to update some administrative commands to work when the target is offline.
  • Decreased pop rate of random elven chain.
  • Updated security setting to hopefully cause less automatic sitebans.
  • Worked on regeneration code when a ghost is in room.

Version 4.05a, checked in on 12/29/08 at 15:40 by Tynian
  • Fixed bug with interaction between Mish auction and broker.
  • Fixed bug setting bid minimum after item had been posted for auction.
  • Fixed bug with mobmaster failure ticks.

Version 4.05, checked in on 10/20/08 at 20:02 by Tynian
  • Modified short ID mark to make it shorter.
  • Updated shop magic item prices.
  • Made change to purge code so that it more closely matches the timing outlined in HELP EQPURGE.
  • Fixed a bug with setting a permanent classtitle after a temporary classtitle had been set.
  • Work on new bard abilities may cause strangeness in the combat code. If you notice any oddities, post a bug report.
  • Increased the percentage of damage that can be done while on the ground.
  • Fixed up strange wear location display for locates.
  • Restructured some spell casting code.
  • Reformatted store list display so that it again fits on one line.

Version 4.04, checked in on 09/30/08 at 19:29 by Tynian
  • Lower level PCs pay a reduced amount to relocate to another hometown.
  • Rowengard is now listed as a HARD hometown.
  • Made change to wear bits display so that instead of showing whether an item is 'takable', it now shows when an object is 'no-take'. This made more sense in light of showing wear location for store.
  • Fixed serious bug with Mish storage.
  • Mish will now show both wear location and short description of the item. Display is now on two lines. I'm not crazy about it, but there's a lot of info to convey.

Version 4.03a, checked in on 09/29/08 at 13:39 by Tynian
(No information available)

Version 4.03, checked in on 09/28/08 at 22:00 by Tynian
  • Added god+ BID CANCEL and BID MINBID options.
  • Redid STORE LIST based on forum suggestions. Now, the listing shows wear location (instead of object description), and expanded the ID mark part of the listing.
  • Haunting ghost in room will halt excelerated regeneration.

Version 4.02, checked in on 09/23/08 at 18:47 by Natilena
  • Changes to the way ocean currents work with Sahuagins
  • Sahuagins shouldn't find it necessary to always use a boat
  • New Hometowns are now more generally available.

Version 4.01a, checked in on 09/22/08 at 21:50 by Tynian
  • Changed scavenger hunt scoring so that the "only submission" bonus is 3 points. Updated HELP SCAVENGER to match.
  • Allow longer god infos.
  • Added line feed at end of item list for scavenger hunt so the last item will display.
  • Made scavenger score a teeny bit more efficient.

Version 4.01, checked in on 09/18/08 at 19:21 by Tynian
  • New god+ command introduced.
  • Slightly lowered the amount of time that Mish puts between her auctions.
  • The bard 'study' command made available.

Version 4.00k, checked in on 09/17/08 at 09:24 by Tynian
  • Ugh. Found and fixed problem with scavenger hunt selection from owhere.

Version 4.00j, checked in on 09/16/08 at 08:44 by Tynian
  • Some Immortals had skills and spells they should not have had access to.
  • Adjusted an aspect of the confusion spell, taking into account the increased stat ability.

Version 4.00i, checked in on 09/15/08 at 15:38 by Tynian
  • The SCAVENGER command will work while sleeping.
  • Certain god+ SCAVENGER commands will not work while a hunt is in progress.

Version 4.00h, checked in on 09/13/08 at 23:06 by Tynian
  • Fixed a scavenger hunt bug.
  • Renamed a scavenger hunt results file.

Version 4.00g, checked in on 09/12/08 at 22:55 by Tynian
  • More scavenger hunt changes.

Version 4.00f, checked in on 09/11/08 at 21:01 by Tynian
  • More scavenger hunt work.

Version 4.00e, checked in on 09/11/08 at 01:11 by Tynian
  • Remove PK restrictions from those that have not re-leveled from converting to 3.x characters.
  • Updated god+ mwhere command to accept various options, and provide a way to feed results to scavenger hunt.
  • Enhanced god+ owhere command to accept additional options, and provide a means of feeding results to the scavenger hunt.
  • Re-worked scavenger hunt item listing code.

Version 4.00d, checked in on 09/09/08 at 21:40 by Tynian
  • Enhanced god+ OWHERE command.
  • Found two similar functions - eliminated one of them. This may be noticeable with the LOCATE command, HELP BROKER AFFECT.
  • Temple door change for Cytoxan.
  • Attempt to fix bug with login records. Was not able to replicate on test port, so wasn't able to definitively test.

Version 4.00c, checked in on 09/08/08 at 20:05 by Natilena
  • added new keyword to help sahuagin
  • fixed typo in one potion type
  • sahuagins should now find it a LOT easier to move underwater

Version 4.00b, checked in on 09/08/08 at 08:09 by Tynian
  • Fix crash severity bug with magic item use.

Version 4.00a, checked in on 09/06/08 at 23:51 by Tynian
  • Fixed bug that blocked followers from joining a following, if they had previously worshipped but quit prior to being accepted.
  • Sahuagin can be bards.

Version 4.00, checked in on 09/06/08 at 09:48 by Tynian
  • I am pleased to announce the release of TFC Version 4.0!

Version 3.195, checked in on 09/06/08 at 07:38 by Natilena
  • New Race - Sahuagin
  • New hometowns hooked up
  • Potions shuffled

Version 3.194k, checked in on 09/02/08 at 22:07 by Tynian
  • Scavenger hunt fixes.

Version 3.194j, checked in on 09/02/08 at 13:27 by Tynian
  • Make preliminary scavenger hunt code available on live port for testing purposes.

Version 3.194i, checked in on 09/01/08 at 15:56 by Tynian
  • Increased duration of charm person spell for PC casters.
  • Various scavenger hunt support code.

Version 3.194h, checked in on 08/27/08 at 14:27 by Tynian
  • Fixed bug with reconnections showing players' hostnames.

Version 3.194g, checked in on 08/26/08 at 20:21 by Tynian
  • ofind, mfind and mwhere now also search short description.
  • Fixed bug which blew my invis when I reconnected. URGENT FIX! Hehee.
  • Reduced the amount of time one must wait before rejoining a following.
  • Added chance for a score to pop when a bard kills a mob.
  • Added a cap to fines and storage fees.

Version 3.194f, checked in on 08/25/08 at 21:06 by Tynian
  • Add ability for god+ to set a minimum bid for items added to Mish for auction.
  • Display areas flagged as new areas to Greater God.
  • Work done on scavenger hunt support code for upcoming quest.
  • Fixed long-standing bug with level 30 characters sometimes being stuck at hungry or thirsty.

Version 3.194e, checked in on 08/22/08 at 15:00 by Tynian
  • Fix problem with god+ offline notifies.
  • Forgot to allow 'goto' for retired Immortals. Fixed.
  • ordainlist now allowed for retired Immortals.

Version 3.194d, checked in on 08/21/08 at 22:09 by Schwartz
(No information available)

Version 3.194c, checked in on 08/21/08 at 21:10 by Schwartz
(No information available)

Version 3.194b, checked in on 08/21/08 at 20:59 by Schwartz
(No information available)

Version 3.194a, checked in on 08/21/08 at 20:45 by Schwartz
(No information available)

Version 3.194, checked in on 08/19/08 at 22:10 by Tynian
  • Fixed bug with 2 or more word helps not displaying.
  • Re-wrote the code that determines permissions for retired Immortals. Now, Immortal commands are disallowed unless explicitly allowed. The available retired Immortal command set should be similar.
  • Adjusted weight for random jewelry, scrolls, and twist rings.

Version 3.193, checked in on 08/16/08 at 00:23 by Tynian
  • Given the behind the scenes changes, I have bumped the version number to a new version level. I made a change to a core function that could break a variety of things if there is a problem. I have tested, and everything looks okay. Nonetheless, please report any strange behavior.
  • Added god+ biographies.
  • Found and recovered some missing mobs.
  • Added PLAQUE31: Call For Action.
  • Changed mobmastery wait time after reboot to 2 hours (down from 4 hours).

Version 3.192f, checked in on 08/11/08 at 20:53 by Schwartz
  • Fix crash-severity bug with game-wide settings

Version 3.192e, checked in on 08/11/08 at 18:07 by Schwartz
  • Corrected OM whois bug
  • Added item weight to short id properties
  • Newbie corpses < 6 will now appear in char inventory upon death
  • Removed meditate as a skill for shamans

Version 3.192d, checked in on 08/04/08 at 22:07 by Tynian
  • Enhanced god+ mfind command.
  • Report to news when a character that has not been around in a while has logged in.

Version 3.192c, checked in on 08/03/08 at 18:07 by Tynian
  • Add Twitter "welcome back" message for those that have been gone awile.
  • Reduce the wait time after a failed mobmaster.

Version 3.192b, checked in on 08/03/08 at 05:34 by Tynian
  • Added reference to HELP BANK and HELP STORE into HELP MISH.
  • Fixed a few of the typos on the typo list, including several in the Stronghold that indicated directions as "to your west", as opposed to "to the west".
  • (Hopefully) fixed capitalization problems with a hunting mob's short description (in room look) not showing correct capitalization.
  • Had to take another look at classtitle. I fixed a bug in one place, but missed the other. Sigh.
  • Removed old, unnecessary, debugging code.

Version 3.192a, checked in on 08/02/08 at 20:16 by Tynian
  • A bug that prevented sufficiently trained bard from global canting should be fixed. No bards available to test with.
  • Added additional Twitter system updates.
  • Fixed bug with temporary classtitles.
  • Game should now report when a character moves to pacifist PK status.

Version 3.192, checked in on 07/28/08 at 15:40 by Tynian
  • Added a surprise. I don't want to say too much and spoil it, though!
  • Added HELP AMMQ.
  • Added HELP ATM.
  • Added Twitter ( support. Included HELP TWITTER.
  • Added additional help keywords for existing helps, to help guide a player to the help they are looking for.
  • whois now shows character generation after the name (e.g. Tynian (I)).
  • Made minor quest-related code changes. Also examined some bard code.

Version 3.191i, checked in on 07/15/08 at 19:00 by Tynian
(No information available)

Version 3.191h, checked in on 07/10/08 at 12:12 by Tynian
  • Fix a little bug introduced into the Mish store code.

Version 3.191g, checked in on 07/06/08 at 20:12 by Tynian
  • Code changes necessary for upcoming quest.

Version 3.191f, checked in on 05/02/08 at 22:35 by Tynian
  • Modified code to work with the new version of the database software.

Version 3.191e, checked in on 04/10/08 at 19:41 by Schwartz
  • Minor typo fixes and admin fixes

Version 3.191d, checked in on 03/29/08 at 10:40 by Schwartz
(No information available)

Version 3.191c, checked in on 03/25/08 at 23:26 by Tynian
  • Typo fixes.

Version 3.191b, checked in on 02/21/08 at 09:34 by Tynian
  • Fixed bug with equipment purges. From HELP EQPURGE, purge time is adjusted based on time _outside of safe_. This was not working correctly.

Version 3.191a, checked in on 11/23/07 at 19:16 by Tynian
  • Speed up some logins.
  • CONFIG +ITEMPROP will now display stats for your own worn equipment.
  • Auctioned items will fulfill matching locates if no bids are received on the item.

Version 3.191, checked in on 08/16/07 at 22:46 by Tynian
  • Add expiration info to short id.

Version 3.190, checked in on 08/16/07 at 20:15 by Tynian
  • Removed restriction that forces one to only access one message list at a time. In other words, if you start a note, you can still list or read board posts. Another weird side effect is that you can write a note using note + bug + or typo +. The post will be posted to whichever list the post command is done for. This change tested okay, but may break something. Bug post if you find something screwy that I did not address here.
  • Capitalization on bard songs should now be correct.
  • Fixed bug with double (Invis) tags if you have improved invis cast on you and you wear an invis-granting item.
  • Fixed capitalization for mobs intently looking for people.
  • It should be possible to perform Traveling Troubadour, in addition to using the 'troubadour' command.
  • Fixed problem where weapons with a damage type 0 would not display a weapon damage description (slice, etc.).
  • Fixed various typos.

Version 3.189a, checked in on 08/15/07 at 20:18 by Tynian
  • Fixed a bug with archmobs. I previously fixed a problem in one spot, but not in another.

Version 3.189, checked in on 06/14/07 at 12:10 by Tynian
  • There is now a chance that Mish will allow a limited item to be popped, instead of auctioning the item, so that limited items have a chance to pop on mobs.

Version 3.188a, checked in on 06/04/07 at 17:21 by Tynian
  • Fix misflagged quest item 'a stick' as wield, instead of incorrect hold flag.

Version 3.188, checked in on 05/25/07 at 21:13 by Tynian
  • Adjust which purged limited items Mish will auction.
  • Fixed crash severity bug with god+ whois.
  • Floating damage now only kicks in when there is a large gap between those involved in combat with each other, instead of world-wide.

Version 3.187k, checked in on 05/23/07 at 07:59 by Tynian
  • Fixed crash-severity bug with Mish auctions, triggered when she runs out of items to auction.

Version 3.187j, checked in on 05/21/07 at 05:51 by Tynian
  • Fix problem with Mish locate items sometimes being automatically equipped when a character receives them.

Version 3.187i, checked in on 05/19/07 at 09:03 by Tynian
  • Less popular limited items should no longer be auctioned.
  • Fixed bug with object identifiers and auctions.
  • Set next auction time only after the previous auction has completed.

Version 3.187h, checked in on 05/15/07 at 15:55 by Tynian
  • Fix claiming bug with Mish auctions.

Version 3.187g, checked in on 05/15/07 at 09:28 by Tynian
  • Fix crash-severity bug with Mish auctions.

Version 3.187f, checked in on 05/14/07 at 11:33 by Tynian
  • Fix problem with limit counts and Mish auctions.
  • Mish will conduct her next auction more quickly if her previous auction was successful.

Version 3.187e, checked in on 05/14/07 at 08:31 by Tynian
  • Mish will wait a few minutes after a reboot before starting an auction, assuming she has items to auction.
  • Fixed bug with Mish's auction frequency.
  • Update HELP BID to include god+ options.

Version 3.187d, checked in on 05/13/07 at 22:18 by Tynian
  • Add symbol to ID mark identifying an item as a limited item.

Version 3.187c, checked in on 05/13/07 at 21:46 by Tynian
  • Fixed bug that sometimes causes item bought from Mish to be delivered equipped, as opposed to in inventory.

Version 3.187b, checked in on 05/13/07 at 16:43 by Tynian
  • Add HELP BID.

Version 3.187a, checked in on 05/13/07 at 12:58 by Tynian
  • Minor phrase changes to Mish auctions.

Version 3.187, checked in on 05/13/07 at 10:09 by Tynian
  • Mish now conducts her own auctions. Helps will be updated shortly.

Version 3.186b, checked in on 03/01/07 at 16:00 by Natilena
(No information available)

Version 3.186a, checked in on 02/18/07 at 19:23 by Schwartz
  • Fixed bug affecting scrolls and sparring

Version 3.186, checked in on 02/12/07 at 08:51 by Tynian
  • Luck influences combat. Higher luck will influence higher hit rolls.
  • Charisma influences combat. Awe-inspiring targets are more difficult to hit, for example.
  • If you worship a FLI but die before you are accepted, you will no longer be auto-reformed.

Version 3.185f, checked in on 01/17/07 at 22:11 by Tynian
  • Reduce duration of charm person.

Version 3.185e, checked in on 01/15/07 at 13:48 by Tynian
  • Fix crash-severity bug related to charm person.

Version 3.185d, checked in on 01/14/07 at 14:05 by Tynian
  • Cut down on mage mob charm attempts.

Version 3.185c, checked in on 01/06/07 at 21:57 by Tynian
  • Fixed a long standing crash bug involving AMMQ. When a AMMQ participant would quit out of the game, the game would sometimes crash. The fix may cause other problems, but it looks (and tests) okay. Please report any hunt-related strangeness.
  • Changed charm so that if you manage to get out of the room of your charmer, you can do stuff.
  • Shortened the duration for curse.
  • More archmob refinements.

Version 3.185b, checked in on 01/05/07 at 17:42 by Tynian
  • Made some changes to archmobs.

Version 3.185a, checked in on 01/01/07 at 20:30 by Natilena
  • Fix for snowmen

Version 3.185, checked in on 01/01/07 at 17:19 by Natilena
  • Bringing up the SnowMan quest stuff

Version 3.184e, checked in on 12/09/06 at 12:07 by Tynian
  • Updated HELP LIMITED ' LIMITED ITEM' 'LIMITED ITEMS' 'PURGE CODE' EQPURGE 'EQUIPMENT PURGE' to include a description of the current purge code + example.

Version 3.184d, checked in on 12/06/06 at 21:45 by Tynian
(No information available)

Version 3.184c, checked in on 11/17/06 at 16:32 by Tynian
  • Fixed a little buggy-boo that I introduced during the last check-in. It tested okay, but after a few logins and outs, it reared its head.

Version 3.184b, checked in on 11/09/06 at 21:30 by Tynian
  • Fixed game hanging bug.

Version 3.184a, checked in on 11/03/06 at 10:52 by Tynian
  • Another purge timing fix.

Version 3.184, checked in on 10/22/06 at 09:51 by Schwartz
  • Introduced new 'empty' command.

Version 3.183i, checked in on 10/21/06 at 22:13 by Tynian
  • Limited weapons are now purge-eligible.

Version 3.183h, checked in on 10/21/06 at 19:36 by Tynian
  • Reverted whozone change I made in 3.181f.
  • Enhanced soul sense to show individual readings.
  • Worked on item purge code. Some of the item purge times were set too far into the future, reason unknown. I am investigating.

Version 3.183g, checked in on 10/08/06 at 09:42 by Tynian
  • Fixed crash bug connected with removal of memory leak.

Version 3.183f, checked in on 10/08/06 at 08:15 by Tynian
  • Minor changes to whozone. See:
  • Found and fixed major memory leak.

Version 3.183e, checked in on 10/06/06 at 22:14 by Schwartz
  • Sparring deaths will no longer appear in deathtoll.
  • Fixed bug which occasionally resulted in characters being hungry even after achieving max level in a class.
  • Combat will no longer continue in safe rooms after archmob quests end.
  • Fixed bug with ogres and corpse-eating.

Version 3.183d, checked in on 10/03/06 at 20:55 by Schwartz
  • Fixed bug which allowed necroport while sparring.
  • Fixed bug with following and attacks.

Version 3.183c, checked in on 07/28/06 at 20:43 by Tynian
  • Allow god+ to signup for archmob quest.

Version 3.183b, checked in on 07/28/06 at 18:00 by Tynian
  • Save vs rift was not working correctly. Fixed.

Version 3.183a, checked in on 07/28/06 at 08:58 by Tynian
  • Fixed serious bug with rift.

Version 3.183, checked in on 07/26/06 at 19:15 by Tynian
  • Soul rift power is determined by INT and WIS.
  • PC max mana is adjusted due to low or high INT.
  • Low or high INT influences victim's save vs spell.

Version 3.182a, checked in on 07/25/06 at 21:37 by Tynian
  • Show item expiration dates with examine.

Version 3.182, checked in on 07/22/06 at 10:14 by Tynian
  • Wisdom affects spell potency.
  • Wisdom is now capped at 25.

Version 3.181a, checked in on 07/17/06 at 07:28 by Tynian
  • Fix bug with bard memorizing spells/skills that he has not previously memorized.

Version 3.181, checked in on 07/14/06 at 17:18 by Tynian
  • INT is now capped at 25.
  • Those that have high intelligence will recover mana more quickly when sleeping.

Version 3.180b, checked in on 07/14/06 at 09:22 by Schwartz
  • Fixed teeny little bug preventing some immortals from casting heal

Version 3.180a, checked in on 07/13/06 at 22:36 by Schwartz
  • Fixed bug that prevented some mobs from speaking common
  • Fixed bug which occurred when sparring ended in some circumstances
  • Voided characters no longer see other voided characters leave the game

Version 3.180, checked in on 07/11/06 at 22:57 by Tynian
  • Bless spell now Good only.
  • Only Good rangers get free justifications on Evil rangers (no longer Neutral or unaligned).
  • Only pacifist or reprisalist Neutrals can cast protection good/evil or heal.
  • Changed enchant weapon so that it uses anti-neutral flags. A Good enchant will set AN and AE. An Evil enchant is set AN/AG. A Neutral enchant is AG/AE. Unaligned enchant is AG/AE/AN.

Version 3.179, checked in on 07/08/06 at 20:34 by Tynian
  • Allow PCs to increase CON to a maximum of 25 via magical equipment.

Version 3.178, checked in on 07/08/06 at 18:35 by Tynian
  • PCs with high CON get a healing bonus when sleeping.
  • Reduced the effectiveness of Health amulets by approximately 17%.

Version 3.177c, checked in on 06/17/06 at 15:16 by Tynian
  • Reduced the amount of ticks one must wait after failing a mobmastery.

Version 3.177b, checked in on 06/14/06 at 20:37 by Tynian
  • Adjusted score expiration times up -- got it too low initially.

Version 3.177a, checked in on 06/13/06 at 12:53 by Tynian
  • Reduce bard score "shelf life."

Version 3.177, checked in on 06/10/06 at 10:12 by Tynian
  • Decrease login restrictions from 10 minutes at time of login to 5 minutes.

Version 3.176a, checked in on 06/08/06 at 18:33 by Tynian
  • Fixed minor issue with new bard ability.

Version 3.176, checked in on 06/08/06 at 17:02 by Tynian
  • Wrote new bard ability.
  • New characters of all races now receive common when the character is created, at the cost of a practice. In addition, new characters use common, by default, even if the character is entitled to a racial language.
  • Worked on bard memorization ability, and bard spell class leveling.
  • It is again possible to memorize spells at a higher level than is generally available to spell classes. There is a limit to the number of levels higher a spell can be memorized at.
  • Coded a gift for bards to discover. Looking forward to a note from a bard that discovers it.

Version 3.175n, checked in on 05/30/06 at 11:37 by Tynian
  • Fixed a bug with bard spell class leveling that made it difficult to impossible to level spell class past a certain point.

Version 3.175m, checked in on 05/29/06 at 18:28 by Tynian
  • Fixed bug recently introduced with practice not limiting correctly.
  • Reversed a previous restriction on memorize that limited the memorization level of spells more than necessary.

Version 3.175l, checked in on 05/27/06 at 21:18 by Tynian
  • Fixed problem with bard 'learn' not working correctly.

