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Basic commands

There are many basic commands that you use to play a MUD. The basics are east, west, north, south, up, down and look. Look allows you to see things, and the other six let you move around. In addition, certain commands can be strung together, like look east, which will tell you what's to the east. Commands can also be abbreviated.

Important Information is posted in public messages from time to time. Every time you log on to TFC, you should check the messages posted on the MUD. You can find out how to access them by typing HELP MESSAGES after logging into the game. There are a number of message types: NOTE, FYI, IDEA, BUG, TYPO, and BOARD. To see all of the messages on one of the message boards, type (message type name) LIST. (Example: Note List). It will then display all of the Notes currently available for reading, and what number note they are. To read a specific note, type NOTE READ (#).

You can see general information about your attributes and and yourself by typing SCORE. Attributes will show as (in increasing order) LOW, BAVG, AVG, AAVG, HIGH, or MAX. MAX stats and luck are untrainable, but anything other than luck that is not MAX can be trained, meaning it can be improved. Typing PRAC will show what skills, languages, or spells you can learn at your level, and will also show your current level of mastery of these abilities.

Each race on TFC speaks its native tongue. If you have chosen a race other than human, this means that when you first login you will see a bunch of nonsensical characters from time to time as people speak in common. You can learn other languages, and learning common is highly recommended. Practice it and then type LANGUAGE COMMON to begin speaking it. At all times, you will be able to understand any language you are adept at, but you only can speak one language at a time.

As a new character, a mob named Algenara will give you advice from time to time. If you want to turn this off simply type channel -advice. To turn it on again type channel +advice. Typing CHANNELS by itself will give you a list of toggable options, many of which are very useful. To get a fairly complete list of all commands, type HELP or COMMANDS after you log on to TFC. HELP can also be used in conjunction with the name of some spells, races, or other commands to get assistance or information on them.

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