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How is the information gathered?
The game records "noteworthy" events, that are then displayed on the news page.
Why isn't (fill in the blank) recorded on the news page?
The game does not necessarily record all types of information. If there is information that the game should be able to automatically record for the news page, post a suggestion to capture it on the idea list.
I leveled, but it doesn't show on the news page. What's up with that?
News items are given a priority score. Only news items that have a high enough priority are shown. For example, lower level gains below 10th are not shown in the news. Note, however, that a search will bring up all matches, regardless of priority.
What are the roman numerals after the name?
The roman numerals indicate the "generation" of a given character; in other words, how many times the name has been used for a character since 3.0 went live in 1997. It shows in order to help differentiate different characters with the same name, since over time, a name could be re-used many times.
Can I get a summary of what is going on in the game, the latest news, and what has happened in the last few days on one page?
Such a page has been set up at
I see that birthdays appear in the news. Shouldn't those be delayed so that invisible Immortals aren't inadvertantly revealed?
Birthday is checked when the character logs out, not during login, or during a session. It is done this way due to code considerations. It is also one reason why birthdays don't show up in-game via info. The character in question wouldn't see the info, being that they just logged out.
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