Version 3.175k, checked in on 05/19/06 at 18:43 by Natilena
  • fixed a message with info and flis

Version 3.175j, checked in on 04/27/06 at 23:58 by Schwartz
  • Fixed teeny little bug around background noises in quiet rooms.

Version 3.175i, checked in on 04/20/06 at 06:41 by Natilena
  • Easter egg quest code outgoing!

Version 3.175h, checked in on 04/19/06 at 13:21 by Schwartz
  • Bards can no longer speak languages they have not learned.
  • Fixed bug that allowed flying players to be knocked down via rushing attack.
  • Wake up messages are now displayed properly to others in the room.
  • Fixed bug in ogre-eating-corpse code affecting immortals.

Version 3.175g, checked in on 04/15/06 at 18:54 by Natilena
  • Easter egg quest code incoming!

Version 3.175f, checked in on 04/11/06 at 16:26 by Natilena
  • Added new bard performance - Sound Blast
  • Fiddled with the odds of the slot machine a bit
  • Beware the sailing ship, it is not as safe as it used to be
  • Play the slots again! Hope you're feelin' LUCKY
  • Added some features to a god+ command

Version 3.175e, checked in on 03/15/06 at 21:34 by Tynian
  • Fix bug that causes whois to show that someone still follows an Immortal even after they have been reformed.

Version 3.175d, checked in on 03/06/06 at 18:09 by Tynian
  • Fix bug with quest timer that put game into loop.

Version 3.175c, checked in on 03/04/06 at 16:11 by Schwartz
  • Evil and unaligned ogres can now eat corpses for nourishment.
  • Mob corpse weight is now relative to the size of the mob.
  • Alarm can now target an entire following.
  • Fixed a problem with how some things were displayed in info2.
  • Fixed a problem where others in room wouldn't always see Character A wake Character B.
  • Minor administrative changes to spar code.

Version 3.175b, checked in on 02/27/06 at 20:12 by Tynian
  • Spars and AMMQs should not count on PK stats.
  • Lowered news score for spar, AMMQ, or no equipment loss (quest) deaths so that they won't show on news page.

Version 3.175a, checked in on 02/24/06 at 22:30 by Tynian
  • Bolster connection spamming protection code.

Version 3.175, checked in on 02/20/06 at 01:31 by Tynian
  • Create new config option (CONFIG +EXACT), that sets whether or not PC and mob name abbreviation will work.

Version 3.174, checked in on 02/12/06 at 21:39 by Tynian
  • Reversed change to dodge and parry.
  • Increased effectiveness of righteous assault.

Version 3.173, checked in on 02/11/06 at 11:05 by Schwartz
  • Removed 'newdam' system; all damage messages are now the 'olddam' system
  • Fixed bug with rangers and offhand weapons
  • Fixed bug which allowed sub-15s to be invited to spar, even though they couldn't
  • Fixed bug which caused some shopkeepers to offer 0 gold for an item
  • Sub-20 characters will now see an explanatory message when attempting cmdlog/commlog

Version 3.172b, checked in on 02/10/06 at 13:18 by Tynian
  • Raised damage cap in order to evaluate the change.

Version 3.172a, checked in on 02/10/06 at 12:33 by Tynian
  • Made some refinements to the combat changes introduced in 3.172.

Version 3.172, checked in on 02/10/06 at 10:09 by Tynian
  • Notify player that over-limit item will purge of the character dies.
  • Some characters will receive a "floating" damage bonus (meaning that the bonus will change over time, depending on certain factors).
  • Lessened the effects of effective levels for determining the chance that a lower level character has to high a higher level character.
  • Parry and dodge now use the highest level in a class to determine effectiveness, instead of effective level.
  • Fixed bug with mobhunt that would cause occasional crashes.

Version 3.171c, checked in on 02/08/06 at 01:40 by Schwartz
  • Fixed crash-severity bug with spar and weird eq exchanges after spar end

Version 3.171b, checked in on 02/07/06 at 10:27 by Schwartz
  • Fixed crash-severity bug with inner workings of spar.

Version 3.171a, checked in on 02/07/06 at 01:27 by Schwartz
  • Fix crash bug with killing self and sparring
  • Added 'spar ignore' so chars can toggle to ignore spar invitations
  • Rushing attack on an aware victim now initiates combat, regardless
  • Added a time-limit to the sparring matches, included in 'spar' display

Version 3.171, checked in on 02/05/06 at 11:07 by Schwartz
  • Introduced moderated sparring. HELP SPAR for details.
  • Fixed bug which allowed double-death during certain quest settings
  • Sleeping characters no longer see in-room sacrifices.
  • Charmed mobs can now follow out of the vortex, not just in! ;)
  • Resting group members will no longer get portaled.

Version 3.169, checked in on 01/19/06 at 18:37 by Tynian
  • Fixed crash-severity bug with AMMQ, which was triggered when a AMMQ participant would quit in mid-AMMQ.
  • Fixed problems with mobs' saving throws.

Version 3.168f, checked in on 01/19/06 at 17:41 by Schwartz
  • Fix one little teeny bug with mobmastery display messages

Version 3.168e, checked in on 01/17/06 at 19:40 by Schwartz
  • Fixed bug having to do with being tripped/knocked down while in combat

Version 3.168d, checked in on 01/17/06 at 00:29 by Schwartz
  • Fixed some in-room sacrifice messages
  • Fixed odd 'guard' messages
  • Slight adjustment to vampiric touch

Version 3.168c, checked in on 01/16/06 at 20:11 by Tynian
  • Change Immortal roster command to add time on timestamp.

Version 3.168b, checked in on 01/15/06 at 23:25 by Tynian
  • Provide an ending count to roster command.
  • Fixed crash-severity bug that is sometimes triggered due to linkdead characters.

Version 3.168a, checked in on 01/15/06 at 21:53 by Tynian
  • Fix bug with ROSTER command.

Version 3.168, checked in on 01/15/06 at 17:08 by Tynian
  • Wrote Immortal 'roster' command.
  • Enhanced the whois command.
  • Relented on the color of hunting mobs.
  • Any of my "cold ones" (quest prizes) that were given out prior to this version will expire in approximately 1 year (2007-01-16). I'd like for these quest potions to be used (not hoarded). Future "cold ones" that I give out as prizes will expire in 6 months from the time they are given out. We'll try to give you quests that give you an opportunity to use them. :-)
  • Blocking amulet no longer blocks caster/item user from teleporting.

Version 3.167, checked in on 01/15/06 at 15:22 by Schwartz
  • Everyone in the room will now know when a room-affect spell wears off. (note: this required a change to the wording of the message when phosphate wears off)
  • Minor adjustments to Rushing Attack
  • Charmed mobs will now follow into the vortex
  • Fixed a problem preventing FLIs from retrieving holy symbols from their altars

Version 3.166c, checked in on 01/13/06 at 16:00 by Schwartz
  • Adjusted weight of some random items
  • Fixed problem with certain door spec functions.

Version 3.166b, checked in on 01/13/06 at 11:29 by Tynian
  • Backed out change that was causing crashes.

Version 3.166a, checked in on 01/12/06 at 11:19 by Schwartz
  • Fixed bug causing caster's portal to be blocked by a Blocking Amulet
  • Fixed problem with dispel magic affecting non-spell items
  • Made minor adjustments to Mug and Rushing Attack

Version 3.166, checked in on 01/11/06 at 10:49 by Schwartz
  • Added Mug skill for Thugs. HELP MUG for details.
  • Added Rushing Attack skill for Thugs. HELP RUSHING ATTACK for details.
  • Added a config-settable option for CANT (Thieves only). HELP CONFIG
  • Added RESIGN option for mobmastery.
  • Fixed a bug which affected following other characters while in flight.
  • Fixed a typo with one of the spell messages. (oops, forgot which one!)

Version 3.164g, checked in on 01/10/06 at 21:26 by Natilena
  • Removing all the snowman until next year *sniff*

Version 3.164f, checked in on 01/06/06 at 11:17 by Schwartz
  • Fixed bug which kept characters assisting a group member after that member left the group.

Version 3.164e, checked in on 01/06/06 at 11:09 by Tynian
  • New versions now show who created it. Note: Versions 3.164a - d were created while testing this feature -- no additional code was added.

Version 3.164, checked in on 01/06/06 at 00:33
  • Retrieve preference can now be set. HELP RETRIEVE for details.
  • Blocking amulets now take the place of 'noresist' for portal when grouped.

Version 3.163b, checked in on 01/03/06 at 12:53
  • Found and removed obsolete PK model code that was causing problems with PK.

Version 3.163a, checked in on 01/02/06 at 20:03
  • Fixed serious little bug that caused the game to loop under a specific circumstance.

Version 3.163, checked in on 01/02/06 at 16:44
  • Added a little plaque for New Years.
  • Fixed problem with circlets sometimes not giving XP and instead appearing in inventory.
  • Changed debt for stealing so it should be lower in most cases.
  • Changed code that breaks reply chains when an Immortal changes their invis level. It now will break a reply chain when an Immortal changes their invis level, but only in cases that the target cannot see the Immortal.
  • Fixed bug that caused characters created between 2005-12-19 08:53 and 2006-01-02 16:57 not to get the correct number of trains when a character is first created. In addition, characters created during the timeframe in question will receive the 2 trains they were shorted when they created the character.
  • Dragons and other breathers will breathe in NOSPELL rooms.
  • Changed format of the quest timer infos to show both the elapsed time remaining, and the actual time a quest ends.
  • Made minor adjustments to Nevyn code.

Version 3.162, checked in on 12/31/05 at 11:42
  • Changed 'deleteme' so that it will work those that are 15th level or lower. There have been too many instances of people deleting their character in the heat of the moment, and then regretting that decision. If you are done playing your high level character, you'll just have to quit logging in until it purges.
  • Created a way to set expiration times on objects.

Version 3.161m, checked in on 12/29/05 at 11:45
  • fixed some snowman armor problems
  • gave flis ability to run miniquests for presents

Version 3.161l, checked in on 12/28/05 at 20:59
  • added some more snowman armor

Version 3.161k, checked in on 12/28/05 at 20:51
  • The index command will now show the number of times a help page has been accessed since the game was last rebooted (god+).
  • Fixed a number of typos.

Version 3.161j, checked in on 12/28/05 at 12:06
  • Fixed a bunch of typos.

Version 3.161i, checked in on 12/27/05 at 21:17
  • Crystals were having never-ending issues now too all fixed

Version 3.161h, checked in on 12/27/05 at 19:33
  • blue crystals REALLY do something now (you were imagining it before)
  • removed the super cookie possibility
  • added more snowman equipment

Version 3.161g, checked in on 12/27/05 at 18:13
  • Backed out recently submitted code that was crashing us.

Version 3.161f, checked in on 12/27/05 at 13:10
  • fix crashing problem with snowmen/immortal command

Version 3.161e, checked in on 12/27/05 at 09:40
  • fixed problem were not even snowmen could eq snowman armor

Version 3.161d, checked in on 12/27/05 at 08:59
  • Added new command for snowman quest. Unwrap
  • added snowman equipment and resets for present
  • fixed a few problems with the snowman mobs
  • fixed icy blue crystals so they actually do something
  • Fixed a problem with mobmaster where the wait time wasn't working after reboot

Version 3.161b, checked in on 12/24/05 at 08:42
(No information available)

Version 3.161a, checked in on 12/22/05 at 22:47
  • fixed problem with liberate not working
  • Hello Snowman Wars! Snowman enabling system activated (along with various supporting bits)

Version 3.161, checked in on 12/22/05 at 21:54
  • Item properties in containers (3.160e) are now config-settable Class restrictions for thug dual/triple-classing now in place Items eaten by immortals will no longer have spell effects

Version 3.160e, checked in on 12/21/05 at 22:03
  • Enhanced 'look' when looking into containers Adjusted note command slightly for administrative reasons

Version 3.160d, checked in on 12/21/05 at 08:47
  • The HELP command now requires all four letters.
  • Make minor adjustment to archmob miniquest.

Version 3.160c, checked in on 12/19/05 at 21:59
  • Adjust quest-related game setting to mitigate login restrictions

Version 3.160b, checked in on 12/19/05 at 09:49
  • changed command order so sl works for sleep not slot
  • fixed typo in gambling hall
  • added a lag for immortals playing with the slot machine

Version 3.160a, checked in on 12/18/05 at 11:11
(No information available)

Version 3.160, checked in on 12/18/05 at 10:55
  • Wizard marked weapons are now wieldable on the offhand
  • Argument added to mobhunt 'points' so you can see your own total points
  • Liberate now requires you to choose if the item is carried or held just in case of common keywords and mistakes.
  • Charmed mobs should no longer hang about guild when their master quits
  • Quest mobs now understand what bards and thugs are
  • A flag has been added to exclude rooms and mobs from being used for mohunt, mobmaster and lq quests. Post a typo if you feel a room needs to be added.
  • Added all the structure to allow bards to be chosen as a new character but it is not choosable yet.
  • Bards can now go a few places they couldn't before
  • Lowered bard minimum level to be able to memorize scores
  • Added 2 new bard performances, Awe Audience and Dragons Bane
  • Gambling has come to TFC, first game, a Slot Machine added to Gimbles Gambling Hall
  • Gimbles Gambling Hall area addition open, updated and ready for business

Version 3.159d, checked in on 10/11/05 at 20:16
  • Fix area list formatting.

Version 3.159c, checked in on 10/07/05 at 13:15
  • Fixed problem with exiting guild while grouped.
  • Fixed bleed social.
  • Locate no longer shows item(s) that the caster holds.
  • Fixed bug that shows unaligned as 'neutral' in score.
  • Fixed broken newbie quest. It allowed the same character to repeat the same quest multiple times.
  • Fixed blynd messages.

Version 3.159b, checked in on 10/02/05 at 10:18
  • Fix bug that allows new race to be selectable during the new character process. It hangs players up, since the new race has no hometown.

Version 3.159a, checked in on 10/01/05 at 23:29
  • "Guard" will only kick in if the guard is not already committed (fighting).
  • More animate dead adjustments.

Version 3.159, checked in on 10/01/05 at 20:55
  • Groups should all follow the group leader to the leader's hometown, instead of everyone going to their own hometowns.
  • Fix problem with unaligned being unable to enter temples.

Version 3.158a, checked in on 10/01/05 at 16:50
  • Re-implemented language display for Immortal on public channels. Tells from Immortals always show w/o language.

Version 3.158, checked in on 10/01/05 at 15:11
  • Fixed Immortal mset so that the 'guarding' information is correct.
  • Fix bug that caused someone that is guarding to lose the setting after a fight completes.
  • Display a message to the room when a guard intercedes in a fight.
  • Allow guard to be "order"ed.
  • Update animate dead.
  • Streamlined alignment checking code.

Version 3.157a, checked in on 10/01/05 at 10:45
  • Fix serious display problem with finfo.

Version 3.157, checked in on 10/01/05 at 08:35
  • Immortals never show with a language attached. Original code by Schwartz.
  • Added AUTOSPLIT - automatically splits gold from mob corpses to group members. Original code by Schwartz.
  • Removed the ability to toggle off language display in communications (tlang).
  • god+ can set or clear an inscription via mset (Schwartz).
  • Remove phased out PK model code (Schwartz).
  • Subsequent new characters using the same name can re-run the Algenara newbie quest (Schwartz).
  • Blynd messages now show gender (Schwartz).

Version 3.156a, checked in on 09/29/05 at 20:52
  • fixed crash with god+ command

Version 3.156, checked in on 09/29/05 at 20:00
  • Casting wizard mark that gets absorbed no longer takes double mana.
  • A character reciting a scroll is now visable to the room.
  • Successful crystal memo is now visable to the room.
  • Scores are now flagged flammable.
  • Scores no longer decompose without a message.
  • Adjustments to the reuse period after Maurice's Bargain
  • Spheres changed to properly pop with a weight.
  • Bleed and Greet socials added
  • Help is accessable during a shamans meditation
  • Fixed Maurices Bargain transfer messages to be more timely
  • Quest mob changes for some future use
  • Random spheres should now appear with descriptive names
  • New command for Bards. Act

Version 3.155, checked in on 09/25/05 at 22:51
  • Quieted rooms now show a message.
  • Mish will locate scores and spheres.
  • Preliminary code for a new race.

Version 3.154a, checked in on 09/25/05 at 08:07
  • Fix formatting problem with news death messages.

Version 3.154, checked in on 09/23/05 at 14:59
  • Change a mob's in-room description when it is hunting someone.
  • Change charge so that it works on the held item. This makes it consistant with imprint and empower.
  • Immortals get message when PC actually enters the game.
  • PK classifications should not be affected during ALLJUST game setting.
  • Note deaths that happen during quests in the news.
  • Add praise social.
  • Evil PCs can use 'heal' spell devices on others (only PC-cast spells are alignment-restricted).
  • Dispelled (PC) Aarakocra continue with the flying state they were in before they were dispelled.
  • Locate object spheres now work for non-mage/non-clerics.

Version 3.153, checked in on 09/20/05 at 09:49
  • If you die to a *quest* archmob during the archmob miniquest, you should lose no XP to that mob. If you die to any other mob, you will lose experience as normal.

Version 3.152a, checked in on 09/20/05 at 07:53
  • Only apply re-worship restrictions to an ex-follower if they had been accepted into the following after they worshipped.

Version 3.152, checked in on 09/19/05 at 20:06
  • Group-tell added to the channels that can be collected (HELP COLLECT) (thanks to Schwartz).
  • Show the character that you are following, if any (thanks to Schwartz).
  • Mortals are simply prohibited from attempting to steal from Immortals, rather than suffering tons of debt (thanks to Schwartz).
  • Removed unused "rent" code. The storage code replaced the rent functionality.
  • Remove some code necessary to read pre-3.0 characters that have not been logged into TFC since 3.0 went live.
  • Remove unused character fields.
  • Display a message to player and room if a portal attempt is resisted.
  • Remove special code that insures that a god+'s PET appears in the god's office when they log in.

Version 3.151b, checked in on 09/11/05 at 16:52
  • Experimental adjustments to archmob code. Preload a few mobs so that the beginning of the quest does not drag. Also, redistribute mob groups once the quest is well underway.

Version 3.151a, checked in on 09/09/05 at 10:50
  • Fix a bug in god+ code.
  • Minor archmob quest adjustment.

Version 3.151, checked in on 09/03/05 at 08:39
  • Made changes to god+ command.

Version 3.150k, checked in on 08/25/05 at 09:39
  • Fix crash-severity problem with archmob quest.

Version 3.150j, checked in on 08/20/05 at 09:26
  • Fix code so that it will compile cleanly with gcc 3.35.
  • Remove now unused version 4 survey code.

Version 3.150i, checked in on 05/29/05 at 17:12
  • Reversed the changed that reduced the casting level of charged spheres, since it also hobbled relics.
  • Reversed the restriction on bard 'learn' command. The imprinting restriction remains in affect.

Version 3.150h, checked in on 05/15/05 at 18:11
  • Fixed bug with hunt code that burned lots of CPU (and thus caused lag) when attempting to find certain hunt paths.
  • Relics are checked at boot time for correct ANTI_ alignment settings. Incorrect relics are logged for future correction.

Version 3.150g, checked in on 05/09/05 at 12:20
  • A bard may not 'learn' a skill at a higher level than the class best at that skill can. Skills that have already been learned at a higher level are currently unaffected by this change. It is still possible to memorize scores/scrolls higher than the best class can.
  • Spheres may not be imprinted greater than 2 levels higher than the class best at using a given spell. Spheres that have already imprinted at a higher level will be empowered 2 levels higher than the class best at using the imprinted spell.

Version 3.150f, checked in on 04/17/05 at 19:32
  • Fix it so that aggressive arch mobs don't attack innocent bystanders.

Version 3.150e, checked in on 04/17/05 at 10:16
  • 'skill bard' now displays HELP LEARN.
  • Immortals should no longer show as 'falling' in aerial rooms.

Version 3.150d, checked in on 04/09/05 at 09:46
  • Grant god+ the ability to do bard reviews.

Version 3.150c, checked in on 03/31/05 at 22:07
  • Fix problem with justifications not happening properly for thug victims.

Version 3.150b, checked in on 03/02/05 at 09:52
  • Fix problem with equipment purging that causes the player file to vanish.

Version 3.150a, checked in on 01/30/05 at 12:49
  • Fixed info score memorization for bard so that the info skill will go away (prior to bard getting it permanently at skill level 4). Fix by Natilena (backported from version 4).
  • Fixed problem with how the number of available bard scores were calculated. which impacts how many spells a bard needs to advance in spell class. Fix by Natilena (backported from version 4).

Version 3.150, checked in on 01/04/05 at 19:45
(No information available)

Version 3.149a, checked in on 12/23/04 at 17:53
  • Fix thug justifies, and port to version 4.

Version 3.149, checked in on 11/21/04 at 21:54
  • Wrote a new mob special function that teleports a character if the mob is given a specific item. Necessary for an upcoming area.

Version 3.148, checked in on 11/19/04 at 17:55
  • God+ may now group Immortals. Oh, yes, it's important! \;-)
  • Group members may no longer be portalled unless they explicitly choose to be portaled via the noresist command (HELP NORESIST).

Version 3.147, checked in on 11/14/04 at 16:55
  • The THUG class is now class-switchable. This means that existing characters may now dual-class into thug, provided the character meets dual-classing requirements. NOTE: As with all classes, the thug class cannot be removed once you add it. SKILL THUG shows the skills thug has. We plan on adding more thug-specific skills; however, you should look at the class _as it exists now_. Also, any race will be able to class/switch into thug FOR A LIMITED TIME (assuming one does not already have a thief-type class). Subsequently, only eligible races can be thug.
  • Remove version 4 survey.

Version 3.146d, checked in on 11/05/04 at 14:57
  • Notify some players that they are eligible to take version 4 survey, and where to take it.

Version 3.146c, checked in on 09/11/04 at 10:05
  • Changed venerate so that one can venerate someone else more quickly.
  • god+: Changed mset description so that it can be shortened to 'desc'.

Version 3.146b, checked in on 09/02/04 at 21:54
  • Fixed problem with Immortal visibility statistics.

Version 3.146a, checked in on 08/30/04 at 18:54
  • Fix bug with venerate vs mobs.

Version 3.146, checked in on 08/29/04 at 11:10
  • Wrote venerate command.
  • Wrote venstat command (god+).

Version 3.145a, checked in on 08/28/04 at 19:14
  • Let thugs practice in thief guilds.

Version 3.145, checked in on 08/23/04 at 20:05
  • Initial thug is set up with common skills. Thug-specific skills will come later. Dwarf, giant-kin, human, minotaur, and ogre-kin can be a thug. The remaining races (plus) human can be a thief. New characters can select thug as a class. Class switches into thug are not currently allowed. Thugs will be able to wear most (but not all) metal armor. See HELP THUG for more information.

Version 3.144f, checked in on 08/12/04 at 11:56
  • Reverse most recent XP change, due to reports from both mages and clerics that XP is now too high. I'll have to investige further.

Version 3.144e, checked in on 08/08/04 at 21:26
  • Start rewrite on quest mobs.
  • Start work on thug class.
  • Made experience point adjustments.
  • Fixed bug that would cause Mish to display negative gold piece amount when collecting fines.

Version 3.144d, checked in on 08/01/04 at 17:04
  • Fixed bug with ex-FLI rejoining code.

Version 3.144c, checked in on 08/01/04 at 16:05
  • Fix crash-severity bug with pummel sticks.

Version 3.144b, checked in on 06/02/04 at 23:17
  • More combat adjustments.

Version 3.144a, checked in on 06/01/04 at 21:32
  • Made combat adjustments.

Version 3.144, checked in on 05/29/04 at 16:47
  • Removed code associated with old PK rankings, including 'rank' command.
  • Removed god-granted recall ability. It pretty much fell from common use within a year or so of us opening.
  • Removed the 'godgift' designation from equipment, and modified FLI equipment policy. Though a FLI can only give items to followers, we no longer care where equipment goes from there, from a policy standpoint.
  • Removed "cheat" flag an associated code.

Version 3.143, checked in on 05/28/04 at 13:38
  • god+: added mfind level , which will give a list of mobs that are the specified level. The listing will also show spec funs for a given mob (if any).
  • Made combat adjustments.
  • Fixed issue where elven chain would not show up on a mithral material locate.

Version 3.142g, checked in on 05/24/04 at 20:11
  • Equipment in PC corpses are exempt from fines for 3 days.

Version 3.142f, checked in on 05/24/04 at 16:51
  • Fix bug with inventory items and quest mode.

Version 3.142e, checked in on 05/24/04 at 06:34
  • Include Immortal visibility rankings.

Version 3.142d, checked in on 05/20/04 at 12:27
  • Added out-of-safe room rankings, in part to determine how closely the out- of-safe rankings compare to the activity rankings.
  • Added PK rankings.

Version 3.142c, checked in on 05/19/04 at 13:52
  • Changed activity rankings so that more timeframes display. Also changed the ranking cut-off so that only those that average at least 30 minutes per day are ranked.

Version 3.142b, checked in on 05/14/04 at 01:28
  • Include an activity rank on whois.

Version 3.142a, checked in on 05/11/04 at 12:07
  • Mish will only sell off items in excess of the allowable storage count, when a character is unable to pay the fine.

Version 3.142, checked in on 05/10/04 at 11:11
  • The AREAS command can now list areas based on the suggested level ranges that you are interested in and/or by a simple text search.
  • Changed the format of the #AREA header to remove the braces ({}) from suggested level. I realized after changing all of the current areas that this was a bad idea, so the game will load areas using either header format.
  • Revised HELP AREAS.
  • Added HELP FINES.
  • Fixed two problems with fine code, including equipment not being sold off.

Version 3.141, checked in on 05/08/04 at 22:25
  • Okay, okay, I couldn't take it anymore. No more drinking from fountains (hint: like The Chapel of Kharad-Delving) while in combat. You can still drink from drink containers while in combat.
  • Bumped the mana cost up for managen blossoms.
  • Re-wrote the hunt code to remove dependency area areas fitting within a 100 room blocks. Some areas don't conform, which messes up hunting.
  • Mobs shouldn't slap Immortals any longer as a response to socialing.
  • Adjusted random code power levels. +2 items should now be the most common.
  • Newbies can now place their pummel stick in a bag without it vanishing.

Version 3.140b, checked in on 05/05/04 at 15:36
  • Extend the number of allowed wearable random items in inventory from 3 to 5. From what I've seen, players have done an excellent job of trimming their inventories down. Great job!

Version 3.140a, checked in on 05/04/04 at 18:20
  • A new plaque has been placed in the Room of Records to commemorate Fate's victory on the Avatar Quest. Thanks to Cordir for writing it.
  • Fixed bug that allowed a charmed PC to follow someone else, who would then become that PC's master.
  • Fixed a charm-related bug with assist.
  • Immortals should now see people leave a room, no matter how crowded it is.
  • Changed the gate spell so that it should no longer be castable by FLIs.
  • Fixed a problem that caused those who attack sociopaths to accumulate PK debt.
  • The equipment fine code no longer considers "special" amulets (e.g. AT) as fineable.
  • Note: Fines should start to be charged within the next 3-4 days...
  • Fixed a problem with info2 and dual-classing, which was inappropriately lowering the chances of success.

Version 3.140, checked in on 05/03/04 at 23:23
  • A fine has been instituted for carrying an excessive number of random items in inventory. You are allowed 3 wearable random items in inventory. Random items beyond this number will cause a fine (of gold) that must be paid when you next log in. Only armor, jewelry, amulets, rings and other wearable equipment is counted. Wands, scrolls, fetishes, potions, and other such items are not subject to fine, nor are items that are actually equipped. The fine system will begin after a few days have passed, in order to give everyone a chance to get their inventories in order. Also, newly-acquired random items will not count as "held" items for a short time (approximately 3 weeks), to give you an opportunity to identify and dispose of newly "randomed" equipment.
  • Score now shows the total number if items carried by a character (including in bags, worn, etc.). Score also shows the number of "held" items, or how many wearable random items you have in inventory. You are allowed a total of 3 without penalty. You will be charged for held items beyond this number.

Version 3.139b, checked in on 05/03/04 at 14:53
  • Backed out random item purge part of the new purge code for now. I'm working on a couple of alternatives.

Version 3.139a, checked in on 05/02/04 at 22:32
  • Further purge code changes.

Version 3.139, checked in on 05/02/04 at 19:43
  • Re-wrote equipment purging code. Time spent outside of safe rooms forgoes the purging of worn equipment. 30 minutes per week spent outside of safe rooms should prevent worn equipment from purging for a week. More online time pushes the purge time out further. For example, 3 hours spent online in the course of a week should keep worn equipment from purging for 6 weeks, with the current purge settings. Random items will also purge in the same manner, with a purge time of no less than one year. Items will not actually purge from Immortals, though the purge times are also not adjusted based on online time out of safe. Items stored with Mish will not purge. The goal is two-fold: to make limited items more available to those that are actively playing, and to frustrate equipment hoarding.
  • Fixed crash bug with killing avatars.
  • Fixed portal to PCs and mobs (again).

Version 3.138f, checked in on 05/01/04 at 00:29
  • Fix goof with Immortal 'at' command.

Version 3.138e, checked in on 04/30/04 at 23:57
  • More archmob updates.

Version 3.138d, checked in on 04/30/04 at 12:55
  • Archmob quest improvements.

Version 3.138c, checked in on 04/29/04 at 23:40
  • Fix bug with noeqloss and inventory items.

Version 3.138b, checked in on 04/29/04 at 19:27
  • Fixed crash bug with god info.
  • Changed avatar goto so that the avatar can be moved into safe rooms, with a warning that the avatar cannot remain in that room while a quest is ongoing.
  • Made adjustments to archmobs to overcome certain tactical limitations.

Version 3.138a, checked in on 04/28/04 at 22:40
  • The noeqloss game setting should no longer prevent mobs from dying with equipment on them.
  • Made adjustments to archmob code.

Version 3.138, checked in on 04/27/04 at 23:44
  • Wrote claim (HELP CLAIM) to randomly distribute prizes for major quests.
  • Avatars no longer eat containers.
  • Fixed bug with postal.

Version 3.137b, checked in on 04/27/04 at 10:05
  • Fixed a couple of critical issues with avatars.

Version 3.137a, checked in on 04/25/04 at 14:42
  • Code changes to load in character files without a player connecting. Did this to test out in-game equipment purging. The initial testing was a failure.
  • Voluntarily deleted character less than 10th level are deleted outright, instead of saved. This is consistant with the character restoration policy.
  • Killed avatars should not re-appear after reboot.

Version 3.137, checked in on 04/18/04 at 16:41
  • Once you are rejected or reformed, there's no going back to that following for at least a period of months.
  • Added 'goto', 'desc', and 'equip' options for FLIs to interact with their avatar (if they have one). You don't want to equip them with anything valuable.
  • Rearranged the avatar command so that the god name is unnecessary for FLIs.
  • Avatars can no longer be fed weapons.
  • Fixed a bug with bard levelcheck.
  • Fixed bard perform command.
  • Avatars are partially obscured.
  • Mobs will pause hunting if severely injured.
  • tlang now requires 5 letters.

Version 3.136, checked in on 04/09/04 at 22:18
  • Fixed problem with Immortal lookfor command, which would default to looking for everything.
  • Fixed problem with avatar quest code.
  • Reduced damage done from Good OM ability.
  • Teleport (on self) and portal cannot be used in or immediately after combat.

Version 3.135, checked in on 03/27/04 at 12:08
  • Create mob "avatars," mostly for quest purposes.
  • Added option for lookfor that selects all magic types.
  • Added note in HELP GAME SETTINGS 2 that 'noeqloss' does not rescue over-limit items.
  • Added guard command.
  • Fixed bug where bards did not have to memorize performances in order to perform them.
  • Fixed bug that caused multiple backstabs when the no safe room quest code is on.
  • Removed old diplomatic seal code.
  • Fixed crash-severity bug with Merrick. One of the rooms he depended on has disappeared.

Version 3.134h, checked in on 03/19/04 at 11:19
  • Fixed a crash-severity bug with archmob quest code.

Version 3.134g, checked in on 03/17/04 at 21:07
  • Added minor little god+ feature - get <# coins> - good if I ever need to, uh, get gold from a character.

Version 3.134f, checked in on 03/10/04 at 21:57
  • Fixed a problem with higher bard level spell gain checks.
  • Corrected problems with bard perform command.

Version 3.134e, checked in on 03/02/04 at 21:28
  • Fixed bug with bard spell class leveling determination for high level bards.

Version 3.134d, checked in on 03/01/04 at 21:26
  • Added bard debug information for levelchecks.

Version 3.134c, checked in on 02/29/04 at 20:25
  • Fix problem with Mish locate command.

Version 3.134b, checked in on 02/29/04 at 12:12
  • Implement suggested lookfor format change.

Version 3.134a, checked in on 02/29/04 at 01:01
  • Corrected issues with lookfor.

Version 3.134, checked in on 02/28/04 at 21:43
  • Fixed bug with sacrifice not working after login restrictions should have ended.
  • Created new Immortal command, LOOKFOR.
  • Created new Immortal command, OBJFETCH.
  • Made adjustments to two bard abilities.
  • Fixed a crash severity bug with spheres.

Version 3.133, checked in on 02/22/04 at 19:41
  • Added bard performance ability "managen blossoms," learned via scores.
  • Added bard performance ability "maurices bargain," learned via scores.
  • Added bard innate ability that affects PCs grouped with the bard.

Version 3.132c, checked in on 02/21/04 at 15:50
  • Fixed wee little counting problem with items that are still marked as being overlimit, but shouldn't be.

Version 3.132b, checked in on 02/21/04 at 09:51
  • Code typo fixes.

Version 3.132a, checked in on 02/14/04 at 22:12
  • Add warning to HELP OVERLIMIT and a login warning when you have overlimit item(s).

Version 3.132, checked in on 02/14/04 at 18:10
  • Reverted mobmastery changes back to how it was prior to using the database to track how often a given mob had been killed, and using that for determining the mob to quest after. It was a nifty idea, but it didn't work out how I had hoped.
  • Linkdead command now requires at least 5 characters.

Version 3.131, checked in on 02/05/04 at 23:09
  • Total number of active Ordained Mortals is 1 per following, regardless of Power Rating(*) or Immortal level. (*) Demipowers and Cult Followings still get zero OMs.

Version 3.130b, checked in on 02/01/04 at 15:40
  • Accidently removed login restrictions. Re-added them.

Version 3.130a, checked in on 01/31/04 at 22:26
  • Remove heal casting restriction for evil FLIs.

Version 3.130, checked in on 01/30/04 at 15:50
  • Removed link in favor of heal for evil clerics (can be cast on self, only). Heal is automatically learned at the level link was practiced to.
  • New ability for for good clerics: righteous assault.
  • Enhanced good Ordain Mortal combat ability.

Version 3.129c, checked in on 01/20/04 at 15:10
  • Fixed problems with various mud-derived web site statistics and version note announcements.

Version 3.129b, checked in on 01/20/04 at 10:22
  • Remove vortex restriction from initial login restrictions.

Version 3.129a, checked in on 01/19/04 at 19:37
  • Fixed problem with sacrifice that caused it not to work correctly when one's Immortal is online.

Version 3.129, checked in on 01/18/04 at 12:23
  • Implemented 'suspend' command for god+. Allows god+ to temporarily revoke (suspend) a following's charter. Following abilities, such as ftell and pray, will not work.
  • Certain activities are restricted for the first 15 minutes that a you are online.
  • Removed sanctify from play.

Version 3.128c, checked in on 10/08/03 at 10:28
  • Adjusted the path for announcements generation, given the new website design.
  • Hurricane no longer works on mobs.
  • Removed old-style real-time statistics generation.

Version 3.128b, checked in on 08/29/03 at 15:34
  • Reduced the amount of time that a spell score can exist.
  • Change the news to show generation for "1st generation" characters.

Version 3.128a, checked in on 07/11/03 at 18:02
  • Correct crash-severity bug with rptags.

Version 3.128, checked in on 07/11/03 at 07:17
  • Fix problem with the collect code and tells. When one loses link, the tells switch to "You tell" when someone tells to you.
  • Added a role-playing 'tag', at Tokugawa's request. The tag can be set by a god+ via mset, and lasts for the duration of the target's login.
  • Adjust priority on some news items.
  • Schema changes made to two database tables, which will decrease the amount of storage used.
  • Changed the code that displays last login time. It should be much faster now, especially for characters that have not been played in a while. Also removed the code that displays the length of the last gaming session, as this can slow the game down in some instances.
  • Fixed issue with the link spell messages.
  • Attempted a fix for teleport causing a fight to just stop cold. Not tested.
  • Fixed bug with retrieve working for rangers wielding a two-handed weapon.
  • Correct problems with news reporting bard levels incorrectly.

Version 3.127a, checked in on 07/05/03 at 11:36
  • Non-god+ Immortals may no longer take items out of in-room containers, except in the room where the circlets are kept.
  • Fixed problem with newbie corpses not being lootable if they were justifiably killed.
  • Fixed bug with area spell equipment damage routine.
  • Reduced mage dispel magic bonus to be more in line with what it should be, had I not been ticked off at a few big-mouthed clerics.
  • Fixed problem with the link spell message sometimes indicating the wrong mob being linked.
  • Necroport will not work while flying.
  • Reduced chance of equipment damage in dragon tower lava rooms.
  • Shaman mobs that are not hunting should no longer phosphate.
  • Add bard leveling to the news.
  • Immortals should no longer drown.
  • The web site status page ( should now show visible retired Immortals as a Retired Immortal.

Version 3.127, checked in on 06/29/03 at 13:58
  • Added code to collect current game statistics.
  • Moved news reporting threshhold for location quests so that they aren't reported as often.

Version 3.126b, checked in on 06/28/03 at 00:45
  • Fixed problem with news reporting the new class incorrectly when a character starts a new class (via Jack/Jill).

Version 3.126a, checked in on 06/27/03 at 23:26
  • Fix bug with how news priority is calculated for PKs for news.

Version 3.126, checked in on 06/26/03 at 23:50
  • Make adjustments to news priorities.
  • Remove spammy god+ infos.
  • New versions are announced on web site when they go live. This also paves the way for online game statistics.

Version 3.125, checked in on 06/25/03 at 23:53
  • No attack/kill PK debt for attacking/killing fanatics and sociopaths.
  • Added PK debt penalty for killing pacifists and reprisalists. Cut back on the Sentry PK debt penalty for killing Sentries to compensate (since killing Sentry would trigger both penalties).
  • Fixed web site version notes script to use the current website's background.
  • Completed preliminary adjustments to web site TFC news feature.

Version 3.124, checked in on 06/25/03 at 06:42
  • Log event/news information to database.
  • Limit those below god+ to one snoop session at a time.
  • Immortal summon will only work on followers if the code determines that there are no PC threats in the area (target or other PCs are in safe rooms, others in area are outside of PK range, and/or others in area are pacifists/reprisalists). Historically, summon was not to be used to rescue followers. Some FLIs were following this historical interpretation, and using summon only for transportation when a player had to log out, etc., while others were using summon as a means of rescue against PKers. This change should make FLI use of summon more consistant. Teleport is unchanged.

Version 3.123i, checked in on 06/22/03 at 13:37
  • Fix relieve so that it can remove nodrop/noremove items that the FLI can see, instead of what the mortal can see.
  • Change order on examine so that it uses the order equipment is shown in the equipment command.
  • Entering a 1 hp room will ungroup and unfollow you from the leader.

Version 3.123h, checked in on 06/21/03 at 16:37
  • Fix restring credits message to say 'credit' when only one credit is added by a god+.
  • Fixed "protected from your attempt at aggression" message.
  • Allow potions to harm lower level characters.
  • Fixed lq database update code so that it doesn't lag the game.

Version 3.123g, checked in on 06/18/03 at 07:17
  • Fix crash-severity bug with steal.

Version 3.123f, checked in on 06/17/03 at 22:37
  • Temporarily remove rank command from non-god+ use.
  • Temporarily remove PK rank statistics from whois from non-god+ use.

Version 3.123e, checked in on 06/17/03 at 22:01
  • Mortals may no longer group Immortals.
  • The "collecting tells" message has been removed from collect.
  • Fixed bug where track didn't properly go away when a bard uses it up.
  • Fixed bug so that steal attempts will be deducted from memorized steal (for bards).
  • Fixed bards wear/use so that they cannot use wands and staves.
  • Fixed bug where " is protected from your attempt of aggression" messages would blow target's invis.
  • 'Super' mobs should no longer use normal hunt process, even if the mob aggresses. Instead, it should use its own hunt code.
  • Bard scores now pop as level 1. Level is irrelevant.

Version 3.123d, checked in on 06/12/03 at 17:56
  • Fix critical bug with Mish and storing magic items with spells on them (e.g. wands, staves, scrolls, etc.). The spell(s) on a stored item may have been changed if you did a store list or store get since the last version went live.

Version 3.123c, checked in on 06/06/03 at 10:42
  • Immortal leveltell now respects grantsight.
  • Fixed a crash-severity bug with who and classtitle.
  • Inactive ordains may not practice skills/spells.
  • Fixed bug that would reveal a higher level invis Immortal to a lower level invis Immortal when the higher level Immortal leaves the room, under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a bunch of blank lines to print when characters with a lot of containers log in.
  • Inscribe should now work correctly for bards.
  • Changed the auto-follow for 'goto' to work for Implementor only.
  • Personal PK stats should no longer accumulate for suicides.
  • Fixed uncommon instance where a mortal's IP address could "leak" to FLIs.
  • Reduced the number and rate for which restring credits are automatically given to FLIs.
  • Rearranged spells so that the common, practicable spells come before 'special' spells.
  • Fixed problem that prevented bards from memorizing spell crystals.
  • Detect magic should show power level for scores to bards.
  • Upgraded a special mob, and CODED TWO NASTY SURPRISES FOR IT. The first mortal to tell me 1) which mob was upgraded, 2) how it was upgraded, and 3) both nasty surprises will receive credit to add +10 mana to any FLI's worn gear. Even if you don't follow an Immortal, the prize could still be valuable (as a trade, for instance).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented guard mobs from helping the "innocent."
  • Scores may no longer be stored on Mish.

Version 3.123b, checked in on 05/12/03 at 19:02
  • Fixed reported typos in code.

Version 3.123a, checked in on 05/11/03 at 17:26
  • Fixed bug with guild portal not properly handling mortals that were following someone else.
  • Expanded necroport to also work with animal corpses.
  • Lowered the hit point and move penalties some.

Version 3.123, checked in on 05/11/03 at 10:00
  • Improve Immortals' abilities to follow mortals. To do this, they are not subject to many of the TFC laws of physics, such as flying when a room requires flight, etc.
  • Fix sanctify so that it works correctly with the 'nosafe' quest setting.
  • Immortals that are following a mortal around will follow the mortal out of the guild, instead of appearing in the Immortals 'hometown'.
  • Immortals are not constrained by private room restrictions.
  • Bard: The "You have passed Bards' Council review" message will not appear in levelcheck, if you've never had a review.
  • Created new shaman spell: necroport. Considered experimental, for now.
  • Mob corpses will decompose a little more slowly.
  • Fixed locate object so that it works correctly for non-mage/non-cleric casters (e.g. bards).
  • There is now a chance that crystal spheres/spell crystals will appear on Shamanic Masters.
  • Improved the chances that a sphere/crystal will appear on an archmob. Note that unless certain criteria are met, there is no chance for either. For instance, fighting mobs "too small" for you will yield no special prize.
  • Immortals will now follow mortals into the vortex and back out again.
  • Room hazards and currents should no longer affect Immortals.

Version 3.122, checked in on 05/06/03 at 18:22
  • Fixed typos and misspellings in helps.
  • Added bard learn command, and associated help.
  • Skill bard works (but doesn't list anything).
  • Removed all skills and spells from bard.
  • Made a change that should speed up the login process.
  • Increased pop rate for scores.
  • Bards should no longer get the "You get an extra practice" message, as they don't use practices.

Version 3.121, checked in on 05/04/03 at 16:18
  • Re-wrote location quest to use data from database backend. As a result, I also had to adjust the points scale and experience.

Version 3.120, checked in on 05/03/03 at 15:39
  • Added code to process Bards' Council reviews that bards are required to undertake periodically.

Version 3.119a, checked in on 05/02/03 at 17:44
  • Magic resistance should no longer work against Immortals.
  • Hunting mobs should not attack those in it's path, even if it is normally aggressive.

Version 3.119, checked in on 05/02/03 at 17:14
  • Shamans now have refresh.
  • Suppress visibility message for hide.
  • Re-added portal CHAR, ROOM, and OBJ targets, which should work in addition to keyword portaling.
  • Mage mobs should no longer wizard mark innocent bystanders.
  • Increased experience earned while the game is in 'noeqloss' (no equipment loss) mode.

Version 3.118b, checked in on 04/30/03 at 15:31
  • Improve shaman hunting routine.

Version 3.118a, checked in on 04/29/03 at 21:16
  • Fixed bug with item counts.
  • Added god+ helps.

Version 3.118, checked in on 04/28/03 at 23:18
  • Found and eliminated bugs dealing with database handling.
  • Increased the minimum hit points gained for ranger slightly.
  • Changed gossip command so that at least 3 characters are necessary (gos).
  • Re-wrote portal spell so that the caster can portal to any mark, by giving a keyword for the mark. For instance, is the Recall Room is wizmarked, 'cast portal recall' would get you there. Note that things like 'cast portal 2.' will NOT work. This was done so that archmage mobs could wizmark and select the target to portal to.
  • The duration of a wizmark cast on one PC by another PC has been reduced, given the new flexibility with portal.
  • Shamanic Masters are now in play. This is the shaman mob equivilent to archmage mobs.
  • Initial implementation of high priests is completed. More testing is required before the code goes live.

Version 3.117c, checked in on 04/19/03 at 22:17
  • Fix careless bug with casting in combat.

Version 3.117b, checked in on 04/17/03 at 16:07
  • Found and fixed 3 memory leaks.

Version 3.117a, checked in on 04/11/03 at 16:02
(No information available)

Version 3.117, checked in on 04/08/03 at 18:35
  • Removed the "tester only" code, which was set up to allow those that volunteer for testing to practice a new skill before it was made generally available. In was used once.
  • Removed the rent command. It was originally written as a first take at equipment storage, but was never completed.
  • Removed the cstat (cheater stat) command, that showed all online mortals with cheater flags.
  • Removed old-style PC number assignment code.
  • Remove hit point/mana adjustment code for 2.x characters. This code was put into place in November 2001. Time's up.
  • Removed old merc function that isn't used anywhere in the current code.
  • Re-wrote a bit of the mobmaster-related code that introduced a lot of mud lag, especially during peak times.
  • Re-wrote inefficient code in the PC/mob movement code.
  • Immortals may now cast spells while resting, sleeping, etc. This will probably let Immortals do some weird things. But, well, we're gods.
  • Fixed potential crash-severity bug with mobmaster.
  • Removed skill conversion code that converted the old-style skills into the new skill handling code.
  • Removed my first stab at a "smart" mob, circa July 1995. It was never completed.
  • Removed paladin only door code.
  • Removed druid only door code.
  • Removed Borlan's sword item special function. It was an entertaining test implementation of object specs. It was a talking sword that insisted that you give it back to Borlan.
  • Corrected an inefficiency with archmage mob hunting routine.
  • Removed equipment storage conversion routine that converted us to the new storage scheme.
  • Removed convtime, which allowed conversion from "real" time to TFC time. It was never completed, and it became obvious that I didn't care enough to finish the code.
  • Removed several other functions that are not currently being used.

Version 3.116b, checked in on 04/06/03 at 11:28
  • Removed old code that dealt with converting existing FLIs to the finfo code. No longer needed.
  • Alignment changes in fset adjust the FLI's alignment immediately if they are online, or their next login.
  • Removed code that dealt with other PK models that will never be implemented.
  • Guards will attack only PCs when protecting the innocent. They will not interfere in Good vs Good fights.

Version 3.116a, checked in on 04/06/03 at 08:06
  • Fix crash-severity bug with mobmastery quest.

Version 3.116, checked in on 04/05/03 at 22:25
  • Added god+ ability to manually set a mobmaster target, for debugging/testing purposes.
  • Fixed an instance that made it possible to go into negative debt.
  • Moved faerie fire so that it's taken into account after the darkness spell.
  • Fixed problem that arose when a mobmaster mob area spelled while other mobs were in the room. Technically, not a bug, since hitting the other mob(s) brought them into the fight against the mob that cast the area spell. Nonetheless, this should no longer happen.
  • Big mouth clerics/ordained mortals motivated me to adjust mage dispel magic. Yuck it up, clerics/OMs.
  • Changed item type for simple rings from type weapon to jewelry, and made them an exception to the mage 'enchant weapon' spell. This only affects NEW simple rings. This was done to fix an issue that rangers have when wearing simple rings and holding an item, since the simple looks like a weapon to the code.

Version 3.115b, checked in on 04/05/03 at 14:55
  • Fix crash-severity bug with affect removal code invoked when characters log out.

Version 3.115a, checked in on 04/05/03 at 13:58
  • Removed restriction from mobmastery selection code that would have likely disqualified archmage mobs.

Version 3.115, checked in on 04/05/03 at 09:43
  • Rewrote mobmastery code to address problem with no qualifying mobmaster mobs being available.
  • Removed limit on mobmaster that required that the game be up for at least 4 hours before mobmastery quests could be done.
  • Lowered minimum mobmastery quest level to 3 from 5.
  • Adjusted mob calculations for mobmastery so that additional mobmasteries can be done by the "104 club." I haven't caculated where the new maximum is.

Version 3.114a, checked in on 04/04/03 at 19:00
  • Fixed issue where a "appears out of nowhere" message would appear when a character was invis but also hidden, and the target character still couldn't see the hidden character.
  • Fixed problem with fetish and the darkness and alarm spells.
  • The ventriloquate spell cannot be imprinted upon a sphere.
  • Fixed a bug with Immortal power rating checks.
  • Fixed problems where a newbie would not get a Algenara quest item, because it weighed too much or they had no inventory slots left.
  • Fixed an elusive bug with the true seeing spell. Under specific circumstances, one would see the true seeing spell in the score display, log out and back in, and it would no longer show.
  • Nevyn should no longer camp when he is hunting someone.

Version 3.114, checked in on 04/03/03 at 12:49
  • Fix cant so that thieves can again room cant at their thief level.
  • Collect statistics on mobs being killed.
  • Fix bug where character still shows as being in jail, even if summoned out.

Version 3.113, checked in on 03/30/03 at 08:44
  • Fixed a bug with locate object, that caused it to no longer work for objects on mobs.
  • Re-wrote Nevyn mob, largely to address some problems with him.
  • Nevyn is now an archmage, until I have a chance to write something special up for him.

Version 3.112e, checked in on 03/29/03 at 13:00
  • Immortals can now walk on water.
  • Hunting mobs should be carried closer to their enemy less frequently.
  • Portal to mobs that can't be portaled to will no longer improve portal spell.
  • Fixed a major memory leak with the new store code.
  • Archmage mobs should no longer try to cast fly upon themselves, if they have it innately.
  • Archmage mobs should be more careful with who area spells affect.
  • Archmage mobs shouldn't cast any spells when asleep.

Version 3.112d, checked in on 03/23/03 at 14:51
  • Cant should now work correctly for bards... such as it is. I suspect it would be consumed very quickly.
  • Fixed problem where PCs could still be assisting each other after one attacked the other.
  • Fixed problem with looking inside worn containers.
  • Fixed a problem that caused inscribe to be unusable for bards.
  • Meteor swarm should not appear on spell scores.
  • Sanctify should not appear on spell scores.
  • Turning should not appear on spell scores.
  • Mobs that hide should be visible when faerie fired. Note that they will still show was (Hide), as they still attempt to hide, even though they are glowing, and can't actually do it.
  • Locate object should no longer locate objects on players that have not fully entered the game.
  • The message for an unsuccessful turning attempt should now take OMs into account.
  • Added a check for negative level scrolls.

Version 3.112c, checked in on 03/23/03 at 11:33
  • Shopkeepers should no longer buy items that have negative affects.
  • Re-introduce ghosts, which were inadvertantly dropped.
  • Fixed bug that caused the brief ID mark from displaying two-letter codes (e.g. TH) correctly.
  • Equipment damage from acid blast should again work.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs with mobhunt.

Version 3.112b, checked in on 03/22/03 at 15:13
  • Fixed bug that allowed group tell to be heard in quieted rooms.
  • Fixed problem that caused retired Immortals to get a message telling them they couldn't do something because they were retired, which would show every time they logged in.
  • Charmies should now be able to attack hunting mobs.
  • The little gold dropping problem with corpseless kills should be fixed.
  • A problem with getting a "parting" offensive spell off after your target has teleported should now be fixed. This also fixed the problem with a person showing in the room as fighting 'someone who left??'.
  • Bless potions can now be used on combat. The previous restriction was intentional, but I don't know why.
  • Crash severity bug with scrolls with multiple make bag spells on them has been fixed.
  • Bug that causes Lesser God(dess) Cult Following FLIs to have 255 available OM slots has been fixed, and will adjust appropriately for the affected Immortal at next power check.
  • Fixed the problem with spell scores showing up as level 0. As it turns out, this was intentional, and done in support of bard testing. Nonetheless, they should now pop at various levels.
  • Fixed crash-severity bug with storage.
  • Removed message that FLIs would possibly get on login that tells them they can't use store.

Version 3.112a, checked in on 03/21/03 at 16:11
  • Wrote an equipment comparison routine to help insure that the storage conversion works correctly. Items are pulled out of old storage, put into the new storage, then retrieved again and compared to the original that was pulled out of old storage.
  • Re-wrote some of the database functionality, in order to get rid of warning messages coming from the database backend.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused a 'handful of gold' not to drop to the ground.
  • Fixed a bug that caused one of the settings for the new storage routine not to save correctly.

Version 3.112, checked in on 03/20/03 at 16:56
  • Some major pieces of code were re-written for this version. Please exercise caution, and please post a bug report immediately should you find anything amiss. Areas to keep a particular eye on include equipment storage, and instances where PCs or mobs are killed, as code surrounding these activities was re-written. It was also tested, but better safe than sorry.
  • Created new message type that only displays when the target character can hear.
  • Fixed a problem with resets within containers.
  • Fixed a bug where a particular data file stream was not being properly closed.
  • Re-wrote major death-related code to fix a bug with the 'noeqloss' quest mode.
  • Re-wrote the equipment storage code (Mish).
  • Wrote a conversion routine to move equipment from the old storage model to the new storage model.
  • Reduced the amount of experience energy drain takes.
  • Increase the amount of of inactivity time required for a low level character to purge.
  • Initial setup for shamanic masters, the shaman equivilent to archmage mobs. After some testing, it was determined that they acted more like shaman novices, and will need to be enhanced prior to unleashing them on the world.
  • Re-wrote code that assigns spells and creates mage mobs.
  • Gave mage mobs god spells, including recirculate, death, stasis, hit bleed, and mana bleed. This should increase their survivability. Heh heh. Just kidding.

Version 3.111e, checked in on 03/07/03 at 19:19
  • And other fix for area spells in "safe" rooms when safe rooms are turned off.

Version 3.111d, checked in on 03/07/03 at 18:59
  • Prevent mobs from attacking when socialed during no safe room mode.

Version 3.111c, checked in on 03/07/03 at 17:55
  • Fixed serious bug with debt and 'alljust' quest mode.
  • Unblock temples for duration of quest.

Version 3.111b, checked in on 03/07/03 at 15:22
  • Limit quest rankings to top 5.

Version 3.111a, checked in on 03/07/03 at 14:38
  • Fix crash-severity bug with a spell.
  • Fixed a bug with nospell rooms allowing mobs to cast. There is believed to be at least one other problem with this, that isn't yet fixed.

Version 3.111, checked in on 03/06/03 at 01:30
  • Fixed several quest-related problems found during the practice run of the quest.
  • Fixed a couple of conditions that caused mob hunting to fail.
  • Turn off the accumulation of PK statistics when one of several quest modes is turned on.
  • Fix area spell casting so that it works for non-PC to PC combat when the 'alljust' option is set.
  • Remove aggressiveness from mage mobs that are being used in the quest.
  • Clean up quest mage mobs after the quest has ended.
  • Adjust hunt target selection.
  • Change combat and spell timing so that it matches proportionately with the old timing.

Version 3.110b, checked in on 03/02/03 at 10:55
  • Fix crash-severity bug with the noeqloss quest mode. Thanks to Charles for identifying the circumstance that causes the crash, and for help testing.
  • It is now possible able gain experience during noeqloss, at a reduced rate.

Version 3.110a, checked in on 03/02/03 at 08:59
  • Trimmed back the combat speed, based on feedback from players that didn't help when I tested the change.

Version 3.110, checked in on 03/01/03 at 14:32
  • Added 'opp' to list of illegal character names.
  • Add help for new god+ command, gameset.
  • Remove reference to 'check opponent' in CHECK HEALTH help. Added 'check opp'.
  • Added HELP GAME SETTINGS to explain what the different game-wide special operation modes are.
  • Added policy7, Unauthorized access to or disruption of computer resources.
  • Fixed minor bug in message collection code.
  • Score will now show if there are any special game-wide settings in effect.
  • Fixed code in several places to prevent character name 'Opps' from matching for 'opponent'. 'opp' is now the REQUIRED string to match for 'opponent'.
  • Fixed a minor bug with 'whois' and the database backend.
  • Added a line feed after the message you get after training a stat.
  • Added GAMESET god+ command, which allows the god+ to set several special operations modes on a game-wide basis. See HELP GAME SETTINGS for more information.
  • Removed code from 1996 that was in partial production, but that I never completed. Replaced the current functionality with 'gameset'.
  • Fixed bug that allowed god+ to remove a mob special function, even if that mob did not have one.
  • Added god+ ability to clone mobs.
  • Upon advice of the mortals and Immortals, downgraded listed difficulty of Loth Llorien from 'Medium' to 'Easy'.
  • Upon advice of the mortals and Immortals, upgraded listed difficulty of Cillidellia from 'Easy' to 'Medium'.
  • Fixed limitation in database code, that allowed update matches on only a single column.
  • Coded a short-term mob killing quest, which will probably be run next week.
  • Add ability to generate attacks on mage mobs, without the target character being online.
  • Fixed a bug that caused mobs in combat to sigh a lot if their target vanishes.
  • Added 'signup' command, for use with quests. I'm not sure how useful it will be as a general command, but I needed it for the short-term quest.
  • Hopefully fixed bug that caused Cult Followings to never rise back out of Cult Following. Previously, they had to manually be fixed.
  • Mobs should cast refresh on newbie when a leg of the Algenara quest is completed. Untested.
  • WARNING WARNING WARNING: I have changed combat pacing to be a little faster. In testing, people have either not noticed a difference, or a slight speedup. Nonetheless, USE CAUTION until you get used to it.
  • Changed action lag to introduce slightly less lag after lagged commands.

Version 3.109b, checked in on 02/21/03 at 18:18
  • Small adjustment to starting ogre constitution range.
  • Another hunt bug fix.
  • Butcher should now work for god+.

Version 3.109a, checked in on 02/21/03 at 17:51
  • Fix crash-severity bug with rallying and hunting.

Version 3.109, checked in on 02/21/03 at 16:27
(No information available)

Version 3.108a, checked in on 02/15/03 at 15:14
  • Fixed crash-severity bug.

Version 3.108, checked in on 02/15/03 at 11:22
  • "Permanent" debt is now bribable, using BRIBE PERM.
  • The waterbreath spell is no longer dispelable.
  • Fixed a problem with the PK debt code that allowed the possibility of "running up" a target's permanent debt.
  • Fixed a problem with the waterbreath affect that caused it not to work correctly when assigned to an item other than a waterbreath amulet.

Version 3.107e, checked in on 01/01/03 at 12:02
  • FLIs may not use spheres.
  • FLIs may not comment other Immortals.
  • 'skirt' removed as a leg item, as it doesn't fit with 'a pair of'.

Version 3.107d, checked in on 01/01/03 at 11:21
  • Fix various code typos.

Version 3.107c, checked in on 11/19/02 at 21:29
  • Fix bug with ordained mortal "pooled" experience not being used for subsequent levels.

Version 3.107b, checked in on 10/10/02 at 21:44
  • Force a player file save when an item is stored or retrieved from storage.

Version 3.107a, checked in on 10/02/02 at 07:49
  • Armor repair is now less expensive, and a bit more effective.
  • Extended ability to add attack justifications to PCs, in preparation for PK contest.
  • Changed OM justification damage bonus to be more consistant with other justification bonuses. Namely, the bonus applies only if the OM is justified and the attacker is not.
  • Reduced the Sentry OM justification damage bonus, as Sentry already receives a justification damage bonus by itself.
  • Temporarily disabled the equipment damaging effects of some area spells, in preparation of the PK contest.
  • Removed 'scarves' head item.

Version 3.107, checked in on 09/29/02 at 09:29
  • Neutral, as an alignment, was not set up with PK aggressiveness in mind. It originally started out as an alignment that could not initiate unjust attacks, much like the Sentry PK model. In the original sense, 'Neutral' was neutrality from the PK wars between and amongst the two main alignments (good and evil). Now that this version of neutrality is not explicitly the case, followings have arisen to take advantage of the flexibility of alliances and enemies, without a corresponding downside that the other alignments have -- although, in a sense, alliances and neutrality is an interesting contradiction. In the short term, penalties will be introduced for aggressive neutral followers, to bring the penalties more in line with the other alignments. In the longer term, neutral may be phased out as a following-selectable alignment. In many cases, it overlaps with good (passive folks *tend* to lean good) and evil (the "can kill anyone" group). Any Neutral Following-Level Immortals that wish to change to either Good or Evil may do so without penalty for a limited time, given the clarification in focus.
  • Neutral aggressors are charged more PK debt for both attacks and kills. The penalty increases as your PK classification changes, with the worst penalty for "Neutral" sociopaths. Applying my own values system, these individuals are evil.
  • Unjustly attacking or killing fanatics or sociopaths (any alignment) costs less PK debt. The PK debt amount is further reduced if you attack or kill a "Neutral" sociopath. Applying my own values system, these individuals are evil.
  • Reduced the PK debt given when attacking someone who cannot justly attack. The penalty was disproportionately high.
  • Removed 'skirt' as a on legs random item, and changed garter belt to garter belts.
  • One of the statistics pages still referred to GlobalCenter. Changed.

Version 3.106e, checked in on 09/24/02 at 08:54
  • Fixed bug that made it impossible to tell to mobs in the same room.

Version 3.106d, checked in on 09/23/02 at 00:25
  • Quiet should now block the receipt of tells.
  • Immortal 'MORTALWHO' config option will avoid displaying invis Immortals.
  • Range command should now work correctly for levels 5-9.
  • Fixed Immortal peek, so that mortals can't see Immortals do it.
  • Fixed the meditate skill, so that a successful meditation yields better regeneration than sleeping.
  • Decreased penalty for mediation failure, particularly for higher level shamans.
  • 'put all' now tells you when item(s) won't fit in a container.
  • FLIs can no longer 'drop all'.
  • It is now possible to give a mortal items that they cannot see because they are blind.
  • It's possible to fill a container with liquid without the container being empty, so long as the liquid is the same type.
  • Fixed bug that caused items stolen from mortals by god+s shattered because of alignment.
  • Removed PK range check from the newbie corpse protection code.
  • Added new god+ option to mset, addattack, which manually adds an attack to a mob for a PC. Used to set hunt for archmage mobs.
  • Applicable practices should be reimbursed when a FLI accepts a follower.
  • Adjusted weight factors for some material types.
  • Waterbreath amulets/spells should no longer interfere with mobmastery.
  • Mortal infos should no longer display death messages for Immortal kills, if that Immortal is invisible.
  • Multikilling as a result of meteor swarm no longer results in permanent debt.
  • Fixed a problem that caused mobs to pray for transportation inappropriately.
  • Disarm now takes both nodrop and noremove into account.
  • Adjusted the regular debt penalty for multikilling down.
  • Godgifted items that drop into a room become un-godgifted.
  • Fixed a problem where tells would be inappropriated routed, due to the name abbreviation code.
  • Socials are now logged for comm/cmdlogs.
  • Faerie fire now negates invis/improved invis.
  • You no longer get a fjust for haunting yourself.
  • The power of rift has been increased for FLIs.
  • Fixed ventroloquate to work correctly with abbreviations.
  • If you are flying, you are not put to the rest position when you bad recall.
  • Fixed vampiric touch to work correctly with cloak of protection.
  • Auto-retired FLIs' finfo records should be made invisible to mortals automatically.
  • Changed the mobmastery command so that the command by itself shows the status of a mobmastery. mobmastery start starts a new mobmastery quest.
  • Added a few more random item descriptions.
  • Fixed bug with random scrolls that caused memorize to work incorrectly.
  • Adjusted the general weights for some random wear locations.
  • Engage should now succeed more often.
  • Mish now displays an appropriate message if you fail to mention the item you wish to act upon.
  • Experience gain/loss of one point should say that you gained/lost 1 experience point, not points.
  • Removed restriction that caused good OMs' wimpy value to be set to zero. This was a historical artifact of the old Paladin code.

Version 3.106c, checked in on 09/02/02 at 00:00
  • Warning message for the old IP information wasn't showing correctly.

Version 3.106b, checked in on 09/01/02 at 22:26
  • If you are coming to TFC via the OLD site name/IP address, you are now informed what you need to do to go directly to the new site, and you are logged out.
  • Changed the death repop point for Og Ogres.
  • Fixed bug with compare.

Version 3.106a, checked in on 08/25/02 at 11:28
  • Changed god+ qstat command to by default list all quest mobs.
  • Fixed an issue with how the object data is being stored in the database.

Version 3.106, checked in on 08/24/02 at 18:45
  • Mostly internal changes, this time around. It was causing me fits, which is the main reason new code has not gone in for a while.
  • Selected object-related information is now being stored in the database.

Version 3.105c, checked in on 08/10/02 at 13:12
  • Fix bug with OLDIP info.

Version 3.105b, checked in on 08/10/02 at 12:00
  • Added code to warn you if you are going to TFC's old site IP address. Currently, I am cleverly re-routing traffic from the old site to the new site. If you are going to the wrong site, you should see the contents of HELP OLDIP. This is not tested, as it will only work on the live server.
  • Granted Valas' wish that attack justifies not be granted to an opponent, if the attacker was justified in attacking. This change affects Valas only. Since he has lambasted the way justification currently works, and requested that it work this way, he is responsible for the bad things that could happen as a result. How these "bad things" are triggered is left as an exercise to the players to figure out.
  • Mobs should no longer try to hunt Immortals.
  • Added 'howl' social.
  • Whether mortal spells fizzle when cast on a god+ is now determined by the god+'s 'nohassle' setting.
  • Backed away from the concept of saving objects in the database, instead of or in addition to in the player file. The save operation was too slow, causing very noticable lag.

Version 3.105a, checked in on 07/27/02 at 21:17
  • The bards' memorization line should now always be capitalized.
  • The meditate command is now available at level 1; however, you still won't be able to use it unless you know the skill.
  • Fix bug with bard effective levels being calculated incorrectly.
  • Stumbled across and fixed a problem with a failure condition within the link spell.
  • Magical scores should stay around a little longer now.
  • Fixed a bug with info2 that caused a crash earlier today.
  • Fixed a problem with bard score memorization. The skill/spell would not correctly improve in power as the same skill/spell was memorized again.
  • Fixed a problem where memorizing a magical score would give you an extra cast.
  • Fixed problem where bard would not properly get the info skill at the appropriate level.
  • Fixed a bug with leveling and stat increases.

Version 3.105, checked in on 07/22/02 at 21:35
  • Bards now receive common when they get their first level, refresh when they reach spell level 2, info when their skill class reaches 4, and info3 when their skill class reaches 10. The check for these additional skills and spells happens when the character levels, and the additions will only be awarded if the skill or spell isn't practiced (memorized is okay).

Version 3.104d, checked in on 07/22/02 at 13:55
  • You can no longer use memorize if confused.

Version 3.104c, checked in on 07/22/02 at 08:21
  • Fixed bard-related bug that causes an infinite loop, if the bard is confused.

Version 3.104b, checked in on 07/21/02 at 10:46
  • Fix pick.

Version 3.104a, checked in on 07/21/02 at 09:53
  • Fixed bug with mortal info.

Version 3.104, checked in on 07/21/02 at 09:24
  • Added new bard-only item, spell and skill scores. They are memorized.
  • Fixed up several skills to work correctly when "memorized." Untested, due to a lack of available testers.
  • Added 'whois' information for those that gave bard memorization phrases to me yesterday, as well as those Immortals that have supplied newbie advice that is being used.
  • Added luck messages back into score.
  • Initial class setup for thugs has been completed.
  • Since an upcoming class will be called thug, the 'thug' PK classification has been renamed to 'miscreant'.

Version 3.103f, checked in on 07/20/02 at 09:26
  • Fixed a bug with trains.
  • Removed an extra info that greater god+ receives when a character logs in.
  • Fixed bug with bard advances infoing the level they are on, as opposed to the level they are going to.
  • Removed restriction that prevented bards from worshipping. It wasn't meant for modern bards.

Version 3.103e, checked in on 07/17/02 at 21:06
  • Fix crash-severity bug with message processing.

Version 3.103d, checked in on 07/17/02 at 14:12
  • Fixed a couple of bugs with the command abbreviation code.

Version 3.103b, checked in on 07/16/02 at 09:10
  • Fixed bug with mstat.

Version 3.103a, checked in on 07/14/02 at 21:44
  • Fixed a bug with bards and leveling. Their level advances twice, even though they get but one actual gain.

Version 3.103, checked in on 07/14/02 at 19:16
  • Changed the nature of assist (HELP ASSIST). By default, assist now only works when mobs (NPCs) attack you. If a PC attacks the person you are assisting, you will *not* automatically engage the attacker. This allows you to decide whether jump into the fight directly as an unjustified attack, or stay out of the fight and cast beneficial spells on the defender. ASSIST ALL will allow you to automatically assist against both NPCs and PCs automatically, and was assist's behavior previous to this change.
  • It's now possible to abbreviate mob and PC names in many instances. For instance, 'dragon' could be shortened to 'dra' or even 'd'. The first PC or mob that matches the your input will be used. It is possible to use the numeral dot format to specify others in a room. For instance, '3.d' would match the third mob or PC starting with the letter 'd'. THIS IS SOMEWHAT RISKY, since it may match a mob or PC that you did not anticipate. Exact name matches will match first, so if there are 'magi' and 'magicians' in the same room, and you specify 'kill magi', the magi will be attacked, not the magician, even if it is the first listed in the room. In short, it is safer to use the mob's or PC's full name. If you're lazy, abbreviate, and something bad happens, you've kind of asked for it. :-)

Version 3.102a, checked in on 07/14/02 at 14:28
  • Fix bad interaction between old character generation code and new code, which would harm existing characters.

Version 3.102, checked in on 07/14/02 at 12:56
  • Score now shows a scale for each attribute statistic (str, int, etc.). HELP REROLL shows the scale, from LOW to MAX.
  • Reworked new character creation. You now have an opportunity to re-roll statistics when the character is being created. Removed the misunderstood notion of training 'potential' statistics.
  • Re-wrote train to work with new character stats generation code.
  • Re-wrote code to improve and simplify how attribute statistics are handled.
  • Fixed a bug with the advice adding code, which would cause advice messages created over multiple lines not to display correctly.
  • Relocated Immortal new player infos to be closer to the point that the new character logs in.
  • Revised racial statistics minimums and maximums.
  • Added 'sneer' social.
  • Immortals no longer suffer from standard spell casting lags. This is somewhat experimental.

Version 3.101a, checked in on 07/07/02 at 17:12
  • Fixed a problem with whois that caused it not to work when certain characters were the target. whois will not work against targets that have not yet logged in under this version, due to a data collection issue.

Version 3.101, checked in on 07/02/02 at 22:43
  • Re-wrote the 'whois' command to give player-specific information. Right now, this is limited to PK statistical ranking, but more information will be included in the future. 'who exact ' behaves how 'whois' used to.
  • Initial bard leveling code written. There is still a lot of work to do with the basic class leveling code, but at least it's possible to advance a bard's levels now.
  • Bards can use scrolls.
  • Added 'levelcheck' command, to allow bards to check the status of their non-combat classes.
  • Removed code that restricts a character from advancing beyond 2nd level for the first two hours.

Version 3.100f, checked in on 06/26/02 at 21:59
  • Correct bug with various messages not displaying as they should.

Version 3.100e, checked in on 06/26/02 at 15:53
  • Fix crash-severity bug with summon.

Version 3.100c, checked in on 06/26/02 at 09:26
  • Fix bugs with collect.

Version 3.100b, checked in on 06/25/02 at 23:04
  • Disable the collect code so that it is not triggered. Something in that code is creating a loop, freezing the game up.

Version 3.100a, checked in on 06/25/02 at 22:59
(No information available)

Version 3.100, checked in on 06/25/02 at 17:51
  • Added the ability to 'collect' messages. See HELP COLLECT for more information. This command stores a few back messages from the channel(s) you specify, for later retrieval.
  • Some individual PK rankings are available via the 'rank' command. The difference between 'rank' and HELP RANKING is that 'rank' is updated periodically while the game is running, while HELP RANKING updates only at reboot. As for the statistics themselves, they are generated from 'recent' PK stats. The 'wanted', 'punishers', and 'oppressed' ranks are mutually exclusive, meaning you should only appear on a maximum of one of these. The 'justified' rank scores on justified attacks/kills.
  • Adjusted the range penalty for attacking and/or killing non-PKers.
  • Increased the effectiveness of magic resistance.

Version 3.99e, checked in on 06/17/02 at 20:14
  • Create a way to list unassigned advice.
  • Sort the advice list.

Version 3.99d, checked in on 06/17/02 at 09:16
  • Fix bug which prevented the cleanup of login records.

Version 3.99c, checked in on 06/17/02 at 00:04
  • Adjust the frequency that 'advice' is given.

Version 3.99b, checked in on 06/16/02 at 22:47
(No information available)

Version 3.99a, checked in on 06/16/02 at 22:06
  • Fix crash-severity bug with newbie advice function.

Version 3.99, checked in on 06/16/02 at 20:18
  • Game now displays the last time you logged in, and from what site.
  • Created an advice channel, which Algenara uses to give advice to newbies. 'channel -advice' turns it off. Right now, there are very few advice messages, especially for levels 1-2, but it is a starting point.
  • Fixed a bug where a mob's (long) description could not be manually set by a god+.
  • Created 'advice' command, which allows FLI+ to create advice messages for newbies. Once a message is completed, a god+ sets the level range applicable to the advice message.
  • Started working on bard's magic system.
  • Re-wrote the way TFC accesses the backend database to be somewhat more robust and flexible.
  • Fixed a bug where some unjust kills were not showing up correctly in the individual pk stats.
  • Lowered the PK range to level 5.
  • Those that are unjustly PKed between the levels of 5 and 9 will not lose their equipment. Instead, they will still be wearing it when they go to the death repop point. Justified kills and kills by mobs are excluded, and will result in an equipment-filled corpse.
  • Unjust attacks and kills on pacifists and reprisalists influence who can attack a killer.
  • FLI Power Ratings are now determined across all FLIs, as opposed to being done seperately based on PK model.
  • Modified FLI Power Ratings to better account for new followings.
  • Set Gavin's temple door.

Version 3.98e, checked in on 06/09/02 at 12:26
  • Fixed crash-severity bug with quest mobs and unique mob identifiers.

Version 3.98d, checked in on 06/08/02 at 15:08
  • Fixed a bug with memorization that was crashing us.
  • Fixed a bug which allowed thieves and shamans to memorize scrolls.

Version 3.98c, checked in on 06/08/02 at 00:09
  • Fixed a crash-severety bug with quest mobs.

Version 3.98b, checked in on 06/04/02 at 13:12
  • Fixed code typos from typo list.

Version 3.98a, checked in on 06/03/02 at 00:29
  • Fixed an instance where the database connection was not being closed.

Version 3.98, checked in on 06/02/02 at 16:48
  • More work added towards bard class.
  • Migrated new character registration from a flat data file into a database backend. Also migrated individual PK statistics from a flat file format into a database backend. I'm not entirely comfortable migrating this soon, as testing has been fairly limited. Since we were facing downtime anyway, I went ahead and did the migration, and it seems okay. If this version works out, I will probably increment the major number to 4, to indicate a major internal change. I hope to use the database engine to simplify bard class implementation, as well, as well as migrating several other flat text data files that the code currently utilizes.

Version 3.97, checked in on 06/01/02 at 09:46
  • The PK penalty for being rejected from a Sentry following has been removed.
  • The damage restriction for sub-20 characters is removed when a given character is justified. This more closely corresponds to how the damage cap now generally works.
  • Adjusted scoring on the location quest. Some locations are still being scored too high for their difficulty.
  • Fixed a buglet with player file loads.

Version 3.96c, checked in on 05/15/02 at 23:42
  • Fix bug that caused location quest to break (no suitable location found error).
  • Corrected bug with scoring.
  • Location quest experience points are linked in part to the number of points a given quest is worth.

Version 3.96b, checked in on 05/12/02 at 23:11
  • Further refinements to the location quest.

Version 3.96a, checked in on 05/11/02 at 08:55
  • It was pointed out that a competent person doing location quests can net a huge amount of experience very, very quickly. I based the previous calculations based on a certain degree of incompetence. :-) It has been adjusted so that the experience point costs, and thus gains upon completion, go up more slowly. Also, the multiplier has been lowered.
  • Killed off warning message which displays when someone who was not doing a location quest quits the game.

Version 3.96, checked in on 05/09/02 at 20:44
  • Created a new game, called the location quest. HELP LOCATION QUEST for more information.
  • Magic resistance should now work vs mob-cast spells, and spells from objects.
  • HELP BROKER AFFECT now includes magic resistance.

Version 3.95a, checked in on 05/05/02 at 10:00
  • Fixed bug with bad recall, which caused character to be "stuck" when previously flying but flung to the ground.

Version 3.95, checked in on 05/05/02 at 09:51
  • Lowered the fee for having items 'liberated'.
  • Added new equipment affect type: magic resistance. Wearing this equipment, in effect, gives a chance for a non-defensive spell to be ineffective. Adjustments may be made based on impact to the game.
  • Now collecting basic infomation about how often a room and area is traveled.
  • Cummulative mobhunt scores are now being collected in the player file. This is to support additional future code.

Version 3.94, checked in on 05/03/02 at 08:55
  • I have modified the nature of the damage cap, since the present cap has proved to be such a de-motivator, to PKers and many non-PKers alike. Now, the damage, hit roll, and svs caps are only in effect in the following two situations: 1) When fighting mobs. This is because I want the areas to retain a certain level of difficulty. 2) Unjust attacks against a pacifist or reprisalist will result in damage dealt to the pacifist or reprisalist being capped. Sometime within the next few days, I will post a note outlining some scenarios, and explain whether a cap would or would not be in effect, and if so, for whom. In summary, if the pacifist or reprisalist is a "blameless victim," damage against them will be capped. Otherwise, there is no damage cap. It is assumed that if you are not a pacifist or reprisalist, or if someone is justified against you, then you have chosen to forego cap protection. This is still a work in progress, and may change based on how it works out.

Version 3.93b, checked in on 05/01/02 at 23:33
  • Fixed shopkeepers to better handle tongues and comprehend.
  • Fixed shopkeepers to handle am and pm.

Version 3.93a, checked in on 04/28/02 at 22:24
  • Add temple door for Solanthas.

Version 3.93, checked in on 04/28/02 at 12:34
  • Created the concept of individual PK classification. This classification is based on an individual's RECENT justified and unjustified attack and kill record. See HELP PK CLASSIFICATION for more information. Note that all unjustified attacks and kills had to be mapped somewhere, so they will show that you attacked or were attacked by vigilantes. New attacks should be properly classified.
  • Score now shows your PK classification.
  • Consider now shows an opponent's PK classification.
  • Relics and fetishes should no longer be deadly to those less than 10th level. Posted idea.
  • Re-worked giant-kin detect magic ability to show the magic strength, like the spell does. This is untested, as giant-kin can be difficult to find. Adapted from posted idea.
  • Failed recalls that fling you to the ground now fling you to the ground instead of fling you into a standing position. Posted idea.
  • Make bag now uses shaman levels only to determine size of the bag, as opposed to effecitve level. Posted idea.
  • Fixed an issue with mobhunt that caused a new game announcement to occur, even when there was already a game in progress.
  • Changed the background for the TFC online statistics to use the new web site background (

Version 3.92a, checked in on 04/05/02 at 15:03
  • Fixed bug that causes mobhunt to display "new game beginning" message, when one is in progress, but has only one player.

Version 3.92, checked in on 04/05/02 at 13:05
  • Mobs less than 10th level suffer no experience penalty when the mob has just re-popped.
  • Added 'Round' on the mob hunt high scores. Since previous the previous boot was not tracking high round, round will show up as '0' for the previous high scores.
  • The mob hunt contest will continue as long as at least one player qualifies for the next round; however, the player will only get half the normal points for successive mobs, while s/he is the only one playing.

Version 3.91a, checked in on 03/26/02 at 23:38
  • Slightly increased the gold collected the the progressive jackpot.
  • Online stats are now collected for rounds that make it to at least round 4 (was round 5). It seems that round 5 finishes are much rarer than I thought.

Version 3.91, checked in on 03/26/02 at 00:07
  • Added 'mobhunt score', which displays the highest recent scores for mob hunt rounds that reach a high round number. 'mobhunt rank' gives the same information.
  • Added a progressive jackpot, which is awarded whenever a mob hunt game winner beats the top score listed in 'mobhunt score'. It otherwise accumulates at the end of each game.

Version 3.90b, checked in on 03/25/02 at 01:05
  • Set up mobhunt so that god+ can register, and thus get the mobhunt infos. The presense of a god+ in the contest should be transparent.
  • Changed the mobhunt (bonus) description on the mobs list to include the number of bonus points a given mob is worth.

Version 3.90a, checked in on 03/24/02 at 20:57
  • Fixed scan to no longer see improved invis people.
  • Those reaching level 30 in a class or switching to their level 30 class should not be struck with unending hunger.

Version 3.90, checked in on 03/24/02 at 16:55
  • Added a contest channel, for contest-related information.
  • Added mobhunt, a multiplayer version of mobmastery. HELP MOBHUNT for more information. Hunt statistics will follow shortly.

Version 3.89a, checked in on 03/19/02 at 01:29
(No information available)

Version 3.89, checked in on 03/19/02 at 01:00
  • Fixed a bug where a failed empower attempt was not being handled correctly.

Version 3.88d, checked in on 03/17/02 at 17:52
  • Missed one aspect of the mage mob gold calculations. Corrected.

Version 3.88d, checked in on 03/17/02 at 16:26
(No information available)

Version 3.88c, checked in on 03/15/02 at 18:02
(No information available)

Version 3.88b, checked in on 03/15/02 at 16:12
  • Hunting mobs will no longer stay in sustained combat with other mobs, nor will other mobs stay in sustained combat with a hunter.
  • FLIs may no longer cast link on followers.
  • The gold bonus for mage mobs has been modified.

Version 3.88, checked in on 03/10/02 at 16:23
  • Areas: Lowered cost of uncharged crystal spheres. This was a posted idea.
  • 'echo' is no longer available to FLIs.
  • Mage mobs will yield extra gold, particularly at higher levels. This was a posted idea.

Version 3.87, checked in on 01/06/02 at 17:31
  • Documentation: Updated HELP CHARGE to include information on 'charge seal'.
  • Created 'imprint' skill, which allows a spell caster to 'imprint' a spell upon a blank crystal sphere. Added HELP IMPRINT.
  • Damage cap adjustments are made based on class. The unadjusted cap is still at 30. Non-casters get +3 to their cap. Fighter classes (warrior, ranger) get +1 to the damage cap at 16th (fighter) level, and every 4 levels thereafter. Also, each non-fighter class that is maxxed (i.e. at level 30) increases the damage cap by +1.
  • Fixed serious bug with storing pummel sticks.

Version 3.86b, checked in on 01/05/02 at 20:17
  • Ambassador access to the board list should now be blocked. Was not tested, since no Ambassadors were available.
  • One may not steal from Algenara quest mobs.
  • Fixed problem where mana expended via 'charge' could be recovered if the PC is dispelled. In addition, this mana loss should no longer interfere with mobmasteries.

Version 3.86a, checked in on 12/17/01 at 21:57
  • Fixed a problem where an incorrect message was displayed when one of the "special" spells was cast.
  • As some people have figured out the secret behind the spell crystals, I have decreased their frequency somewhat in some instances.
  • Fixed a potentially serious bug with equipment that "expires" over time. This bug may account for the reports of lost bids with Mish, although that is not a certainty at this point.

Version 3.86, checked in on 12/09/01 at 23:27
  • Added charge skill (HELP CHARGE). It allows spell casters to add charges to magical devices (e.g. wands, relics). This is actually part of a bigger addition, but I see no reason not to make it available now. Testing has been fairly limited, but I don't anticipate any serious problems. Also, the failure rate is currently fairly high, so practice on devices that you aren't afraid to destroy.
  • Lowered the delay for most magical devices.
  • Fixed a problem with the mage mobs and hunting.
  • Corrected a couple of issues with the charm person spell.
  • Have mage mobs issue orders to charmies while not in combat.
  • Increased effectiveness of the confusion spell vs. mobs.
  • Implemented a saving throw for one of the "special" spells, which I've heard heard referred to as "The Gesture of Death."
  • Worked on a bug with teleport, where victim would get teleported, but still be casted on a round after the teleport. May still be an issue, but was unable to replicate the problem after changes were made.
  • Added temple entrances for Kim, Torchbearer, and Cordir.
  • Mage mobs should avoid teleporting PCs affected by the sleep spell.
  • Mage mobs should avoid targets that it has charmed.
  • Fixed a bug where a mage mob would cast on PCs that it could not see and was not directly engaged with while in combat.
  • Reduced the circumstances in which mage mobs teleport victims.
  • Fixed a bug dealing with sloppy condition checking. If one owes exactly 500 coins, she would treat the debt like it was over 10,000 coins, and sell equipment.

Version 3.85d, checked in on 12/08/01 at 17:56
  • Fixed problem where a mob going into the guild messes up hunting.
  • Mage mobs no longer as teleport-happy when they cast.

Version 3.85c, checked in on 12/08/01 at 13:20
  • Reduced the 2.x bonus cap to 75. I figure the active 2.x'ers have received their bonuses.
  • Removed warnings from HELP STORE.

Version 3.85b, checked in on 12/03/01 at 09:06
  • Fixed problem with corpses and other items not decaying.

Version 3.85a, checked in on 12/03/01 at 01:17
  • Fix bug with hunting mage mobs not going back to their starting point, if their target is not online.

Version 3.85, checked in on 12/02/01 at 22:07
  • Moved the Sentry-to-unaligned PK penalty from 300 hours to 250.
  • Created new item type, the crystal sphere. This magical item can be used by any class that has practiced the 'sphere use' ability, and is triggered by the 'empower' command. The spheres are not strictly random.
  • Created new item type, the spell crystal. This item is not strictly random, and not currently documented. I want to give you a chance to figure out what they do, how they are used, and the possible benefits. Once they have become better known, they will be included in the helps. Spell crystals are unstable, and will eventually decay if they are not used.
  • Reduced the experience penalty for killing a mob that just re-popped.
  • Fixed several bugs with the mage code and hunt.
  • Made some changes to the object spell casting code, to work with spheres. It is possible that these changes have impacted other spell casting items (e.g. wands, relics, etc.), but cursory testing showed no issues.
  • Made a change to turning, dealing with unaligned casters. Still needs to be tested.
  • Re-wrote some of the code dealing with cleaning up objects dropped on the ground. Testing looks fine, but please let me know if you notice strange things happening with decaying equipment.
  • Lowered retention of ideas to two months, in order to shorten the list to a managable level. Unfortunately, I annotated most of the messages on the list at the same time, which started the purge timer over for a majority of the list. I may increase this back to 6 months in the future.

Version 3.84b, checked in on 11/21/01 at 17:33
  • Bug fix did not incorporate correctly.

Version 3.84a, checked in on 11/21/01 at 11:01
  • Fixed serious experience bug, which awarded experience for some mobs, regardless of the PC's level.

Version 3.84, checked in on 11/19/01 at 21:05
  • Created a new mage mob routine, that utilizes rudimentary combat tactics. Some of the mage mobs will use the new code. I realize that only certain players will want a mob that can challenge them, but at least there is now an option for a mage mob that is a little more powerful than "standard." For those that want a mob with a little more fight, I hope they provide entertainment.
  • Created some special spells that the mage mob has a chance of learning. These are limited to how often a specific mob can cast them.
  • Changed some of the titles that new characters of some of the races use.
  • An xp bonus is given for certain types of mobs.
  • Fixed some problems with various spells. Teleport and sleep were behaving incorrectly in combat. Sleep may still have some issues.

Version 3.83a, checked in on 11/18/01 at 11:25
  • Fixed an equipment duplication bug. Thanks to Coulter for the report.

Version 3.83, checked in on 11/12/01 at 23:54
  • Expanded mob special functions so that it is possible to assign multiple functions per mob. This will provide the ability to 'layer' simple mob specs together.
  • Pre-3.0 characters will be given additional mana and hit points, based on the amount of pre-3.0 experience a given character earned. Paladin(s) will be specifically excluded from this.
  • Mob experience values increase the longer they exist. Thus, mobs that just re-popped are worth much less than mobs that have been around a while.
  • Fixed a bug with backstab 'missing' in safe rooms, as opposed to simply not working.
  • Commented out the 'bloodlust' ticks, given after a PK. I don't remember the reason for the ticks, and am unsure of their usefulness.
  • A cap of 30 has been imposed on damage absorption. +da in excess of this amount is ignored. This limit affects 14 characters. 1 character has 40+ +da points (none have 50+). The role of +da will be reviewed, in light of the caps. Possibilities include, but aren't limited to, converting +da into another existing attribute, changing its nature, or leaving it alone.
  • A cap of 30 has been imposed on +damage. +dam in excess of this amount is ignored. This limit affects 58 characters. 18 of those have 40+ +dam, and 6 of those have 50+ +dam (none have 60+). The cap deals "unadjusted" +damage. Enhanced damage and strength bonuses are added after-cap. Adjustments will be made as appropriate. I will make myself available for discussions on the state of the game after the caps have been live for a few days.
  • A cap of 30 has been imposed on +hitroll. +hitroll in excess of this amount is ignored. This limit currently affects no characters.
  • A cap of -30 has been imposed on -save vs spell. This limit currently affects no characters.
  • Mobs can now be assigned skills and spells in the same manner as PCs. This was important in order to create 'smart' mobs.

Version 3.82a, checked in on 11/11/01 at 23:09
  • Fixed bug with area spells, which were doing too much damage.

Version 3.82, checked in on 11/02/01 at 20:31
  • Set up an Immortal config option, which toggles between the Immortal who display and mortal display. This should make pulling Immortal information out of logs a lot easier. This was a posted idea.
  • Sanctify will now show 'unholy ground', if the room was sanctified by someone that follows an evil following. This was a posted idea.
  • Changed hide skill. It now improves as you stay hidden, given that you have more time to find the 'ideal' position/location to hide in.
  • Created the 'deleteme' command, that allows one to delete their character, if they don't want it anymore. You can now get rid of your character without waiting for a purge.
  • Fixed a problem with the Algenara quest and Mish. There was a situation where the shopkeeper would give the newbie a quest item, and then thank them for their generous gift.
  • Items stolen by a FLI are shattered, if they are anti- the FLI's alignment. This was a posted idea.
  • LOCATE WITHDRAW ALL can now be used to cancel all unfilled locate requests. Posted idea.
  • You should no longer lose experience for linking a mob that ends up killing someone.
  • Killing yourself no longer clears the fact that you had been captured or jailed.
  • Experience gains have been modified. Experience gains should be more group-friendly, although individual experience has been impacted. Experience for a given mob is no longer adjusted by how many times a given mob has been killed. An adaptation of a posted idea.
  • If an item is a godgift, but now anti- your alignment, it no longer falls to the ground. Instead, it should appear in inventory. Posted idea.
  • Added 'hang' social. This was a posted idea.
  • Added 'ready' social. This was a posted idea.
  • Containers that are destroyed now spill their contents, rather than the contents also being destroyed. Note that some of the items may still be destroyed, but they now have a chance. This was a posted idea.
  • Fixed problem with link going over a character's maximum hit points upon casting.
  • Sleep now correctly gives debt and attack justification upon success.
  • Changed the newbie quest items to also indicate the room of the specified shop keeper. This was a posted idea.
  • Hurricane has been modified to affect items in inventory. Posted idea.
  • The xp gain cap has been moved from 250 to 200.

Version 3.81e, checked in on 11/01/01 at 00:39
  • Catch attempts to GIVE Mish equipment, as opposed to using the STORE command.
  • Typo and phrase corrections.

Version 3.81d, checked in on 10/31/01 at 23:53
  • Fixed an equipment duplication bug with store. If Mish was holding a single item, it was possible to 'store get' the item, log out and back in, and the item still be around.
  • Fixed a problem where reconnecting after lost link would unload the storage information for the affected character. If they then stored additional items with Mish, the previous items were lost. If, instead, they logged out and back in, the 'missing' items would re-appear. Added code to deal with this problem.

Version 3.81c, checked in on 10/30/01 at 22:37
  • Fixed a bug with pricing on storage.

Version 3.81b, checked in on 10/30/01 at 16:45
(No information available)

Version 3.81a, checked in on 10/30/01 at 12:55
  • Fixed critical bug with equipment storage.

Version 3.81, checked in on 10/30/01 at 00:57
  • Worn with pride decorations that have no magical affects upon them are now individualized based on the first wearer of the WWP item, provided it is not a limited item. After the item is worn, it will be unwearable by others. Note that the item is only 'individualized' when first worn, so WWP items that are already worn, for instance, will not be set until re-worn. Also, such items will automatically re-pop on the victim after death, provided that the WWP was being worn at the time.
  • Implemented equipment storage. See HELP STORE for more information. Although this code has been tested, it is marked as 'experimental', since there may be special little surprises that just haven't been found yet. An up-front cost is charged for storage, plus time-based charges. Up to 10 items may be stored.
  • Fixed a bug with how affects on objects with spell affects on them were handled (such as waterbreath and sanctuary).
  • Fixed a bug with how waterbreath amulets were generated.
  • Added Whitehawk's temple location.

Version 3.80a, checked in on 10/26/01 at 22:09
(No information available)

Version 3.80, checked in on 10/20/01 at 14:57
  • In general, this version incorporates code efficiency enhancements, the removal of unused and experimental code, and the elimination of a couple of major memory leaks. Although the code has been tested, it is possible that this version will be less stable than previous versions, given the scope and number of changes made.
  • HELP RATIO has been removed.
  • Fixed a problem with thiefly hide, which would always work as a level 8 thief, regardless of skill and level.
  • 'Recent' attacks/kills are now 4 weeks instead of 6 (for PK stats).
  • If a victim is kill-justified against an Ordained Mortal, the OM does not get a justification damage bonus.
  • 'mutter' social added.

Version 3.79a, checked in on 10/13/01 at 01:36
  • Fixed issue where mortal could ventriloqute an Immortal.
  • OMs can now unjustly attack, even if they have levels to regain, so long as the levels that need to be regained aren't in the Ordained class. The reason is that OM's cannot switch classes to make the level up.

Version 3.79, checked in on 10/09/01 at 09:30
  • If you have not regained all lost levels, you are unable to unjustly attack. For instance, if you apostatize, you must earn back those levels before you can unjustly attack. The same holds true for other types of level loss, such as losing too much experience.

Version 3.78a, checked in on 10/09/01 at 08:30
  • The 3.0 character 'convert' command has been removed.

Version 3.78, checked in on 10/09/01 at 08:12
  • The apostatize command has been removed from play. There is now no way for a character to leave a following with level loss. Requests for reforms will not be granted by god+, except at our own whim. If you request a god+ reform, the most we are likely to do is post a note to your god that you asked for a reform, despite the fact that god+ doesn't do them. You can be your god's chew toy, as far as I'm concerned.

Version 3.77c, checked in on 10/07/01 at 18:11
  • Justified characters over 20th level are not damage-restricted.

Version 3.77b, checked in on 09/29/01 at 17:24
  • Fixed a bug with repost.
  • Corrected a couple of problems with TFC's defensive code.
  • 'twitch' social added (posted idea).

Version 3.77a, checked in on 09/23/01 at 23:57
  • You must not attack or kill other PCs (justly or unjustly) for a time, in order to be able to apostatize. Posted idea.
  • Haunting a Sentry results in a following justification. Posted idea.

Version 3.77, checked in on 09/23/01 at 15:20
  • Created multitell (mtell) command. It is currently Immortal-only. The command sends the same tell to multiple recipients.
  • Changed the wording to part of the range command. Posted idea.
  • The pkstats command now shows both justified and unjustified attacks/kills.
  • Fixed a problem with the jump command.
  • Moved Tamar's temple entrance.

Version 3.76a, checked in on 09/23/01 at 01:06
  • True Seeing amulets now pick up the (Heathen) flag.
  • Fixed a problem with justify and Anti-Theft amulets.
  • Fixed a couple of problems with shopkeepers that could not see the object being dealt with.
  • Fixed a major memory leak.
  • Fixed a problem with dexterity and multiple attacks.
  • Cloak of protection no longer protects against internal injuries stemming from being mortally wounded.
  • Corrected a problem where 'dispel godmagic' was removing mobmastery tracking information.
  • Provide a way for god+ to clear mobmaster (mobmaster clear ).
  • Fixed problem where mobmaster failure would give xp.

Version 3.76, checked in on 09/22/01 at 10:17
  • The range command has been re-written to conform with the PK changes. It no longer indicates what the bottom of your range is, since the range is mostly determined by the victim. It will indicate if you have a range penalty because of perm debt. It now also shows the maximum level that can generally attack you.
  • Reversed a change to peek, which disallowed Immortals from peeking other Immortals.
  • Immortals should no longer be spotted when peeking mortals, nor should they fail a peek attempt.
  • Damage restrictions have been put into place for those less than 20th level. +dam will no longer affect sub-20th level victims, so long as the target does not have too many unjustified kills. In other words, +dam will now only work against sub-20th (effective) level characters that have done some unjustified killing. Also, many spell items, such as scrolls, staves, wands, relics, and fetishes, will no longer work against "protected" sub-20th (effective) level characters, following the same guideline as for +damage. Note that some offensive spells in items will still work, due to the nature of the spell. This is okay, for now.
  • PK range has been changed to a 'graduated' scale. For lower levels, the PK range is still 3 levels below the PKer's effective level. Starting at effective 15th level, the range increases to 5 levels below the PKer's effective level, and the range increases by 1 for every level thereafter. For example, an effective level 15 character can be attacked by an effective 20th level character, an effective level 16th can be attacked by an effective 22nd level character, and an effective level 20th would be attackable by an effective level 30th character.
  • A killer's PK range is doubled once s/he has committed a certain number of unjustified kills.
  • Increased debt for those that kill characters that are unable to unjustly attack, such as Sentry followings and those that leave Sentry followings.
  • Increased debt for those that kill those 15 or more levels below them.
  • Removed fart, fondle, grope, socials. Added flog, hiss, taunt. Posted ideas.
  • Reversed a previous change that allowed FLIs to cast "self-only" spells on followers. One of the reasons spells are in this category is that I wanted access to the spells to be fairly limited. And I heard some good arguments.
  • Eased back on a change I previously made to locate. The change was a net loss.

Version 3.75, checked in on 09/17/01 at 21:29
  • Wake the caster of the alarm spell when it goes off only if currently sleeping.
  • Mish will now handle bank transactions (deposit, withdraw, balance). There is an additional transaction fee for deposits, in order to cover her expenses.
  • Reduced the spell lag for link so that it is comparable to heal.
  • Fixed a problem with shamans accessing the info skill.
  • Notes that are still posted after 14 days will purge after the next reboot. This sets the stage for relaxing the limit on the number of posted notes.

Version 3.74, checked in on 09/16/01 at 00:07
  • Attack and kill justifies that show on your 'who justify' list will now also show your total levels and the date, instead of just 'Someone.' This was a posted idea.
  • The ESP command has been removed. This was a posted idea.
  • Modified the alarm spell, so that it no longer gives an in-room audible alarm. Instead, unless you are a mage, you hear nothing when a mage alarm spell is triggered. This was a posted idea.
  • Charmies should no longer follow into a sanctified area. This was an adaptation of a posted idea.
  • Shamans now use less moves than other classes over the more difficult terrains. This was an adaptation of a posted idea.
  • One can no longer hide while airborne. This was a posted idea.
  • Anti-Theft amulets no longer block theft attempts if the thief is justified. This was a posted idea.
  • Shop keepers will no longer 'value' items they cannot see. This was a posted idea.
  • The waterbreath spell can now be cast while in combat. This was a posted idea.
  • 'info' is now available to shamans. This was a posted idea.
  • Backstab attempts when the victim is hurt will now start combat. This was a posted idea.
  • Immortal auras are always visible, regardless of whether detection magic is in effect. This was a posted idea.
  • A ghost energy drain will now wake the victim up. This was a posted idea.
  • FLIs can cast 'self-only' spells on followers. This was a posted idea.
  • Lowered the chances that a given item will show up on 'locate object', in response to a complaint that the spell seems to show only the items that recently re-popped or from characters that recently logged in.
  • Those below 15th level should not bad recall. Also, lowered the chance for recall failure. These were posted ideas.
  • Mortals can no longer cast wizard mark on Immortals. Was listed as a bug report and as an idea (the idea itself was related to portalling to Immortals).
  • Increased the volume of shaman bags. This was a posted idea.
  • Reduced drowning damage. This is an adaptation of a posted idea.

Version 3.73b, checked in on 09/10/01 at 23:05
  • Changed the (invis) flag on ftell to (unseen). Apparently, some people were having trouble with it, since it should show (invis) even if the person ftelling wasn't invis (in darkness, etc).
  • Fixed a problem with the Neutral grin.

Version 3.73, checked in on 09/09/01 at 18:09
  • ftell and cant no longer show 'someone' for invis mortals. Instead, their name appears.
  • FLIs are now able to 'reply' to a prayer.
  • Link is no longer a non-verbal spell. The incremental healing has also been adjusted.
  • Modified some code surrounding 'safe' rooms. There should not be a large difference, but I mention it here just in case strange things start to happen.
  • Neutral grin has been changed to 'mischievously'.
  • Immortals should no longer be affected by spells that mortals cast upon them. This has not been tested.

Version 3.72a, checked in on 09/07/01 at 17:03
  • XP gain when running out of time for a mobmastery may be fixed.

Version 3.72, checked in on 09/03/01 at 17:40
  • Added individual PK stats. It is possible to see your individual statistics by using 'pkstat self'. In addition, FLIs can use 'pkstat ' on any of their own followers. The statistics give a count of how many times you have attacked, and have been attacked, as well as kills and number of times killed. The stats are also broken down to recent attacks/kills.
  • Changed the time format for some of the displays from MM/DD/YY to YYYY-MM-DD. Although it takes some getting used to, it avoids some ambiguity involved with the MM/DD/YY format (many locales use the same format as DD/MM/YY).
  • Changed the summon attempt in battle message from 'Your victim is in battle' to 'Your target is in battle'. Was a posted idea.

Version 3.71i, checked in on 09/01/01 at 13:51
  • Fixed a couple of level validation problems with a couple of the god commands.
  • Mobs should no longer attack Immortals using socials.
  • Haunt is no longer allowed for FLIs.
  • It is now possible to summon a target out of private and solitary rooms.

Version 3.71h, checked in on 08/20/01 at 20:21
  • You no longer get the "Your post will become visible to other mortals" message when you post a bug report.
  • Fixed various other typos/formatting problems.

Version 3.71g, checked in on 08/19/01 at 14:54
  • There was a restriction on magical keys. Unfortunately, the restriction allowed the game to boot up, but game would not restart upon reboot.

Version 3.71f, checked in on 08/11/01 at 18:02
  • Fixed a bug with room triggers, which would cause the area flags value to be overwritten under the right circumstances.
  • Aerial area flags now display.

Version 3.71e, checked in on 08/09/01 at 21:06
  • Fixed a bug with silence and grouptell.

Version 3.71d, checked in on 08/05/01 at 16:37
  • Made code changes necessary for a separate TFC development environment.
  • Removed Questor and Initiate classtitles.
  • The 'worship' command must now be spelled out.
  • Fixed several bugs with how TFC reacts to missing data files.
  • Set up the entrance for Okk's temple.

Version 3.71c, checked in on 07/22/01 at 14:46
  • Fixed a bug with ordain that allows an OM to serve more than once in some instances.

Version 3.71b, checked in on 07/14/01 at 10:02
  • Reduced the combat penalty for the sleep spell.

Version 3.71a, checked in on 07/13/01 at 13:40
  • 'who' not picking up long names should be fixed. Untested.
  • When a mortal is elevated to Immortality, their memorized spells should now vanish. Untested.
  • FLIs: Moved the deprecated 'cheat' command to god. This will probably be removed at some point, as its original purpose has faded over time.
  • Fixed spell casting so that confusion wouldn't allow disallowd spells, such as verbal spells in a silenced room. Untested.
  • Added a wait state for attempting to use more mana than one has. Untested.
  • Sanctify should break when a mob is in the room. Untested.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs with the registered objects code.
  • Corrected a problem with one of the object special functions.

Version 3.71, checked in on 07/10/01 at 08:39
  • Created the 'registered objects' framework, which gives the ability to set several parameters about the object, including resurrecting a given item, if destroyed.
  • Lesser God may now remove silence. This gives Lesser God the ability to remove a silence that they have put on a character as a final warning, if desired.
  • God+ may now teleport specific items by using 'objteleport'.
  • Installed a safety framework that attempts to save corpses and some equipment on the ground, should a crash occur. Is not currently active, as there is an equipment duplicating bug that still must be found and fixed. I ran out of time to complete work on this, although it should be close.
  • Modified how and when FLI Power Ratings are calculated.
  • Created an object special function, for possible quest use.
  • Vorax's temple entrance set up.

Version 3.70i, checked in on 07/01/01 at 17:27
  • Greater God or higher can now give an inventory item to a shop keeper.
  • Fixed the formatting on 'finfo' so that lines are generally not over 80 characters.
  • Detail on a following was showing 'Unknown Power', instead of the actual Power Rating. Fixed.

Version 3.70h, checked in on 06/26/01 at 18:20
  • Fixed a critical character purge problem. The directories between the wrapper script and the purge script did not match.
  • Added Plato's temple entry.

Version 3.70g, checked in on 06/24/01 at 22:34
  • Fixed a problem with cant. One word cants showed an extra space at the end. Checked by Tokugawa.
  • Corrected an issue where the god-granted recall would fail if the god was invis, even if the follower had been grantsighted. Tamar and Snappy tested.
  • Re-wrote part of the experience gain code for mobmasteries. Testing was done by Doc and Athorne, but since this problem could not originally be reliably replicated, it is uncertain whether this is really fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with the FLI's alignment in "score" not correctly reflecting the god's actual alignment.

Version 3.70f, checked in on 06/24/01 at 00:00
  • Fixed an issue where the Magistrate was provoked into hunting, which made him unusable.
  • Changed the death repop location for Kuroth residents.
  • Fixed a bug with mortals being unable to see visible gods while blinded. Bliss and her following tested the fix.

Version 3.70e, checked in on 05/14/01 at 22:24
  • Fixed a problem with deathtoll not resetting properly.

Version 3.70d, checked in on 02/22/01 at 11:56
  • Fixed a crash-severity bug related to scroll use.

Version 3.70c, checked in on 02/18/01 at 13:36
  • If an Immortal is wizinvis but visible to you, the wizinvis level displays (e.g. (Invis 7)).
  • Added Bliss's temple entrance, so that it is ready when Nayr installs the temple. Removed temple entrance information for several retired FLIs.

Version 3.70b, checked in on 02/11/01 at 13:51
  • Fixed a serious problem with apostatize working on the non-current class. This opens up a similar exploit that others have used in the past to get extra primary gains (hp, mana, moves). Thanks for pointing this out, Mallard. Apostatize will continue to work if the clas with the highest level isn't the current class; however, it does a class switch to make your highest level primary, and costs 35,000 gold. The moral here is that the command will work, even if you are destitute, or could not otherwise switch classes (current level too low), since I don't think this should prevent you from abandoning a following. It is obviously more expensive to do this than to switch your classes manually, and then apostatize, and having a negative gold balance can be difficult to deal with. Thanks to Wistom and Bledsoe for testing assistance.

Version 3.70a, checked in on 02/09/01 at 14:29
(No information available)

Version 3.70, checked in on 02/09/01 at 12:02
  • I did a poor job of tracking who helped me test for this version. I know Bliss and her following assisted on several occasions, but I can be no more specific. Thanks for your help, regardless, testers.
  • It is now possible to reform from a Cult Following (a following for which there are an inadequate number of active followers to remain viable) at no level loss or penalty. There won't be any of these for a while...
  • Installed some area spell safety code to protect sub-20's from being drawn into fights with 20+'s via misplaced area spells. Does not apply to 20+ effective level casters.

GT, checked in on 01/29/01 at 19:03
  • Foolkiller: GT Update - 01/29/01 Mon Jan 29 16:58:55 2001 To: all The 3 dates for the Ren have been chosen, and they are: Saturday, Feb 17th Saturday, March 10th Saturday, March 17th I have set up a signin sheet for those who wish to attend. Just go to and at the bottom of the page will be a link to the sign in sheet. You will also be able to use this information to find out who else has signed up and when they will be attending :) I look forward to seeing you all there :) Foolkiller

Promotions/Retirement, checked in on 01/29/01 at 13:34
  • Malin, an Ambassador, has retired.
  • Whitehawk has been promoted to Attendant, and will be serving Robert.
  • Plato has been promoted to Attendant, and will be serving Cordir.

Version 3.69, checked in on 01/29/01 at 13:14
  • Added a carriage return after the "There are lots of indistinct tracks..." message.
  • The second part of the deathtoll statistics are automatically reset periodically.
  • The 'last killed' deathtoll information is no longer displayed to mortals, at the request of several players. I'm dubious of what this actually resolves, but we'll go with it. The 'last killed' information is still displayed for Immortals.
  • 'deathtoll' information from retired gods will be automatically removed. Note that this could take a reboot or two to take effect.
  • 'apostatize' command added. This command will allow a mortal to reform with level loss, without the assistance from a Greater God+. There are several circumstances in which 'apostatize' will not work, including excessive use, not being high enough level (dual-class), having lost levels to regain, or being ordained. In most circumstances, however, it will be possible to self-reform with level loss. Typing 'apostatize' will give instructions, and whether you are eligible to use the command. I will also add the ability to be able to reform at no cost in the future, if your god is inactive, or under other limited circumstances.

Version 3.68c, checked in on 01/26/01 at 11:26
  • Tracking was not properly interacting with the 'pass without trace' spell. Now, you trample the tracks when 'pass without trace' is up, the tracks are indistinct.
  • Fixed a crash-severity bug with mobmaster.

Promotions, checked in on 01/22/01 at 22:52
  • Bliss was promoted to Demigoddess on 1/22/01. Her initial following description: Bliss, leader of The Coven of the Ash Moon: The Coven is a close-knit group of spellcasters who strive for expertise in the dark arts. While its members enjoy their privacy, they will gladly share their knowledge of the realm with anyone who asks. However, while they do not actively seek to harm anyone, once one of the Coven has been harmed, the aggressors and those closest to them, will be cursed for all eternity.

Version 3.68b, checked in on 01/22/01 at 16:34
  • Reorganized parts of the code to remove ambiguity.
  • Made minor changes to insure that TFC will run on Linux.
  • Found and plugged some memory leaks.
  • Fixed a couple of issues with 'examine'. 'examine' now only works for items in inventory or worn, not items in a room or characters. use 'look', instead, for these purposes.
  • Worked on the reported bug with mobmastery, which results in the character getting less than 20 ticks to find the mobmaster mob. There is no known reliable way to cause the problem to occur, so it is unknown whether the changes I made today will correct the problem.

Version 3.68a, checked in on 01/20/01 at 17:43
  • worked on a problem where "trampled" tracks could still be seen if one looked into the room enough.
  • Finalized the automatic web posting of version announcements, and expanded it to include more general announcements.
  • The copper dragons should fall back asleep once no one has been in the same room for a while. Note that they will stay awake if a mortal is in the room with them, even if they can't see him.

Version 3.68, checked in on 01/20/01 at 13:36
  • New version announcements are now available at
  • The online statistics page should now cause the capable browsers to refresh every couple of minutes, when displaying the online statistics page.
  • Removed bad contact information on the denamically-generated online statistics page.

Version 3.67j, checked in on 01/19/01 at 18:03
  • Fixed a bug with detect good/evil.
  • Fixed a problem with soul sense.
  • Fixed a bug which would prevent a "too long" description from being editable.
  • Fixed a problem with the newbie corpse looting code.
  • Fixed a problem that would cause summon not to work correctly when recited, if the spell was the second or third spell on the scroll.
  • Unordained characters that are again max level are not hungry or thirsty.
  • FLIs that are retired offline should automatically be retired when they next log in.
  • Fixed a problem where disarm attempts were based off of the first class only, not the highest class.
  • Fixed problem where confusion didn't display a wear off message.
  • Mob names now display correctly if an attempt is made to sleep a mob in a safe room.
  • The Landru guards should no longer attack if it is dark (i.e. darkness spell).
  • Mobs that are put to sleep now automatically wake when the spell wears off.
  • Aggressive wimpy mobs should no longer attack sleeping characters in safe rooms.

Retirements, checked in on 01/17/01 at 23:59
  • Solanthas, Nicademus, and Natas, all Demigods, have chosen to retire. Larry, a Demigod, was also retired (inactivity). They will be missed.

Version 3.67i, checked in on 01/15/01 at 10:45
(No information available)

Version 3.67h, checked in on 01/11/01 at 23:48
(No information available)

Version 3.67g, checked in on 01/06/01 at 17:33
  • Fixed a problem where a thief could room cant to negative level thieves. Not tested due to lack of testers.
  • Fixed soul sense so it is again based on alignments. Tested by Arioch, follower of Nicademus.
  • Detect good and detect evil now detect only the alignment they are designed for. Tested by Rashiel, follower of Molo, and Arioch.
  • Deafened characters can no longer hear a shopkeeper's list. Tested by Rashiel.
  • Bounty hunters no longer yield XP. They were being rather ingeniously used for XP'ing, with the advantage that one did not need to wait for a re-pop. Particularly effective if the hunt target has a lot of debt. Tested by Rashiel.
  • The sleep spell no longer works on haunting ghosts. Not tested due to lack of testers.
  • Fixed the alignment colors for the Immortal who command. Good and Evil are now listed as NG and NE, respectively.
  • Fixed the problem with good-only and evil-only rooms. Tested by Arioch and Rashiel.

Version 3.67f, checked in on 10/15/00 at 14:03
  • Fixed several typos.
  • People could use the name of former Immortals when creating a new character. Fixed.
  • Removed restriction that prevents you from attacking an ally.
  • Fixed the range command so that it uses level 10 as the minimum PK level.
  • Fixed a condition where luck could go out of range.
  • Scavenging mobs should no longer pick up items that they cannot see.

Version 3.67e, checked in on 08/20/00 at 08:57
(No information available)

Version 3.67d, checked in on 08/13/00 at 14:41
(No information available)

Version 3.67c, checked in on 08/13/00 at 12:57
  • Damage absorb used to give the wearer insane absorption bonuses when their opponent was wearing a lot of +damage equipment. This bonus has been reduced.
  • Added Natas' temple entrance.

Version 3.67b, checked in on 07/30/00 at 22:15
(No information available)

Version 3.67a, checked in on 07/30/00 at 19:18
  • Lessened the previous tapering back of the random code damage absorption pop rate. I didn't notice until after the previous check-in that I had over-restricted it, based on early mailing list feedback. It will now be less common that it was, but more common than it would have been in 3.67. :-)

Version 3.67, checked in on 07/30/00 at 18:31
  • Fixed bug where a new Immortal's skills were not being set correctly.
  • Created a new command: deathtoll. This command shows the number of followers that have died since stats gathering began and how many have died since the last stats reset. Basic stats are also shown for unaligned mortals. Testing by Edge, Sekmet, Scorpio, Whitehawk.
  • Changed the Neutral grin from 'grins neutrally' to 'grins happily'. It has the virtue of me liking it better than "neutral" grins. If something else is preferred, feel free to post an idea, and if I like it better than 'happily', the change will be made.
  • A summon will no longer be attempted if the victim is already in the room.
  • Changed the format of the finfo command to give more information in the general listing.
  • The alignment auras have been changed. The outlined change met with mixed reaction on the mailing list. If after a month you prefer the hyphenated alignment auras that we had previous to this change, let me know, and I'll consider changing it back. I think these auras look much better, however.
  • The green and cyan ally and enemy bands have gone away in favor of *Ally* and *Enemy* flags.
  • Fixed a minor bug where mobs that were on the borderline between neutral and evil were showing up auraless.
  • The pop frequency of random damage absorption equipment has been lowered some, in light of some concerns about it being too common.
  • Fixed a reported bug where guards weren't assisting correctly. They will continue to take alignment into consideration, but it is different than before.
  • Some testing help provided by Kollen, Vorax, and Whitehawk, who logged in and ran around while I tested some internal code that required mortals to be online.

Version 3.66c, checked in on 07/26/00 at 12:23
  • Re-added color codes for Immortal who command.
  • Increased the damage for Immortal rift.
  • Fixed a serious bug with following information, when setting allies and enemies. This bug caused the following information to become corrupted again. As a result, updates will be handled differently to avoid damaging the data in the future.
  • Fixed a bug with Immortal alignment showing incorrectly in score.
  • Fixed a bug where unaligned were unable to initiate unjust attacks.

Version 3.66b, checked in on 07/25/00 at 21:51
(No information available)

Version 3.66a, checked in on 07/25/00 at 17:51
  • Attendants weren't able to edit their FLI information. Fixed. Tested by Natas.
  • Fixed code that was inproperly identifying unaligned characters as Neutral.

Version 3.66pre-v4, checked in on 07/25/00 at 11:24
  • This is a version 4 pre-release. This has been a year in the making, but all of the major structural changes are in. It's just a matter of clean-up, at this point.
  • I would like to thank all of those that helped me test. There was a small army of you, and I would have listed each and every name that assisted me, if that information hadn't been lost. Thanks for making this possible!
  • Added new alignment and PK model code, as was discussed on the TFC discussion mailing list. Essentially, the changes help decouple alignment from the PK model. Due to the large internal changes necessary to make this happen, it is likely that things will be in an inconsistant state for a while. Testing (both formal and "just try things" testing) has revealed very few problems, but there were things that didn't get tested at all. If you have questions about whether something should be working the way it is, please post a bug report. PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU ARE IN A FOLLOWING, YOU WILL SHOW UP AS UNALIGNED UNTIL YOUR GOD LOGS IN FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THIS VERSION! Sorry for the shouting, but this is an important point. This is due to the fact that the game doesn't know about your following until your god logs in for the first time. No permanent harm should be done, since reimbursements don't happen unless you join a different-aligned following (or your following changes its alignment). For those that are on the mailing list, what I created was not exactly like what I had originally proposed. What I had outlined had called for alignment stuff to become mostly invisible. Things like 'detect good/evil' were going to change to 'detect enemy', and aura was going to be relative based on who your following declared as allies and enemies. I did this, looked at it, and felt uncomfortable with the changes. I decided that if I felt uncomfortable, many of the players would hate it. So, this is a more moderate approach, which continues to present a familiar game, while making it more flexible for the gods that run followings.
  • Ordained Mortals are not allowed to group with enemy followings. Untested.
  • Added Chaotic and Lawful as alignment modifiers. This means that Chaotic Good and Lawful Evil in-game alignments would be possible. There are no special skills or spells attached to being Lawful or Chaotic, although such things would be possible. In general, however, aligned skills would be a tough sell, as skills are generally something you learn. Spells are another matter.
  • Removed alignment restrictions from the rescue skill, the sole alignment-restricted holdout.
  • Soul sense was changed to detect enemy and ally followings, as opposed to alignments, back when I was trying to remove alignment from most aspects of game play. This probably should be reverted back to being alignment-based. Please let me know what you think (mailing list preferable).
  • Aura code has been modified to detect the new alignment varients. The color choices weren't really what I wanted, but ANSI gives me about 6 colors to work with.
  • Alignment detection magic will now indicate if the target belongs to an ally or enemy following by a green or cyan band, respectively.
  • FLIs can prevent new worshippers from joining the following automatically.
  • In the future, FLIs will be able to change their alignment or PK model as they see fit. Followers will have the option of reforming for free for a week prior to the change becoming official. This will give the follower a chance to bail for no penalty if the FLI takes the following in another direction, prior to alignment-specific spells being lost, while allowing an unsuccessful FLI to try to fish in other waters. :-)
  • FLI's may restrict their followers to only unjustly attack those that the FLI has declared an enemy following. The setting has no effect on followings that cannot unjustly attack. My personal recommendation is to avoid this setting unless it is really what you mean to do.
  • Alignment-imposed experience bonuses and penalties for killing the right/wrong mobs has been removed. This will be replaced with a more flexible system where the FLI will declare (optional) classes of 'ally' or 'enemy' mob types. More details of this idea will be forthcoming on the mailing list.
  • Followings are not allowed to attack allied followings.
  • The FLI may restrict their followers so that they may not attack fellow followers. The setting has no effect on followings that cannot unjustly attack. My recommend that this, too, be avoided, unless you know exactly what you are doing.
  • Most PK debt bonuses and penalties that are based on alignment have been removed. There is still a PK debt penalty for those that cannot unjustly attack, since this is a PK model setting, and not an alignment setting.
  • The 'finfo' command gives information about followings that the game knows about and is authorized to show you, including the following's alignment and PK model.
  • Penalties for the good-aligned casting spells on evil-aligned characters has been removed. This probably should be set so that characters can't cast beneficial spells on those followings that their FLI has declared as an enemy.
  • I'ver heard that mortals make fun of Immortal rift. Hopefully, I've fixed that. ;-)
  • Since good-aligned characters can attack good mobs w/o xp penalty, it is possible for these characters to get good mobs as mobmasteries.
  • I believe I have hit all of the high points. Due to the volume of changes, it is possible that I have missed some things centering around alignment. I avoided making changes to unrelated areas. Again, if you run into a question, post a bug report.

Version 3.65, checked in on 07/20/00 at 12:21
  • Fixed a bug with godmagic swear twist rings. Yes, they are supposed to pop. Unfortunately, an affected character was permanently affected by the godspell. Instead, it's supposed to have a duration. Untested.
  • Fixed a problem with the mobkill protection code. Testing by Mordith, Galaphile, Adaen.
  • Fixed a problem with improved invis cast by Attendants. Testing by Tokugawa, Natas, Dantrag, and Alyria.
  • Modified the random item pop rate for +4 and greater items.

Version 3.64b, checked in on 07/16/00 at 08:51
(No information available)

Version 3.64a, checked in on 07/14/00 at 17:37
(No information available)

Version 3.64, checked in on 07/08/00 at 22:44
  • Several internal changes have been made, including the initial code to deal with upcoming alignment and PK changes. Enough work has been done that I need to check the changes in.
  • Made some major random item code modifications. The code now uses a different method to generate new random items. Same ol' randoms, just a different (internal) way of generating them. Testing help by Brenick, Rhyann, Xavier, Polanthis, Abender, Virrek, Adso, and Marco.
  • Fixed a slight formatting problem with fjust. The header would not always start on a new line.
  • Added a random item surprise for non-metal wearers. Yes, a good surprise. :-)
  • Made some minor format changes to pkstat.
  • Special amulets should pop a bit more frequently.

Version 3.63, checked in on 07/07/00 at 23:09
  • This version mostly revamps the Ordained Mortal class, making most of the abilities consistant across alignments. Most of the changes are untested, since I was unable to find an OM to help with testing. There is nothing in the OM changes that should cause problems outside of the OM class. Hornblower and Daelin started to help with some OM testing, but we did not get far.
  • I received a report that some of the notes that I post don't format correctly ("staircase" printing). Fixed. Tested by Cordir.
  • Evil Ordained Mortals may not be grouped with Good. Untested.
  • All Ordained Mortals now have the OM 'obscure' ability. Untested.
  • Good Ordained Mortals may now set a "wimpy" value. Untested.
  • The vow command has been removed.
  • The resist ability (for Evil Ordained Mortals) has been removed.
  • All OMs now get a damage bonus when they make justified attacks. Untested.
  • Good OM's are no longer more seriously penaltized for fleeing. Untested.
  • Shopkeeper mobs that are actively being used for a newbie quest may no longer be attacked. Testing by Abaddon, Maimer.
  • The "heavy rock" in the Algenara quest has been lightened. Untested.

Version 3.62a, checked in on 06/27/00 at 06:55
(No information available)

Version 3.62, checked in on 06/24/00 at 22:25
  • I missed shaman when blynd went to the other classes. Fixed.
  • Added following justification for the Neutral-aligned. This affects the Neutrally-aligned in several ways. First, attacks and kills against a Neutral causes the victim's following to be justified against the attacker. The amount of time that the following justification lasts depends on whether the victim was only attacked or actually killed. During the period of the justification, the following can attack and even kill the killer without penalty. This also supercedes the multikilling code for those that are following justified. Neutrals can see who they are following-justified against by using the 'fjust' command. As a result of this change, killing a Neutral no longer results in "permanent" PK debt, although attacking/killing a Neutral still carries heavier pkdebt penalties. Testing help for this major change was provided by Durin, Zeik, Mordon, Tokugawa, Dracos, Alyria, Jet, Brenick, Ryltar, Malin, and Jasmine. Given the nature of this change, there could be problems, bugs, and side effects. Please post a bug report if you feel something is happening that shouldn't be.
  • Added the command 'pkstats', which will show attack and kill statistics for unjustified attacks on a following by following basis. Please note that statistics for a following will not show up until a member of a following unjustifiably kills someone. Also note that the last attacked and last killed dates are in mm/dd/yy order, a format I have avoided in the past since some locales use dd/mm/yy. Also note that Neutral followings will not be listed, since they are allowed only justified attacks. Testing provided by Orpik, Tien, Skeeve, Daelin, and Vorax.

Version 3.61c, checked in on 06/14/00 at 20:54
(No information available)

Version 3.61b, checked in on 06/14/00 at 09:36
(No information available)

Version 3.61a, checked in on 06/14/00 at 09:21
(No information available)

Version 3.61, checked in on 06/11/00 at 12:10
  • Several "internal" changes to the code. Nothing really to announce on these (except has listed below), but there is enough that a check-in is desirable.
  • The blynd skill is now available to all classes.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs introduced with the code that allows an observer to see combat based on their damage system. Testing by Skeeve, Gryzzl.
  • The minimum newbie PK range is now level 10. I have not done extensive testing with this, however.
  • Fixed a major bug with an underlying function, which caused mobs to never fail certain ability checks. This was discovered when I was looking into reports that blynd never succeeds vs mobs. As a result, other mob abilities will also be affected. Please report anything out of the ordinary.
  • Algenara no longer gives out Diplomatic Seals for completion of the delivery quest. Instead, she gives out a magical "pummel stick." These items are attuned to the individual they are issued to, and their power is temporary. Testing by Nyx, Arkanis, Nayr, Jimmo, and Shadar.
  • Modified the blynd success rate some. Hint: success and ability to dodge is partially based on dex. Testing by Mael, Kantor.

Version 3.60, checked in on 05/29/00 at 20:40
  • Blynd is now available to all alignments. It is now less effective as the victim's effective level increases. Also, it is now possible to miss. In addition, messages are now displayed to the victim and room when a blynd attempt is made. Testing help by Zeik and Majere.
  • When watching combat, you should now see damage messages based on what damage type you have chosen (standard damage or 'old' damage). Previously, combat that you weren't involved in always displayed standard damage. This does not affect the actual amount of damage done, just how it is displayed to the player. Testing by Ghazkull and Zahar.
  • Fixed a small bug that will slightly increase the chance of success for some skill checks.
  • Added another PC mobkill attempt check. Tested by Zeik and Majere.

Version 3.59b, checked in on 05/24/00 at 21:08
  • I wasn't really ready for this check-in, but wanted to get the temple entrances in for the new Demigods. Nonetheless, it should be pretty safe.
  • Fixed a silly mistake with the range command and PK-restricted ex-Neutrals.
  • Removed the fix that causes exits not to show up when the darkness spell is in effect.
  • Added protection against a certain class of mobkilling attempts. Testing help provided by a small army of people: Ramsey, Skeeve, Adso, Khorlan, Ghazkull, Virrek, Dalaran, Mong, and Shon.
  • Added temple entrances for Tripper and Nicademus.

Version 3.59a, checked in on 05/20/00 at 16:58
  • Fixed a problem where an anonymous bug poster's name was revealed if they re-posted their bug report.
  • The range command now indicates to Neutrals and former Neutral PK-restricted characters that they may not initiate a PK attempt. Testing help by Gabriel.
  • One may no longer get a list of exits while a darkness spell is in effect in the room. Testing help by Shoya.
  • Fixed problem where mages could not evade one another's alarms, like the help indicates. Testing help by Kick, Shoya.
  • Shopkeepers will no longer buy or value items marked as 'inventory'.
  • The godmagic recirculate spell wasn't randomly teleporting equipment that was in containers. Fixed. Testing help by Stealth, Brenick, Grismal, Stouthbound, Egar.
  • Fixed a problem that would sometimes cause mage-enchanted items to not take effect. Testing help by Skeeve.
  • Fixed problem where weapon enchantment affects could be dispelled via dispel magic. Testing help by Skeeve, Brenick, Gabriel.
  • The sunlight spell now displays a message to the room when darkness is dispelled. Testing help by Shoya.

Version 3.59, checked in on 05/19/00 at 21:03
  • Fixed various problems that have arisen with 'reequip' and newbies.
  • Now, if you are less than level 10 and die, half of your gold remains with you after death. The rest is left on the corpse, as normal.

Version 3.58, checked in on 05/18/00 at 21:45
  • Created new ability, reequip. This command will reequip a character with basic equipment. Useful for when a character's previous equipment cannot be recovered. For those less than level 10, the command can be invoked anywhere, at no cost. Otherwise, the character must go to Mish to be re-equipped. This is very basic equipment. As your effective levels increase, re-equipping in this manner gets more expensive.
  • Fixed a bug where Ordained Mortals were allowed to immort.
  • All broker requests are now cancelled when a mortal immorts.
  • All permanent debt will be removed from all characters. This is a one-time only reset, which I have decided to do since a serious bug with justify made it possible for permanent debt to be assigned even when it shouldn't. I was going to unrestrict all PK-restricted former Neutrals for the same reason. I have reconsidered, since the (auto-)reforms in question happened quite some time ago, and many of those affected have already served most or all of their hours.
  • Fixed a bug where wizard mark would not show up properly when an item was ID-marked.
  • Increased the armor class values of silver-weave and mithril-weave random armors.
  • Fixed a bug where Immortals would occasionally lose concentraion when casting spells.
  • Characters less than level 3 do not get hungry or thirsty.

Version 3.57h, checked in on 05/14/00 at 00:02
  • Fixed a crash-severity bug with the Immortal switch command.
  • Fixed bug dealing with setting extra flags on objects.
  • Changed faerie fog so that the 'You are revealed' messages only display if a character was invis or hidden.

Version 3.57g, checked in on 05/07/00 at 17:00
  • Bug which allowed Ambassadors to post a board to all followers should be fixed. Not tested, as there were no Ambassadors online to verify. Nicademus verified that Attendants can post to the following board.
  • At least two bugs with examine should now be fixed. Tested by Mordith, Dante.
  • Items flagged 'inventory' could be identify-marked, but the marking would not show up when the item was examined. Fixed.
  • Fixed a typo in the broker's help information. The damage affect was listed as 'dr', should have been 'dam'.
  • Fixed an annoyance bug that affects retired god+'s upon login. Tested by Darkmoon.
  • Fixed serious auto-reform bug with Neutrals. Previously, a reformed Neutral would be given PK restrictions EVEN when they were forced to reform because of a god retirement. A mortal's god retireing is the only way a Neutral-aligned mortal may be reformed without PK restrictions. Tested by Polanthis, Plane.
  • PK debt was given to someone who summoned someone to a PK, even if the summoner was justified against the target. Fixed.
  • Fixed a serious problem with justifications and PKs. It was possible to unfairly give someone PK debt and even permanent debt by abusing this bug. Tested by Stouthbound, Aries. Due to the complexity of this code it is possible that there are still problems outstanding, or that new problems will develop. Please report any problems promptly via a bug post. At this time, all known justify problems are fixed.
  • Invis potions should no longer be visible in inventory if you are unable to see invisible items. Untested.

Version 3.57f, checked in on 03/26/00 at 22:51
(No information available)

Version 3.57e, checked in on 03/25/00 at 00:05
(No information available)

Version 3.57d, checked in on 03/19/00 at 17:28
  • Mobs should no longer show up as (Hide) while in combat.
  • A crash-severity problem with haunt has been corrected.
  • Sanctify should now work for Ordained Mortals.
  • One should no longer be forever full when level 30 is reached.

Version 3.57c, checked in on 01/23/00 at 17:18
  • Fixed a minor bug with allowed FLI's to cast haunt on followers.
  • Posted ideas will purge after 180 days (1/2 a year). I have unmarked all the ideas I had marked to save, since it created a large list. In the future, I will just select ideas as time allows, from the ideas available.

Version 3.57b, checked in on 01/20/00 at 20:28
(No information available)

Version 3.57a, checked in on 01/10/00 at 23:26
(No information available)

Version 3.57, checked in on 12/03/99 at 20:31
(No information available)

Version 3.56c, checked in on 11/29/99 at 12:02
(No information available)

Version 3.56b, checked in on 11/28/99 at 22:11
(No information available)

Version 3.56a, checked in on 11/28/99 at 14:28
  • Fixed crash severity bug with confusion and the skillset changes.

Version 3.56, checked in on 11/28/99 at 11:16
  • Made a major change with how skills and spells are handled. This was necessary for the memorize ability to work. As a result, every ability needed to be modified to accomodate the change. The change should be transparent. If something does break, it should be pretty obvious that it is broken.
  • Fixed a bug which didn't allow the Evil-aligned to dual-class into ranger.
  • Added memorize ability. See HELP MEMORIZE for more details. Mages can currently use it.
  • Lower level random spell items were not popping. Fixed.
  • Fixed a problem with retrieve.

Version 3.55b, checked in on 11/21/99 at 12:56
(No information available)

Version 3.55a, checked in on 11/20/99 at 02:34
(No information available)

Version 3.55, checked in on 11/19/99 at 22:33
  • Added an ability to a mage spell. I will let the mages discover what it is and how it works.
  • Created a new skill for thieves called inscribe. It is a novelty skill which allows you to permanently etch a phrase into a jewelry item. The number of characters that can be etched into an item depend on the inscriber's skill and level.
  • turning is no longer available in items.
  • Modified the damage cap so that in some cases more than 125 points of damage can be done to a target.

Version 3.54b, checked in on 11/15/99 at 07:53
(No information available)

Version 3.54a, checked in on 11/14/99 at 15:58
  • Fixed crash-severity bug with Mish loading equipment. Not detected on the test port, since she holds no equipment there.

Version 3.54, checked in on 11/14/99 at 15:29
  • Completed code which adds a unique item identifier to equipment.
  • Removed link from Evil Ordained Mortals. Now only clerics have link and heal.
  • Fixed a problem which was causing HELP CASHFLOW to come out with no entries.

Version 3.53, checked in on 10/26/99 at 20:19
  • Ogres may now worship a Good FLI. Rangers and giants may now worship an Evil FLI. There is a price to pay for doing this, however. Non-evil rangers are automatically justified to attack (and kill) Evil rangers (within the PK range) with no debt or even multikill penalties. The same holds true for those that betray racial doctrine, with the addition that the guards will no longer recognize you as a member of that race.
  • Mish should no longer give items to newly-promoted Immortals.
  • Fixed a bug with the promotion default settings when a mortal is immortalized.
  • Increased the effectiveness of damage absorption when +damage is also being worn.
  • Made a small change to the detect magic description logic, correcting an inconsistancy.
  • Fixed a problem with naturalize always giving a message about not clensing an area, even if it did.
  • Removed the offline item purge code, since it is no longer used. I used the opportunity to correct a couple of other problems, including some player files that were being overlooked by the purge code. Bootup time should be slightly faster, as well.

Version 3.52a, checked in on 10/13/99 at 17:00
  • Fixed bug with flying people showing as above you, even when below.
  • Increased the maximum fall rate.
  • Fixed some bugs with fly.
  • Increased falling damage.

Version 3.52, checked in on 10/08/99 at 13:58
  • The NOFTELL flag no longer blocks prayer.
  • Added some gold tracking code. If everything looks right, I will be providing more gold statistics.
  • Changed the exit information to take flying into account. Now, if you are unable to go in direction x simply because it requires you to be flying/landed, the direction will show up in parentheses ().
  • Made some changes to the fly code.
  • Fixed bug where the proper messages didn't display when a mortal fell.
  • Mish will no longer give people more than they can carry.
  • You may now eat and drink while in combat. It was a little too realistic before. I now assume that we're all such good fighters that combat doesn't keep us busy.
  • Added PK restrictions for reformed Neutral-aligned characters. If their god rejects them, 300 hours must be served before the PK restrictions are lifted. A god+ reform imposes a 200 hour restriction.
  • Some spells can no longer be cast when at higher altitudes.
  • Haunt should no longer interfere with mobmastery quests.
  • god+ dispel magic no longer removes spells that would normally be undispellable. The ability caused more problems than it solved.
  • Haunt will fail if the ghost is in combat.
  • The time penalty imposed for failed mobmastery quests has been lessened in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug with lucky "max" mana.

Version 3.51c, checked in on 09/12/99 at 22:18
(No information available)

Version 3.51b, checked in on 09/10/99 at 22:39
(No information available)

Version 3.51a, checked in on 09/10/99 at 11:14
  • Unrestricted turning spell so that all clerics can practice it. I am seriously considering a 'test' period for all new skills and spells, but will want to code a more automatic process for setting it up.
  • Fixed a bug with trying to buy the second or third item in a shopkeeper list (e.g. 3.potion).
  • Shamen that haunt themselves should no longer justify against themselves.
  • Things like the sun rising should no longer be visible within a darkened room.

Version 3.51, checked in on 09/10/99 at 09:46
  • Pray should now be immune to silenced/quieted rooms. This was a posted idea.
  • You can only follow someone you can see. This was a posted idea.
  • The purge code is LIVE in this version. I was asked if the times start over now that the code is enabled. The answer is no. If you were warned about an item 3 days ago, and the purging version comes up, your in- inventory items (that haven't been used enough) will purge. No problems have been reported by the purge code, which has been in effect for a while (all except for the part that actually removes the item), so there shouldn't be any surprises.
  • Mish gets first dibs on limited items that purge... if she wants the item.
  • Changed the validity time on the Diplomatic Seals. This just changes how long they last before crumbling.
  • Frost breath now displays an area message. This was a posted idea.
  • Identify and improved identify now show if an item is limited. This was a posted idea.
  • If you are ATTACK-justified on someone, you may teleport them at no penalty. This was a posted idea.
  • Fixed a problem with portable fountains and pills. These items were not being saved in the player file correctly, so they were messed up when the new spells were added. The other items appear to be okay. Note that this does NOT fix existing broken items. The properties of these items have forever been changed. Items that popped since version 3.50 are also okay. When you save under version 3.51, the additional required information will be saved to the item.
  • Nightmares in the vortex should wander around more now. This was a posted idea.

Version 3.50, checked in on 09/05/99 at 13:38
  • Created a skill/spell option where I can restrict a given skill or spell to those who helped to test it. My apologies to those that *would* have helped had you been around when I asked for testers. You can look to those clerics that couldn't be bothered to help test, when you are wondering why you don't have access to the new cleric spell. I am also more likely to develop stuff for classes where I can readily find testers.
  • Lowered the top range of mage hit points a bit, after complaints from the older mages about how much of a disadvantage the change puts them under. I certainly wouldn't want anyone to be disadvantaged.
  • Created haunt spell for shamen. I had no problems finding willing shamen testers, so this spell will be available to all shamen.
  • Created turning spell for clerics. Finding cleric testers was difficult at best. Those that were online the few times I asked over the past couple of days couldn't be bothered to help. The spell will therefore be restricted to those that helped to test it.
  • Amulets of Health now work better.

Version 3.49, checked in on 08/15/99 at 22:59
  • Fixed a problem where scan shows an invis person as 'someone'. It shouldn't, since all the person is doing is looking around.
  • Changed message received when a confused flying person runs into a wall. This was a posted idea.
  • Pills can now be eaten when full. This was a posted idea.
  • Charges used from a limited magical device, such as a wand or relic, could towards time used, for purposes of the purge code.
  • Limited magical items are checked every 4 days for use, instead of 3 days, like other items carried in inventory.
  • Drink containers are excluded from the purge code.
  • The purge messages are now displayed on info, so that others have a chance to try for the same purged limited item.
  • Avangeline now checks items in inventory before worn items. This was a posted idea.
  • Different messages are displayed when protection from good and protection from evil wears off. This was a posted idea.
  • Newbie corpses from justified kills should be lootable. This was a posted idea.
  • Passdoor should now work with flee.
  • Immortals should be seen through darkness.
  • Prices have been changed for city relocation. This was a posted idea.
  • Syla's temple entrance removed.

Version 3.48e, checked in on 08/15/99 at 18:21
(No information available)

Version 3.48d, checked in on 08/12/99 at 21:38
(No information available)

Version 3.48c, checked in on 08/10/99 at 22:22
  • Fixed a problem where an object in the room above you would show in the current room.
  • Attunement was showing more or less random results. This should now be fixed.

Version 3.48b, checked in on 08/08/99 at 22:16
(No information available)

Version 3.48a, checked in on 08/08/99 at 22:09
(No information available)

Version 3.48, checked in on 08/08/99 at 14:34
  • Made a large number of internal changes, in preparation for flying areas. In testing, things look fine, but please post a bug report if anything seems amiss.
  • The limited item purge code is now in effect in "warning" mode. It will display a message when the code would have purged a limited item. The purge code is based off of the amount of time that an item is actually used (i.e. worn/held). Limited items for which less than half of the maximum items are out, items which are take-only (can't be held/worn) and containers are exempt from the use check. Note that putting a bunch of items in a container and simply holding the container won't work\; the container is being "used," not the items inside the container. Please post an idea if you feel a class of item should be excluded from the use check. Items which are not worn when a character logs in are checked every 3 days, and if those items have not been used long enough in that 3 day period, you will be warned that the item would have been otherwise taken from you. Items which you wear are checked much less frequently. Note that this implies that limited potions have a 3 day shelf life *from the time the first PC gets the potion*, before they are purged for non-use (unless you held the potion for long enough, or the potion is takable only, or meets another exception listed above).
  • Fixed a bug with newlock and the mobmastery quest.
  • Okk's temple should now be accessable to followers.

Version 3.47d, checked in on 08/04/99 at 17:28
  • Diplomatic Seals now also prevent the character from stealing. It does not prevent the target from being stolen from, however.

Version 3.47c, checked in on 08/04/99 at 17:01
(No information available)

Version 3.47b, checked in on 08/02/99 at 21:42
  • Fixed problem with newbie corpses sometimes being "closed."

Version 3.47a, checked in on 08/02/99 at 09:16
  • Fixed a crash-severity bug with sacrifice and the new newbie corpse protection code.

Version 3.47, checked in on 08/01/99 at 18:17
  • Added some protection to newbie corpses. Corpses of characters that are less than 10th level may not be looted/picked up/sacrificed unless the owner does so, or the person involved is grouped with the owner. I'm sure people will try to trick the newbie into grouping them in order to get at the corpse, but at least the grab 'n' runs should stop.

Version 3.46, checked in on 07/31/99 at 16:50
  • The justification list goes off of TFC calendar time. This was a posted idea.
  • Avangeline now charges less for identifies. This was a posted idea.
  • If both blind and deaf, your chance to hit is even less. This was a posted idea.
  • Plants should no longer create ghosts. This was a posted idea.
  • Shout now requires at least 3 letters to use. This was a posted idea.
  • Shamans are affected less by fear. This was a posted idea.
  • The shaman sanity spell is not affected be confusion. This was a posted idea.

Version 3.45, checked in on 07/30/99 at 13:05
  • If your character was created before 3.x opened, score should note that the creation date is not the character's true birth date.
  • Worked on significant internal changes to how characters are moved in the game. These changes should be transparent to how the game currently operates, but will allow some more advanced capabilities later.
  • Increased the average hit points gained at level for mages and rangers.
  • I was sent a log on the sleep bug report that was pending verification. As a result, I was able to easily isolate and fix the bug. This bug would cause all commands after the victim was put to sleep to go unprocessed until after the combat was complete, which was usually death. This problem would have also affected those who were attacked when meditating.
  • Gods don't miss in combat.
  • A recall wand will fail to recall its victim if the victim is not fighting the user.
  • Mobs should not have bad recalls.
  • Fixed a crash-severity bug with info2.

Version 3.44a, checked in on 07/25/99 at 23:16
  • Fixed up a qmob path (was pointed to room vnum instead of mob vnum.
  • Increased the duration of Diplomatic Seals some, as well as removed inventory flag.

Version 3.44, checked in on 07/24/99 at 14:14
  • Soul Sense should now capitalize mob names correctly.
  • Created Diplomatic Seal.
  • Wrote a small help file for when new characters are created, which make suggestions on what kinds of names to choose.
  • Modified large race stats a bit.
  • Spelling up mobs which newbies then attack will result in experience loss for the caster, each time the mob hits the newbie.
  • Problem with mobs getting recalled when a potion of recall is used should be fixed.
  • Wrote a quest for new characters.
  • Changed potion colors, since it has been a while since they were last changed.
  • Made a change to the random code.
  • Shaman mobs should no longer cast cloak of protection or absorb in combat.

Version 3.43c, checked in on 07/22/99 at 19:38
(No information available)

Version 3.43b, checked in on 07/19/99 at 12:17
(No information available)

Version 3.43a, checked in on 07/17/99 at 18:22
  • The note 'get' function is now restricted to your own messages, unless you are a god+.
  • The quiet spell was not blocking yells.
  • Moved quest mob checks until after the info3 checks, since the quest mob check was corrupting info3's.
  • Fixed an instance where assist should automatically toggle off.
  • Consider without arguments is supposed to consider your current opponent. It was not. Now it does.
  • You may no longer meditate when conditions are unfavorable (such as wakefulness).
  • Grammar checks should not be done when language is being magically enhanced (comprehend, tongues).
  • If you can't hear, you should no longer "hear" death cries in your same room.
  • Fixed a problem with the death spell failing on twist rings.
  • Fixed a grammatical issue with shambling plants.
  • Recall wands should now work.

Version 3.43, checked in on 07/17/99 at 15:51
  • Finished a new calendar for TFC that I had started several months back. I am aware of some of the continuity problems that the new calendar represents, such as how a characters age (as shown in score) relates to the calendar and calendar years (it currently doesn't). I was going to set up holidays, as well, but didn't get to it.
  • Fixed a crash-severity bug with switch and look.
  • Retired Immortals are not allowed to switch.
  • Fixed a bug with summon and PK attempts. The amount of debt a summoner gets when aiding a PK attempt is determined by how close the summoner and victim are in levels.
  • Fixed a bug that caused fidos not to eat corpses as much as they should.
  • Practices are no longer reimbursed for spells that the caster can no longer used when the caster is reformed from a following and is now unaligned. This allows a character to return to another following of the same alignment without having to re-practice alignment-specific spells. If the caster joins another alignment, alignment spells from the previous alignment are reimbursed upon next login.

Version 3.42, checked in on 07/09/99 at 21:36
  • Consider with no arguments will default to whomever you are fighting, if in combat. This was a posted idea.
  • Immortals should now be able to walk through closed doors. This was a posted idea.
  • If someone tries a bounty on oneself and they are wanted, the magistrate will assign a bounty hunter on the spot. This was an adaptation of a posted idea.
  • Ghosts that are sufficiently hurt do not drain their victim. This was a posted idea.
  • Socials sent to mobs that can't see the PC socialing results in the mob looking around. This was a posted idea.
  • 'mobmaster check' will check your mobmaster status. This was a posted idea.
  • Shaman spells for mobs have been changed. This was a posted idea.
  • Bounty hunters that are in the same room as their victim will no longer search for signs of the victim. This was a posted idea.

Version 3.41e, checked in on 07/09/99 at 08:23
  • More rings and special amulets should pop.

Version 3.41d, checked in on 07/07/99 at 16:20
(No information available)

Version 3.41c, checked in on 07/06/99 at 17:43
  • Made some changes to TFC, in an attempt to optimize how TFC performs some of its functions. These changes could (and probably will) have some unanticipated affects to the game. PLEASE POST A BUG REPORT of anything that is acting differently than the previous versions, so I can evaluate its impact on the game. I am counting on your help to make sure my changes don't cause any significant long-term problems. There shouldn't be anything particularly dangerous to PC's in this change.

Version 3.41b, checked in on 07/05/99 at 19:30
(No information available)

Version 3.41a, checked in on 07/05/99 at 17:13
(No information available)

Version 3.41, checked in on 07/05/99 at 15:38
  • Received a couple of bug reports about spectator PC thieves stealing from others PC's that are in a fight. This is not a bug, and has in fact been possible for quite some time; however, I concede the point that if such things are possible, they should be very difficult. I raised the penalty for such attempts.
  • A compelling argument was made to lower extra human trains from 3 to 2. Newly-created human characters get 4 trains.
  • Quest mobs now report on info when they are killed.
  • Lowered the elf mana regen rate, since it looks high to me.

Version 3.40c, checked in on 07/04/99 at 22:32
  • Ranger off-hand hit damage was reduced to 65%. I bumped it back up to 95%.

Version 3.40b, checked in on 07/04/99 at 15:05
(No information available)

Version 3.40a, checked in on 07/04/99 at 12:16
  • 'consider opp' and 'check opp' worked, even if the target is invis.
  • 'list full' was showing maximum charges for wands, not current charges.
  • Confused mobs no longer mis-cast spells. If they fail a confusion save when casting, the spell just doesn't go off.
  • Immortals should no longer be affected by forces in the vortex.

Version 3.40, checked in on 07/04/99 at 11:35
  • I have been assured that more god+ quests will be done. As a result, I was talked into adding support into creating quest mobs.
  • Half-elves may now enter human and elven cities and not be attacked by the town guards. I thought they had this benefit already, but was mistaken.

Version 3.39a, checked in on 06/30/99 at 17:05
  • Made some racial attribute changes.

Version 3.39, checked in on 06/30/99 at 12:56
  • Halflings get a bonus for some thief skills.
  • New human characters get more trains.
  • New half-elf characters get more trains.
  • Ogres get a damage bonus vs non-ogre PC's.
  • Rangers get a damage bonus vs ogres.
  • Dwarves and gnomes absorb damage.
  • Minotaurs are more difficult to trip, lose footing less.
  • Giants have innate magic resistance.
  • One cannot weave while fighting.
  • Fixed a problem with FLI's and mana recovery.
  • Elven spell casters recover mana more quickly.

Version 3.38, checked in on 06/28/99 at 21:25
  • Each race now has its own minimum and maximum attributes. For instance, ogres have more potential for strength than elves. Different races can train the various attributes to different levels, depending on the race. This is only one aspect of the new racial code. Other parts will be worked on as time allows. I will probably also be adjusting some of the attribute levels in the near future, as well.
  • Getting help on a race (e.g. HELP HUMAN) shows how that race's average attributes match up against the other races.
  • It is possible to see how the races compare to one another with their average attributes. HELP RACESTR, for instance, shows the comparison for strength.
  • Shopkeeper mobs now carry less starting gold.

Version 3.37e, checked in on 06/26/99 at 16:49
  • Reverted kill wait state change. It was put in to frustrate "script" PKing, which sends 'kill ' to the game automatically 1-2 times a second or upon every move. Unfortunately, this affected everyone pretty adversely.

Version 3.37d, checked in on 06/26/99 at 09:58
  • Fixed bug with titles.
  • Fixed a bug with the way Mish determines the high bid on items.
  • Added a wait state if a kill attempt is made but victim is not in room.
  • Made code change for Cordir's temple.

Version 3.37c, checked in on 06/21/99 at 16:47
  • Fixed problem where mortals would sometimes get 2 gp for sacrifices.
  • Fixed bug in getting most wanted list from the broker, when no items are being sought. Not likely to happen very often, but fixed.
  • Broker data should now be instance-safe.
  • Greater Gods can now lower mortal levels, which gives them the ability to perform following reforms with level loss. Previously, only Implementors could do "non-free" reforms.
  • Greater Gods can now promote mortals to Immortal status, demote FLI's, retire Immortals, and set Attendants.
  • Fixed bug with PK range and Neutral victims.
  • Fixed crash-severity bug with newly promoted Immortals.

Version 3.37, checked in on 06/21/99 at 16:22
  • Fixed problem where mortals would sometimes get 2 gp for sacrifices.
  • Fixed bug in getting most wanted list from the broker, when no items are being sought. Not likely to happen very often, but fixed.
  • Broker data should now be instance-safe.
  • Greater Gods can now lower mortal levels, which gives them the ability to perform following reforms with level loss. Previously, only Implementors could do "non-free" reforms.
  • Greater Gods can now promote mortals to Immortal status, demote FLI's, retire Immortals, and set Attendants.
  • Fixed bug with PK range and Neutral victims.
  • Fixed crash-severity bug with newly promoted Immortals.

Version 3.37b, checked in on 05/19/99 at 10:31
  • Someone complained that they were asleep but still saw the message 'You see sores appear all over your body.', so I removed "You see."
  • When you kill something that is hidden, the death messages should no longer say 'someone'.
  • Fixed a problem with certain random spell items being way too high a level.

Version 3.37a, checked in on 04/26/99 at 09:06
(No information available)

Version 3.370, checked in on 04/24/99 at 15:53
  • I am in the process of making some changes to the race code. As a result, some of the race characteristics might be in flux, and may not necessarily follow the help files. For instance, new character stats aren't race-adjusted at this time.
  • Neutral-aligned 20+ level characters are now partially protected. They should not be attackable by those more than 10 levels above them if they are 20-29th level, and not attackable by those more than 15 level above them for 30th+ level. This is experimental.
  • You may not switch classes if you still have level(s) to regain in your current class.
  • Modified damage absorption. It is more effective vs. +damage opponents.
  • Fixed display problem with the casting of wizard mark.
  • One can not retrieve a weapon that is not visible to them.
  • Torchbearer's temple enterance should be set up.

Version 3.36c, checked in on 03/27/99 at 22:18
  • Fixed a crash-severity bug with mobmastery.
  • Fixed a bug causing the caster to lose no mana when a spell is absorbed.
  • Fixed a bug allowing casters to overwhelm absorb with more mana than the caster has. Not tested.

Version 3.36b, checked in on 03/21/99 at 19:13
  • Fixed one instance where Mish would not update when a character was last seen. There is probably still a problem here somewhere, since requests that should still be valid appear to get cancelled for a still unknown reason.
  • PC's that fail a mobmastery quest should now be able to follow others after the failure.
  • Mobs' short description should now be capitalized in tracking descriptions.
  • If a shopkeeper is given an item that Mish is searching for, the shopkeeper gladly accepts the donation, this was a posted idea.
  • Improved the effectiveness of the naturalize spell.
  • Fixed a crash-severity bug related to mobmastery quests.
  • Worked out a way so that HELP CHANGES automatically incorporates these announcements, which will automatically purge after a few versions have passed since the change.
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